View Amendment Current Amendment: 3 to Bill 4919

Senator CAMPSEN proposed the following amendment (JUD4919.009):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by striking Section 7-5-50 and inserting:

/ SECTION__ . Article 1, Chapter 5, Title 7 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding:

"Section 7-5-50. (A)(1) The State Election Commission must not accept any funds, grants, or gifts from any source other than the State or federal government to prepare for, or to conduct, elections unless:

(a) the receipt of the funds is unconditional; and

(b) the funds are distributed by the State Election Commission on a per capita basis to each county board of voter registration and elections based on county population data from the last United States Government census.

(2) If the State Election Commission accepts funds in accordance with the provisions of item (1), it must provide information regarding the amount and source of the funding on its website, and must provide a report to the General Assembly.

(B) No county board of voter registration and elections shall accept or expend any funds other than public funds to prepare for or to conduct elections. For purposes of this section, public funds include funds received from the State Election Commission pursuant to subsection (A).

(C) A county board of voter registration and elections that is offered funds other than public funds must forward the offer to the Executive Director of the State Election Commission within twenty-four hours of receipt of the offer." /