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The Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry proposes the following Amendment No. to S. 1077 (COUNCIL\ZW\1077C009.AR.ZW22):

Reference is to Printer's Date 4/7/22-S.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 1, Pages 4-5, by striking Section 58-27-1105(16)(a) and inserting:

/ (16)The term 'storm recovery costs' means:

(a) all incremental costs, including capital costs, appropriate for recovery from existing and future retail customers receiving transmission or distribution service from an electrical utility that an electrical utility has incurred as a result of the applicable storm that are caused by, associated with, or remain as a result of undertaking storm recovery activity.

(b) Storm recovery costs shall be net of applicable insurance proceeds, tax benefits, income tax savings, and any other amounts intended to reimburse the electrical utility for storm recovery activities such as government grants, or aid of any kind and where determined appropriate by the commission, and may include adjustments for capital replacement and operating costs previously considered in determining normal amounts in the electrical utility 's most recent general rate proceeding. Storm recovery costs may include, to the extent determined appropriate by the commission, the cost to replenish and fund any storm reserves, the costs of retiring any existing indebtedness relating to storm recovery activities, and carrying costs. /

Amend the bill further, as and if amended, SECTION 1, Pages 5-6, by striking Section 58-27-1110(A) and inserting:

/ (A) An electrical utility may petition the commission for a financing order. The petition shall include all of the following:

(1) a description of the storm recovery activities that the electrical utility has undertaken and the reasons for undertaking the activities, or if the electrical utility is subject to a settlement agreement that governs the type and amount of principal costs that could be included in storm recovery costs, a description of the settlement agreement;

(2) the storm recovery costs for any storm recovery activities that have been undertaken;

(3) the level of the storm recovery reserve, if any, that the electrical utility proposes to establish or replenish and has determined would be appropriate to recover through storm recovery bonds and is seeking to so recover, and such level that the electrical utility is funding or will seek to fund through other means, together with a description of the factors and calculations used in determining the amounts and methods of recovery;

(4) an indicator of whether the electrical utility proposes to finance all or a portion of the storm recovery costs using storm recovery bonds. If the utility proposes to finance a portion of such costs, the electrical utility must identify the specific portion in the petition. By requesting not to finance a portion of such storm recovery costs using storm recovery bonds, an electrical utility shall not be deemed to waive its right to seek to recover such costs pursuant to a separate proceeding with the commission;

(5) the financing costs related to the storm recovery bonds;

(6) the storm recovery charges necessary to recover the storm recovery costs, including the storm recovery reserve amount, if any, determined appropriate by the commission, and financing costs and the period for recovery of such costs;

(7)a comparison between the net present value of the costs to customers that are estimated to result from the issuance of storm recovery bonds based on current market conditions and the costs that would result from the application of the traditional method of financing and recovering storm recovery costs from customers. The comparison should demonstrate that the issuance of storm recovery bonds and the imposition of storm recovery charges are expected to provide quantifiable net benefits to customers on a present value basis as compared to the costs that would have been incurred absent the issuance of storm recovery bonds; and

(8) direct testimony, exhibits, and supporting workpapers supporting the petition, testimony, and exhibits. Such workpapers may be filed under seal to the extent necessary to protect confidential, proprietary, or sensitive information. The electrical utility shall provide functional exhibits and workpapers to the Office of Regulatory Staff and to the commission, subject to any appropriate confidentiality designations. /