View Amendment Current Amendment: 37 to Bill 4100

Senator HEMBREE proposes the following amendment (DAD 1.103 VIRTUAL SCHOOLS V3):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 1, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, page 310, proviso 1.103 (SDE: Public School Virtual Program Funding), lines 25- 34, by striking the proviso in its entirety, and inserting

/ 1.103. (SDE: Public School Virtual Program Funding) For Fiscal Year 2021-22, school districts shall be permitted to offer a virtual education program for up to five percent of its student population based on the most recent 135 day ADM count without impacting any state funding. The Department of Education shall establish guidelines for the virtual program and parameters students must meet in order to participate in the virtual program. School districts must submit their plans for the virtual program to the State Board of Education for approval.

School districts offering a virtual program must report their ADM counts for students participating in their virtual program and the number of students participating face to face for the 5th, 45th, 90th, and 135th day to the Department of Education.

For every student participating in the virtual program above the five percent threshold, the school district will not receive 47.22% of the State per pupil funding provided to that district as reported in the latest Revenue and Fiscal Affairs revenue per pupil report pursuant to Proviso 1.3. This amount shall be withheld from the EFA portion of the State Aid to Classroom's district allocation and, if necessary, the state minimum teacher salary schedule portion of State Aid to Classrooms.

The five percent threshold shall not apply to students whose IEP or 504 status requires their participation in a program administered in a virtual format. /

Amend sections, totals and title to conform.