View Amendment Current Amendment: 1A to Bill 4746

Senator MARTIN proposed the following amendment (4746R002.SP.SRM):

Amend the concurrent resolution, as and if amended, on page 4, by striking lines 4 through 9 and inserting:

/ That in the absence of Joint Rules, the General Assembly, by this resolution, agrees to bind itself subject to the terms of this resolution and to the requirements of Art. III Section 20 and Section 22 of the South Carolina Constitution, 1895, and the provisions of Chapter 19, Title 2 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976, relating to elections of members of the judiciary, provided that the vote to elect any judge under the provisions of this resolution, whether the election is contested or not, must be a recorded roll call vote. For purposes of this subsection, 'recorded roll call vote' means a vote recorded in the journals of the respective houses of the General Assembly, which must be by yeas and nays and recorded by name. The House of Representatives may use the electronic roll call system as provided by House Rule 7 without unanimous consent. /