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H*2314 (Rat #0422, Act #0371 of 1984) General Bill, By A.V. Rawl
    A Bill to amend Section 56-3-210, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to the grace period for procuring registration and license for certain vehicles, so as to increase the period from ten to fifteen days; to amend Section 56-3-840, relating to delinquent registration and license penalties with respect to motor vehicles, so as to change the delinquency penalty fee from fifty cents to five dollars for an owner of a vehicle who fails to register and license the vehicle and pay the specified fees or renewal when and as required, require a delinquency penalty fee of ten dollars where the owner is delinquent by more than thirty days, require a delinquency penalty fee of twenty-five dollars where the owner is delinquent by more than ninety days, and make it a misdemeanor to drive, move, or operate on a highway any vehicle for which a registration and license are required but have not been obtained within thirty days of the date when required; to amend Section 56-3-1260, relating to procedures upon transfer of ownership of a vehicle, notice to the South Carolina Department of Highways and Public Transportation (Department), and disposition of plates, so as to provide that, upon transfer of ownership of a vehicle, the license plate issued for the vehicle shall remain with the prior owner who, within fifteen days of the transfer, either shall apply for the transfer of the plate pursuant to Section 56-3-1290 or shall return the plate to the Department, provide that in either event the registration card shall be concurrently returned to the Department, and delete certain language; to amend Section 56-3-1270, as amended, relating to procedures upon transfer of ownership of a vehicle, application for transfer and issuance of new card, and fee, so as to, among other things, require a person under certain circumstances to make application to the Department, within fifteen days after the transfer of ownership, for registration and a license plate for such vehicle, require the Department, upon being satisfied as to the genuineness and regularity of the application and with proof of the ad valorem tax being paid, to issue a new registration card and license plate to the new owner, and delete certain language; to amend Section 56-3-1280, relating to transfer of registered and licensed vehicle to licensed dealer, so as to make it optional for a duly licensed motor vehicle dealer who receives by purchase, gift, trade, or otherwise a vehicle which was registered and licensed in this State for the then current registration and license year to obtain a new registration and license plate, and delete certain language; to amend Section 56-3-1290, as amended, relating to transfer of plates to another vehicle of same owner, so as to require the Department, upon application and the payment of the fee, to transfer the license plate previously issued to an owner for one vehicle to another vehicle of the same general type, rather than "same classification", owned by the same person; and to amend Article 5 of Chapter 5 of Title 56, relating to obedience to and effect of traffic laws, by adding Section 56-5-715, so as to, among other things, provide that, under certain conditions, the registered owner of any motor vehicle leased or rented to another is not liable for any municipal traffic or parking violation occurring while the leased or rented vehicle was not in his possession or control, and allow the court in which the case is heard to take certain action, including action against the registered owner, if the registered owner fails to submit certain required notice within seven working days of receipt of the violation.-amended title
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01/26/83House Introduced and read first time HJ-516
01/26/83House Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works HJ-516
05/19/83House Committee report: Favorable with amendment Education and Public Works HJ-2961
05/25/83House Amended HJ-3083
05/25/83House Read second time HJ-3086
05/26/83House Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-3150
05/26/83Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-1507
05/26/83Senate Referred to Committee on Transportation SJ-1508
04/11/84Senate Recalled from Committee on Transportation SJ-1386
04/19/84Senate Amended SJ-1476
04/19/84Senate Read second time SJ-1478
04/20/84Senate Read third time SJ-1491
04/20/84Senate Returned SJ-1491
04/24/84House Concurred in Senate amendment and enrolled HJ-2555
05/03/84 Ratified R 422
05/09/84 Signed By Governor
05/09/84 Effective date 05/09/84
05/09/84 Act No. 371
05/21/84 Copies available

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