View Amendment Current Amendment: 27 to Bill 4919

Senator CAMPSEN proposed the following amendment (JUD4919.027):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by adding an appropriately numbered SECTION:

/ SECTION ___. A. Any changes to forms required by this act must be implemented as soon as possible, but not later than May 31, 2022.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of this act, a county board of voter registration and elections must honor any request made for absentee ballot for an election during the 2022 calendar year, provided that the request was: (1) received by the county board of voter registration and elections before 5:00 p.m. on May 31, 2022; and (2) made in accordance with the law as of April 21, 2022.

C. An absentee ballot requested prior to the Governor's approval of this act must not be counted towards the limit on absentee ballot requests as prescribed in Section 7-15-330(B)(4), as added by this act.

D.For the 2022 statewide elections, each county board of voter registration and elections must identify each early voting center it intends to utilize and provide the locations to the State Election Commission Executive Director as follows: (1) for the primary election, no later than May 24, 2022; and (2) for the general election, no later than July 1, 2022. The Executive Director must approve any additions or changes to these early voting centers, and may direct the move of early voting centers to ensure proper distribution throughout each county. /

To further amend the bill, as and if amended, by striking SECTION 45, line 13 on page 39 and inserting:

/SECTION 45. A . Except as provided in B. and C. below, all SECTIONS shall take effect upon approval by the Governor.

B. SECTION 2 shall take effect on January 1, 2023.

C. SECTIONS 3 and 6 shall take effect on July 1, 2022. /