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State and Federal Laws Relating to the Agency

In the Annual Restructuring Report, the agency was asked to provide a list of the legal standards that apply to the agency. An agency's mission and vision should have a basis in the legal standards that apply to the agency. In addition, each agency legal responsibility should be accomplished by one or more agency goals and objectives.

Below are lists of the state and federal laws that apply to the agency. This information was provided by the agency in its Annual Restructuring Report, Program Evaluation, Request for Information, or Accountability Report. There are links to where each list (e.g., state and federal laws) begins on the page and each code section included in a list is a link to the complete statute where you can find additional information.

  • The Clerk of the House of Representatives publishes a South Carolina Legislative Process booklet which provides an overview of the lawmaking process of the South Carolina General Assembly. The booklet has been developed to aid in understanding the process and offers a glossary of terms used in the legislative process.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, a proviso is a temporary law, made effective for the upcoming fiscal year by the enactment of the General Appropriations Act (state budget).
  • This is an Excel document which shows the goals and/or objectives that satisfy each legal standard that applies to the agency.

  • State Constitution

    State Laws

    Title 1. Administration of the Government.
    • Chapter 1. General Provisions.
      • 1-1-110. What officers constitute executive department.
      • 1-1-120. Vacancies in executive department.
      • 1-1-990. Reports and information deemed public records; dissemination of copies.
    • Chapter 7. Attorney General and Solicitors.
      • 1-7-110. Advice to State officers and Public Service Commission.
    • Chapter 11. State Budget and Control Board.
      • 1-11-10. Department of Administration established; transfer of offices, divisions, other agencies.

    Title 2. General Assembly.
    • Chapter 65. South Carolina Federal and Other Funds Oversight Act.

    Title 4. Counties.
    • Chapter 9. County Government.
      • 4-9-150. Audits of county records; designation of auditors; public inspection of report.
      • 4-9-1060. Commissioners shall account for claims audited and allowed and conform to prescribed system of bookkeeping.

    Title 6. Local Government--Provisions Applicable to Special Purpose Districts and Other Political Subdivisions.
    • Chapter 1. General Provisions.
      • 6-1-50. Financial report required.

    Title 8. Public Officers and Employees.
    • Chapter 11. State Officers and Employees.
      • 8-11-20. Oath and bonds of certain state employees; blanket departmental bonds.
      • 8-11-33. Withholding or deducting pay from state employee's wages.
      • 8-11-35. Salary payment schedule; maximum salaries; dual compensation; reports; exception.
      • 8-11-75. Repayment of deferred compensation plan loans.
      • 8-11-80. Deduction for group life, hospital and other insurance.
      • 8-11-83. Payroll deduction for dues of State Employees' Association.
      • 8-11-90. Deductions for Federal taxes.
      • 8-11-91. Deductions for charitable contributions.
      • 8-11-93. Minimum level of employee participation required.
      • 8-11-95. Two charitable solicitation drives permitted per year.
      • 8-11-96. When authorization for payroll deductions may be made or terminated; deductions may be prorated.
      • 8-11-97. Promulgation of regulations.
      • 8-11-98. Deductions for payment to credit union.
      • 8-11-99. Payroll deduction for parking fees on state-owned or state-operated property.
    • Chapter 15. Local or Local and State Officers and Employees Generally

    Title 9. Retirement Systems.
    • Chapter 1. South Carolina Retirement System.
      • 9-1-60. Implementation of"cafeteria" plan.
      • 9-1-1170. Collection of employers' contributions.
      • 9-1-1350. Transfers from general fund authorized.
      • 9-1-1850. Purchases of additional service credit by members with at least twenty-five years of creditable service.
    • Chapter 3. Coverage of Public Officers and Employees under Federal Social Security Act.
      • 9-3-540. Procedures for collection of delinquent contributions from political subdivisions.
    • Chapter 4. South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority.
      • 9-4-50. Transaction register of all funds expended.
    • Chapter 5. State Retirement and Social Security Act of 1955.
      • 9-5-450. Collection of delinquent payments from employers; withholding of State funds for delinquency or failure to make reports.
    • Chapter 11. Police Officers Retirement System.
      • 9-11-230. Contributions shall be paid monthly; State funds may be withheld if records or money not received on time.
    • Chapter 16. Retirement System Funds.
      • 9-16-315. Retirement System Investment Commission; membership; terms; qualifications; chief investment officer and administrative staff; costs and salary.

