View Amendment Current Amendment: 2 to Bill 152

Senator CASH proposed the following amendment (152R001.SP.RJC):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, on page 5, by striking lines 35 through 43, and on page 6, by striking lines 1 through 16 and inserting:

/ (B) Upon receipt of an ordinance, a county's election commission must conduct a referendum on the question of imposing the sales and use tax in the area of the county that is to be subject to the tax. A referendum for imposition or reimposition of the tax must be held at the time of the next general election in an even-numbered year. Two weeks before a referendum, a county's election commission must publish in a newspaper of general circulation the question that is to appear on the ballot, with a description of the methods by which the county's governing body intends to procure open lands and green space for preservation. If the proposed question includes the use of sales taxes to defray debt service on bonds issued to pay the costs of any preservation procurements, then the notice must include a statement indicating the principal amount of the bonds proposed to be issued for the purpose and, if the issuance of the bonds is to be approved as part of the referendum, stating that the referendum includes the authorization of the issuance of bonds in that amount. This notice is in lieu of any other notice otherwise required by law. /