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H 2735 Joint Resolution, By T.E. Huff, M.O. Alexander, Alexander, R.L. Altman, J.M. Arthur, D.L. Aydlette, Bailey, K.E. Bailey, B.O. Baker, Barfield, J.M. Baxley, D.M. Beasley, L.E. Bennett, L. Blanding, Boan, J.D. Bradley, P.T. Bradley, G.A. Brown, H. Brown, J. Brown, R.B. Brown, J.H. Burriss, M.D. Burriss, T.M. Burriss, Carnell, C.D. Chamblee, M.J. Cooper, W.N. Cork, R.S. Corning, C.M. Dangerfield, Davenport, F.L. Day, P.W. Derrick, T.W. Edwards, Elliott, P. Evatt, J. Faber, Fair, J.G. Felder, T. Ferguson, S.R. Foster, E.D. Foxworth, L.E. Gentry, F. Gilbert, B.J. Gordon, J.L. Harris, P.B. Harris, Harvin, Haskins, D.O. Hawkins, Hayes, J.C. Hearn, R.L. Helmly, B.L. Hendricks, J.H. Hodges, D.N. Holt, J.C. Johnson, J.W. Johnson, W.H. Jones, R.O. Kay, Kirsh, J.R. Klapman, R.A. Kohn, Koon, E.C. Lewis, T.A. Limehouse, J.E. Lockemy, T.T. Mappus, D.E. Martin, Martin, J.G. McAbee, F.E. McBride, W.S. McCain, J.T. McElveen, A.C. McGinnis, McKay, R.N. McLellan, M. McLeod, J.W. McLeod, D.E. McTeer, D.A. Moss, Neilson, J.H. Nesbitt, E.L. Nettles, D.L. Ogburn, H.E. Pearce, J.T. Petty, L. Phillips, Phillips, Rhoad, J.I. Rogers, T.F. Rogers, I.K. Rudnick, Russell, Sharpe, J.J. Snow, E.C. Stoddard, C.L. Sturkie, L.L. Taylor, B.E. Thrailkill, J.H. Toal, Townsend, J.W. Tucker, D.C. Waldrop, Washington, C.C. Wells, L.S. Whipper, J.M. White, J.B. Wilder, D. Williams and D.E. Winstead
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    A Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to Section 22 of Article V of the Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, relating to grand and petit juries so as to authorize the General Assembly to establish a State Grand Jury by General Law; and proposing an amendment to Section 11 of Article I of the Constitution, relating to the requirement that no person may be held to answer for any crime where the punishment exceeds a fine of two hundred dollars or imprisonment for thirty days, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury of the county where the crime has been committed, with certain exceptions so as to provide that nothing contained in the Constitution is deemed to limit or prohibit the establishment by the General Assembly of a State Grand Jury with the authority to return indictments and with that other authority, including procedure, as the General Assembly may provide.
03/25/87House Introduced and read first time HJ-1428
03/25/87House Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-1429
05/21/87House Tabled in committee

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