    Title 10. Public Buildings and Property.
    • Chapter 9. Minerals and Mineral Interests in Public Lands.
      • 10-9-150. Bond of licensee.
      • 10-9-190. Returns of rock mined; payment of royalty; rate of royalty.
      • 10-9-200. Comptroller General notified of licenses issued.

    Title 11. Public Finance.
    • Chapter 3. Comptroller General.
      • 11-3-10. Bond.
      • 11-3-20. Salary; fees and perquisites.
      • 11-3-40. Assistance.
      • 11-3-50. Record of General Assembly appropriations and contingent accounts.
      • 11-3-80. Report of names of pensioners.
      • 11-3-90. Report as to unappropriated Treasury funds.
      • 11-3-100. Books of Treasurer; report to General Assembly.
      • 11-3-110. Transfer of money and papers by Treasurer to successor.
      • 11-3-120. Comptroller General to inspect vouchers of State Treasurer.
      • 11-3-121. Advance payment of airfares and registration fees for official travel.
      • 11-3-130. Payments by Treasurer to be on warrants drawn by Comptroller General, exceptions.
      • 11-3-140. Procedure for paying state obligations after installation of electronic data processing system.
      • 11-3-150. Writing off warrants; reissue.
      • 11-3-160. Lost warrants; duplicates.
      • 11-3-170. Payments from State Treasury.
      • 11-3-175. Consolidation of accounts in connection with lump sum agencies.
      • 11-3-185. Warrant requisitions for expenditure of money appropriated by General Assembly; requisition of funds in favor of state institution treasurer.
      • 11-3-210. Accounts of all persons distributing public money.
      • 11-3-230. Special comptroller general accounts for Professional and Occupational Licensing Agencies.
      • 11-3-240. Expenses of printing tax forms and supplies; manner of payment.
    • Chapter 5. State Treasurer.
      • 11-5-130. Payment of appropriations to state institutions.
      • 11-5-170. State Treasurer to send daily reports to Comptroller General.
      • 11-5-180. Monthly reports to Comptroller General of cash transactions.
    • Chapter 7. State Auditor.
      • 11-7-20. Annual audits of state agencies.
      • 11-7-60. Cost of preparing Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; requests for proposal.
    • Chapter 9. State Finances Generally.
      • 11-9-85. Tax and fee revenues to be calculated on accrual basis.
      • 11-9-125. Order of expenditure of funds by state agencies; remittance of certain funds to state general fund.
      • 11-9-240. Budget and Control Board may borrow from departments of state government.
      • 11-9-340. Statement of bonded indebtedness in Comptroller General's report.
      • 11-9-860. Verification by Comptroller General of expenditure schedules used with economic announcements.
      • 11-9-890. Delineation of fiscal year revenue estimates by quarters; reduction of general fund appropriations; action to avoid year-end deficit.
    • Chapter 11. State Budget System.
      • 11-11-15. Budget functions devolved on Governor; Budget Office to assist.
      • 11-11-40. Annual statements from Comptroller General.
      • 11-11-50. Comptroller General shall furnish annual estimate of needs of State.
      • 11-11-110. Expenses of certain committee chairmen of the General Assembly.
      • 11-11-155. Homestead Exemption Fund established.
      • 11-11-180. Declaration of operating deficit; meeting to address deficit; borrowing of surpluses authorized.
      • 11-11-220. Contingency Reserve Fund established.
      • 11-11-345. Suspension of appropriations; negative GAAP Fund balance defined.
      • 11-11-410. Appropriations subject to spending limitation; financial emergency; surplus funds.
    • Chapter 13. Deposit of State Funds.
      • 11-13-40. General deposit account.
      • 11-13-70. Reports from depositories to Treasurer.
      • 11-13-80. Depositories to report deposits monthly to Comptroller General.
      • 11-13-120. Manner of depositing state funds; exception for county treasurers.
    • Chapter 35. South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.
      • 11-35-45. Payment for goods and services received by State.
      • 11-35-1230. Auditing and fiscal reporting.
    • Chapter 37. South Carolina Resources Authority Act.
      • 11-37-260. State Treasurer may withhold monies from defaulting local governments.
      • 11-37-270. Legislative declaration of intent.
    • Chapter 49. Tobacco Settlement Revenue Management Authority Act.
      • 11-49-40. Board; members; compensation; ethics; administrative assistance; personnel.
      • 11-49-100. Accounts to be maintained separately; annual report.
    • Chapter 53. South Carolina Enterprise Information System.
    • Chapter 55. State Fiscal Accountability Authority
      • 11-55-10. State Fiscal Accountability Authority; executive director; staff.

