View Amendment Current Amendment: 12 to Bill 5183

Reps. BENNETT and LONG propose the following Amendment No. to H. 5183 (COUNCIL\WAB\5183C008.RT.WAB22):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 2, by striking Section 59-29-640(K) and inserting:

/(K) If the State Board determines the LEA violated Section 59-29-620, the State Board shall direct the LEA to immediately take corrective action. If the LEA fails to adhere to the corrective action plans, the department shall withhold five percent of a LEA's funds appropriated as part of the State Aid Classrooms and shall initiate disciplinary action against the employees of the LEA responsible for the violation, as well as those who refuse to follow the State Board's directive. The complainant or the Attorney General have the right to appeal the State Board's determination by filing appropriate action with a court of competent jurisdiction seeking to enjoin the alleged violation and enforce all corrective actions and penalties under Sections 59-29-640(C),(J) and (K) of this section. The complainant shall be awarded court costs and reasonable attorney's fees if they prevail. /