View Amendment Current Amendment: 14 to Bill 945

Rep. GOVAN proposes the following Amendment No. to S. 945 (COUNCIL\CM\945C006.GT.CM22):

Reference is to Printer's Date 5/4/22 -H.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 3, by deleting Section 59-29-600(B) and inserting:

/(B)The General Assembly further states its intent that:

(1) students:

(a) treat teachers, aides, faculty, staff, volunteers, and their fellow students with respect, dignity, and kindness; and

(b) strive to do their best as they grow and learn;

(2) parents:

(a) engage with their children's school to ensure that teachers and staff are supported; and

(b) strive to make certain that students come to school prepared to learn and act in a way that leads to a positive school environment;

(3) principals and other administrators provide support and guidance to teachers and students, and the observation, mentoring, and training of teachers is a constant and ongoing activity;

(4) superintendents and district-level staff ensure that schools are given the assistance and resources needed to assist in teaching and learning for both students and teachers;

(5) local school boards of trustees:

(a) be vested in, and aware of, district and school operations;

(b) function in an open and transparent manner to ensure that schools operate efficiently and effectively;

(c) seek and value input from teachers; and

(d) encourage greater parental engagement; and

(7) communities:

(a) support local schools; and

(b) foster environments that support students, parents, teachers, faculty, and staff. /