    Title 12. Taxation.
    • Chapter 2. General Provisions.
      • 12-2-70. Unlawful conduct by county auditor or treasurer or member of county board of tax appeals.
    • Chapter 21. Stamp and Business License Tax.
      • 12-21-140. Payment of taxes; disposition of taxes collected; remittance sheets.
    • Chapter 37. Assessment of Property Taxes.
    • Chapter 39. County Auditors.
    • Chapter 54. Uniform Method of Collection and Enforcement of Taxes Levied and Assessed by South Carolina Department of Revenue.

    Title 13. Planning, Research and Development.
    • Chapter 11. New Horizons Development Authority.
      • 13-11-120. Deposits and expenditures; use of funds; receipt of gifts.

    Title 14. Courts.
    • Chapter 15. Court Stenographers and Bailiffs.
      • 14-15-60. Appointment and compensation of special stenographers.

    Title 17. Criminal Procedures.
    • Chapter 3. Defense of Indigents.
      • 17-3-90. Vouchers for payment for services by private appointed counsel and for reimbursement of expenses; approval and submission for payment.
    • Chapter 9. Extradition.
      • 17-9-70. Governor shall approve accounts; payment.

    Title 24. Corrections, Jails, Probations, Paroles and Pardons.
    • Chapter 3. State Prison System.
      • 24-3-70. Allowable expenses incurred in transportation of prisoners; method of payment.
      • 24-3-180. Transportation and clothes for discharged inmates.

    Title 25. Military, Civil Defense and Veterans Affairs.
    • Chapter 13. Confederate Pensions.
      • 25-13-30. Duties of county boards of honor; compensation.
      • 25-13-40. Duties of judge of probate.
      • 25-13-100. Amount of pensions.
      • 25-13-130. Records shall be turned over to Comptroller General.

    Title 27. Property and Conveyances.
    • Chapter 13. Property Ownership by Aliens.
      • 27-13-40. Limitation on alien land ownership; lands acquired on foreclosure of mortgage.
    • Chapter 32. Vacation Time Sharing Plans.

    Title 31. Housing and Redevelopment.
    • Chapter 13. Moderate to Low Income Housing.
      • 31-13-340. State Housing, Finance, and Development Authority Program Fund.
      • 31-13-420. Establishment of fund; trustee; records; payments from fund; annual report.

    Title 34. Banking, Financial Institutions and Money.
    • Chapter 3. Banks and Banking Generally.
      • 34-3-80. Criminal liability of bank official furnishing false certificate to Comptroller General.

    Title 38. Insurance.
    • Chapter 45. Insurance Brokers and Surplus Lines Insurance.
      • 38-45-60. Accounting of state portion of broker's premium tax rate payment collected; distribution from earmarked fund.
    • Chapter 57. Trade Practices.
      • 38-57-290. Action for recovery of fine paid under protest.
    • Chapter 77. Automobile Insurance.
      • 38-77-154. Department of Insurance to supervise and control Uninsured Motorists Fund; purpose of fund.

    Title 40. Professions and Occupations.
    • Chapter 1. Professions and Occupations.
        40-1-50. Authority of department; record of board proceedings; roster of licensees; fee structures.
    • Chapter 6. Auctioneers.
      • 40-6-330. Auctioneer Recovery Fund; maintenance and contributions; use of excess funds.

    Title 41. Labor and Employment.
    • Chapter 31. Contributions and Payments to the Unemployment Trust Fund.
      • 41-31-820. Deposit and review of premiums collected from state agencies; transfers from general fund to cover claims.
    • Chapter 33. Employment and Workforce - Funds.
      • 41-33-90. Requisitions by Department on State Treasurer.
      • 41-33-120. Payment of refunds.
      • 41-33-430. Use of fund; requisitions and warrants.
      • 41-33-610. Department of Employment and Workforce special administration fund.
      • 41-33-710. Department of Employment and Workforce administrative contingency fund.
      • 41-33-810. Department of Employment and Workforce interest assessment fund.
      • 41-33-910. Department of Employment and Workforce integrity fund.

