View Amendment Current Amendment: 92 to Bill 5150

Senator HUTTO proposes the following amendment (AM NR ITEMS V.2):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 118, STATEWIDE REVENUE, page 584, proviso 118.19, after line 35, by inserting a new item to read:

/ ( )The following items shall be appropriated for miscellaneous purposes as follows:

(a)Bamberg County Courthouse Renovation $1;

(b)Williston Town Hall $1;

(c)University of South Carolina Civil Rights Center $1;

(d) Assembly Street Grade Separation Project$1;

(e)Greater Waverly Foundation $1;

(f)Richland County DSS Facilities$1;

(g)Next Generation of Men Nonprofit Organization - operating support$1;

(h)Have Faith - K12 Community School - Mother Geneva

Johnson Academy$1;

(i)Minority Woman and Business Enterprise Incubator and Corner Store$1;

(j)College of Charleston Avery Research Center $1;

(k)Learning Citizenship Through History/Reconstru ction$1;

(l)Beaufort Sheldon Community and Dale Center Renovation $1 ;

(m) Jasper Communications Tower and Community Center$1 ;

(n)City of Sumter/County of Sumter Trailhead

and Pedestrian Access Improvement $1;

(o)Rembert Black Cowboy Festival $1;

(p)Town of Forest A cres Richland Retail Center Redevelopment$1;

(q)Black River State Park Project $1;

(r)Williamsburg Tech - Regional Hospital Renovations$1;

(s)Richland County Recreation Community Partners $1;

(t)City of Columbia Harlem Heights and Fairwold Acres Community$1;

(u)South Carolina Federation of Women 's and Children's Clubs$1;

(v)West Columbia Economic Development $1;

(w)Johnsonville Community Center $1;

(x)Orangeburg Fire Commission $1;

(y)Nichols American Legion Auxiliary, Post 82 Legionnaires Repairs $1;

(z) Pamplico Development and Resource Center Building Renovations$1;

(aa)Dillon County Parks ad Recreation - County-wide Fencing

Lighting $1;

(bb)South Carolina State - Funding for BECT Center$1;

(cc)Facility Enhancements for Disadvantaged Schools $1;

(dd)South Carolina Cancer Alliance $1;

(ee)South Carolina Boys State $1;

(ff)South Carolina Girls State $1 ;

(gg)South Carolina Historical Society $1 ; and

(hh)Town of Eastover $1 .

Amend sections, totals and title to conform.