Ethics and Freedom of Information Act Study Committee


November 17, 2014 9:30 a.m.
Room 516 Blatt Building

  1. Subcommittee on Freedom of Information, Rep. Weston J. Newton, Chair

    Agendas for Public Bodies, a Bill to require the adherence to a posted agenda for public bodies and a method by which that agenda may be altered after the commencement of a meeting.

    Legislative Exemption,a bill repealing the current legislative exemption to FOIA and creating more narrow exemptions for constituent communication and drafting activity by public officials.

    FOIA Enforcement, a bill creating the Office of Freedom of Information with in the Administrative Law Court; adjusting the time frame for reply and compliance with FOI requests; limiting fees and costs; allowing for electronic compliance with FOIA; repealing criminal penalties; creating civil penalties.

  2. Subcommittee on Campaign Finance Reform, Rep. Kirkman Finlay, III Chair

    Definition of "committee", a bill to replace the current definition of "committee" which has been ruled constitutionally overbroad.

    PACs, a bill to end the ability for public officials to maintain an additional campaign entity and to disallow public officials from accepting contributions from any such entities that might continue to exist.

    Income Disclosure, a bill to require the source of all private income for public officials and the source and amount of private income in defined categories.

South Carolina
House of Representatives

Ethics and Freedom of Information Act
Study Committee

J. Derham Cole, Jr.

Thomas E. "Tommy" Pope, Sub-chair
William Weston J. Newton, Sub-chair
Kirkman Finlay, III, Sub-chair

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