View Amendment Current Amendment: 2 to Bill 615

Senator FANNING proposed the following amendment (WAB\615C001.RT.WAB21):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by striking SECTION 1. A. and inserting:

/ SECTION 1. A. Section 59-63-100 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding an appropriately lettered new subsection at the end to read:

"( )(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, individual students who attend private schools in this State may not be denied by a public school district the opportunity to try out for and, if selected, participate in an interscholastic athletic program, excluding middle school football programs and high school football programs, offered at a public school in the district if the:

(a) student resides within the attendance zone boundaries of the public school;

(b) private school that the student attends is not a member of the South Carolina High School League and the private school's enrollment for grades nine through twelve does not exceed two hundred students;

(c) private school attended by the student does not offer the particular sport for the student's gender;

(d) particular sport in which the student seeks to participate is offered at the public school located in the attendance zone where the student resides;

(e) student notifies the superintendent of the public school district in writing of his intent to try out in the particular sport as a representative of the public school before the beginning date of the season for the sport in which he wishes to try out;

(f) student pays for all sport-specific fees charged by the public school for an individual student to participate in the particular sport; and

(g) student meets all public school district eligibility requirements with the exception of the:

(i) school district's school or class attendance requirements; and

(ii) class and enrollment requirements of the private entity that supervises the particular sport.

(2) A public school district may not contract with a private entity that supervises interscholastic athletic programs if the private entity prohibits the participation of private school students in interscholastic athletic programs supervised by the entity." /