    Title 42. Workers' Compensation.
    • Chapter 7. Funds.
      • 42-7-75. State agencies required to pay workers' compensation premiums; State Treasurer's duties as to state accident fund.
      • 42-7-80. Payment of awards; notice of intention to contest award.
      • 42-7-210. Transfers from general fund to State Accident Fund authorized.
      • 42-7-310. Establishment, purpose, administration, funding and staff of Second Injury Fund.

    Title 43. Social Services.
    • Chapter 1. State Department and Board of Social Services.
      • 43-1-200. Payment of salaries, expenses and assistance; lump sum requisitions.
    • Chapter 21. Division and Advisory Council on Aging.
      • 43-21-40. Division shall be State agency to implement and administer aging programs of Federal Government; powers and duties generally.
    • Chapter 31. Vocational Rehabilitation.

    Title 48. Environmental Protection and Conservation.
    • Chapter 27. Registration of Foresters.

    Title 55. Aeronautics.
    • Chapter 11. Particular Airports.
    • Chapter 17. Regional Airport Districts.
      • 55-17-20. Issuance of general obligation bonds by districts.

    Title 56. Motor Vehicles.
    • Chapter 1. Driver's License.
      • 56-1-148. Identifying code affixed on driver's license of person convicted of certain crimes.
      • 56-1-170. Restricted licenses; penalties for violations; hearings; special restricted driver's licenses.
      • 56-1-171. Suspension for failure to pay child support; route-restricted license.
      • 56-1-220. Vision screenings required for renewal of license; in person or certified vision screenings for a ten year license; certification of minimum standards; operation of vehicle with defective vision.
      • 56-1-286. Suspension of license or permit or denial of issuance of license or permit to persons under the age of twenty-one who drive motor vehicles with certain amount of alcohol concentration.
      • 56-1-390. Fee for reinstatement of license; disposition of fee proceeds.
      • 56-1-395. Driver's license reinstatement fee payment program.
      • 56-1-400. Surrender of license; issuance of new license; endorsing suspension and ignition interlock device on license.
      • 56-1-460. Penalties for driving while license cancelled, suspended or revoked; route restricted license.
      • 56-1-550. Fee for expediting request for copy of document or record.
      • 56-1-740. Suspension of driver's license or nonresident's privilege to drive; special restricted driver's licenses.
      • 56-1-746. Suspension of driver's license for alcohol-related offenses; penalties; special restricted licenses.
      • 56-1-2080. Qualifications for license; administration of skills test; persons to whom license may not be issued; commercial driver instruction permit.
    • Chapter 3. Motor Vehicle Registration and Licensing.
      • 56-3-210. Time period for procuring registration and license; temporary license plates; transfer of license plates.
      • 56-3-355. Suspension or revocation of commercial vehicle registration card and license plate; reinstatement; fees.
      • 56-3-662. Identifier fees; administration and enforcement funding.
      • 56-3-1230. Specifications of license plates; periodic issuance of new plates; treatment with reflective material; issuance of revalidation stickers.
      • 56-3-1290. Transfer of plates to another vehicle of same owner.
      • 56-3-1335. Suspension of vehicle's registration for failure to pay toll; reinstatement fee.
      • 56-3-2545. Collection and disbursement of fees.
      • 56-3-3500. "Penn Center" license plates; fee; special fund for Penn Center, Inc.
      • 56-3-3600. South Carolina Nurses license plates; fee; special fund for South Carolina Nurses Foundation.
      • 56-3-3800. American Legion special license plate; deposit requirement; production limitations for special license plates.
      • 56-3-3950. "Keep It Beautiful" license plates; special fund for road enhancement.
      • 56-3-4100. South Carolina Elks Association Special License Plates.
      • 56-3-4200. Authority to issue special license plates; collector plates; fees; minimum number of orders.
      • 56-3-4410. "Share the Road" license plates; fees; special fund for bicycling safety and education programs.
      • 56-3-4510. "South Carolina Protects Endangered Species" and"South Carolina Wildlife" commemorative plates; disposition of fees collected.
      • 56-3-4600. Authority to issue special license plates; fees; minimum number required.
      • 56-3-4800. Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates; distribution of fees; prepaid applications.
      • 56-3-5400. Fraternal Order of Police Special License Plates
      • 56-3-6000. Armed Services special license plates.
      • 56-3-6500. United States Naval Academy special license plates.
      • 56-3-7050. United States Air Force Academy special license plates.
      • 56-3-7200. Arts Awareness special license plates; deposition of fees.
      • 56-3-7300. Saltwater Fishing Special License Plates.
      • 56-3-7310. Support Our Troops special license plates.
      • 56-3-7320. Emergency Medical Service special license plates.
      • 56-3-7330. Boy Scouts of America and Eagle Scout special license plates.
      • 56-3-7340. Native American special license plates.
      • 56-3-7350. South Carolina Peach Council special license plates.
      • 56-3-7360. Korean War Veterans special license plates.
      • 56-3-7370. Cancer Research Centers of the Carolinas special license plates.
      • 56-3-7780. Authority to issue special license plates; fees; minimum number of orders required.
      • 56-3-7800. South Carolina Aquarium special license plates.
      • 56-3-7950. Hunting Island State Park special license plate authorized.
      • 56-3-8000. Special motor vehicle license plates.
      • 56-3-8100. Special license plates production and distribution guidelines.
      • 56-3-8200. Rotary International special license plates.
      • 56-3-8300. Marine Corps League special license plates.
      • 56-3-8600. Authority to issue special license plates; fee; number of plates.
      • 56-3-8710. NASCAR special license plates authorized.
      • 56-3-9400. "Morris Island Lighthouse" license plates; fees; special fund for restoration and preservation of the Morris Island Lighthouse.
      • 56-3-9500. God Bless America special license plates.
      • 56-3-9600. "No More Homeless Pets" license plates; fees; special fund to support local animal spaying and neutering programs.
      • 56-3-9710. "Heritage Classic Foundation" license plates; fees; special fund for Heritage Classic Foundation.
      • 56-3-10010."Parrot Head" special license plate authorized.
      • 56-3-10110. Operation Desert Storm-Desert Shield special license plates.
      • 56-3-10210. Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran special license plates.
      • 56-3-10310. Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran special license plates.
      • 56-3-11450. Fees.
      • 56-3-12610. South Carolina Wildlife Federation special license plates.
      • 56-3-13010. 2010-11 Baseball National Champions special license plates.
      • 56-3-13310."Motorcycle Awareness Alliance" special motor vehicle license plates.
      • 56-3-13610."South Carolina Stands with Israel" special license plates.
    • Chapter 5. Uniform Act Regulating Traffic on Highways.
      • 56-5-750. Failure to stop motor vehicle when signaled by law-enforcement vehicle.
      • 56-5-2930. Operating motor vehicle while under influence of alcohol or drugs; penalties; enrollment in Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program; prosecution.
      • 56-5-2933. Driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration; penalties; enrollment in Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program; prosecution.
      • 56-5-2942. Vehicle immobilization after conviction for subsequent violation of Sections 56-5-2930, 56-5-2933, or 56-5-2945; immobilized defined; identity of immobilized vehicle; surrendering of license plates and registration; release of vehicle; hearing; penalties; fees.
      • 56-5-2945. Offense of felony driving under the influence; penalties;"great bodily injury" defined.
      • 56-5-2950. Implied consent to testing for alcohol or drugs; procedures; inference of DUI.
      • 56-5-2951. Suspension of license for refusal to submit to testing or for certain level of alcohol concentration; temporary alcohol license; administrative hearing; restricted driver's license; penalties.
      • 56-5-5670. Duties of demolishers; disposal of vehicle to demolisher or secondary metals recycler; records; penalties.
    • Chapter 9. Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act.
      • 56-9-430. Suspension of driver's license or privilege and registration for nonpayment of judgment; special restricted driver's licenses.
    • Chapter 10. Motor Vehicle Registration and Financial Security.
      • 56-10-260. False certificate or false evidence of insurance; penalties; special restricted driver's licenses.
      • 56-10-660. Database information disclosure; fee.
    • Chapter 11. Road Tax on Motor Carriers.
      • 56-11-500. Use of revenue funds from tax, penalties, and interest; State Highway Fund.
    • Chapter 19. Protection of Titles to and Interests in Motor Vehicles.
      • 56-19-420. Fee; allocation.
      • 56-19-520. Retirement of the Title certificate to a manufactured home; release of lien; Satisfaction Affidavit.

    Title 57. Highways, Bridges and Ferries.
    • Chapter 3. Department of Transportation.
      • 57-3-20. Responsibilities and duties of division deputy directors.
      • 57-3-755. Online transaction register of all funds expended; exemption; role of Comptroller General.
    • Chapter 11. Financial Matters.
        57-11-20. State highway fund; federal aid highway fund; role of comptroller general; department not considered lump sum agency.

    Title 58. Public Utilities, Services and Carriers.
    • Chapter 5. Gas, Heat, Water, Sewerage Collection and Disposal, and Street Railway Companies.
      • 58-5-940. Assessments against gas utilities for administrative expenses and charges.
    • Chapter 17. The General Railroad Law.
      • 58-17-1680. Issuance of subpoenas; fees; issuance of attachment to compel attendance; contempt for refusal to obey court order.
    • Chapter 27. Electric Utilities and Electric Cooperatives.
      • 58-27-50. Assessments on electric utilities to pay expenses of Commission.
    • Chapter 31. Public Service Authority.
      • 58-31-20. Board of directors; advisory board.

    Title 59. Education.
    • Chapter 2. South Carolina College Investment Program.
      • 59-2-85. Contributions through payroll deductions.
    • Chapter 4. South Carolina Tuition Prepayment Program.
    • Chapter 21. State Aid for Schools.
      • 59-21-130. Disbursement to counties.
      • 59-21-140. State Budget and Control Board may borrow in anticipation of revenue.
      • 59-21-355. Appropriations to Education Improvement Act building aid; allocation; transfer; trust fund.
    • Chapter 47. School for the Deaf and the Blind.
    • Chapter 53. Technical and Vocational Education and Training.
    • Chapter 69. School Funds Generally.
      • 59-69-40. Funds given to State Superintendent for educational purposes.
    • Chapter 101. Colleges and Institutions of Higher Learning Generally.
      • 59-101-55. State appropriated funds restriction.
      • 59-101-670. Transaction register of funds expended; contents; posting on website; procurement card statement information; redaction; technical consultation.
    • Chapter 111. Scholarships.
    • Chapter 119. Clemson University.
      • 59-119-100. Investment of Clemson bequest generally and payment of interest to board.
    • Chapter 143. Children's Education Endowment.
      • 59-143-10. Establishment of endowment; stated purposes; allocations.
    • Chapter 150. South Carolina Education Lottery Act.
      • 59-150-320. Financial integrity of the lottery; reports; audits, weekly records; financial statement; annual operating budget; comprehensive security study.
      • 59-150-340. Education Lottery Account.
      • 59-150-350. Education Lottery Account management; administration; educational purposes and programs; uncommitted funds; surplus funds.

    State Provisos (Temporary Law)

    2014-2015 Appropriations Act, Part 1B Section
    • 117.9. (GP: Transfers of Appropriations)
    • 117.15. (GP: Personal Service Reconciliation, FTEs)
    • 117.20. (GP: Per Diem)
    • 117.49. (GP: Tobacco Funds)
    • 117.58. (GP: ISCEDC Funding Transfer)
    • 117.83. (GP: Information Technology for Health Care)
    • 117.84. (GP: Broadband Spectrum Lease)
    • 117.120. DELETED
    • 118.1. (SR: Year End Expenditures)
    • 118.3. (SR: Contingency Reserve Fund)
    • 118.9. (SR: Admissions Tax)
    • 118.14. (SR: Tax Deduction for Consumer Protection Services)
    • 1A.8. (SDE-EIA: XII.F.2-CHE/Teacher Recruitment)
    • 1A.15. (SDE-EIA: Proviso Allocations)
    • 11.21. DELETED
    • 19.2. (SCSU: Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee)
    • 25.3. (TEC: Training of New & Expanding Industry - Payments of Prior Year Expenditures)
    • 33.17. (DHHS: SCHIP Enrollment and Recertification)
    • 38.6. (DSS: TANF Advance Funds)
    • 82.5. (DMV: DPPA Compliance Audit)

    Federal Laws
    • Agency did not provide any that directly related to it.

    Laws Satisfied by Agency's Goals and Objectives

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