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H 3551 General Bill, By Wilkins, B.O. Baker, D.M. Beasley, H. Brown, D.M. Bruce, M.D. Burriss, T.M. Burriss, H.H. Clyborne, J.D. Cole, K.S. Corbett, W.N. Cork, R.S. Corning, Fair, H.M. Hallman, Haskins, Hayes, J.C. Hearn, T.E. Huff, Keegan, T.A. Limehouse, Littlejohn, Martin, W.S. McCain, J.T. McElveen, J. Rama, Sharpe, E.W. Simpson, J.W. Tucker, Vaughn, C.C. Wells, J.B. Wilder, D.E. Winstead, S.S. Wofford and D.A. Wright
    A Bill to enact "The Daycare Services Improvement Act"; to amend Section 33-31-180, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to nonprofit corporations and immunity from liability, so as to provide for immunity from liability for directors, trustees, or members of the governing bodies of certain child daycare centers and group daycare homes; to amend Section 33-55-210, as amended, relating to recovery against charitable organizations, so as to include certain child daycare centers and group daycare homes in the definition of "charitable organization"; to provide for a Daycare Joint Underwriting Association; to amend Section 20-7-2730, relating to child daycare facilities, the issuance of a license, and private centers and homes, so as to provide that any person who has been convicted of certain enumerated crimes who applies for employment with, or is employed by, a facility is guilty of a misdemeanor, and to provide a penalty; to amend Section 20-7-2970, relating to penalties against church or religious daycare centers, so as to increase the maximum fine for violating the provisions of Sections 20-7-2910 through 20-7-2970, to amend Section 20-7-3090, relating to penalties for violating certain provisions of the Children's Code, so as to increase the maximum amount of the fine provided for in the Section; to amend the 1976 Code by adding Section 20-7-3095 so as to make it a separate criminal offense, and a felony, for any person to unlawfully commit any of the offenses listed in Chapter 3, Title 16, (Offenses Against the Person), any crime listed in Chapter 15, Title 16, (Offenses Against Morality and Decency), or the crime of contributing to the delinquency of a minor contained in Section 16-17-490 while within a radius of one hundred yards of the grounds of any public or private child daycare facility, and to provide a penalty; to amend Section 16-1-10, as amended, relating to crimes classified as felonies, so as to include the crime in Section 20-7-3095; to amend the 1976 Code by adding Section 12-7-1260 so as to provide a credit for establishing a childcare program for one's employees, and to provide a credit for the same taxpayer in an amount not exceeding fifty percent of the childcare payments made directly to licensed or registered independent childcare facilities in the name of and for the benefit of an employee of the taxpayer, which employee's children are kept at the facility during the employee's working hours; to amend Section 59-19-90, relating to the general powers and duties of school trustees, so as to include the providing of a school-age childcare program or facilities; and to amend the 1976 Code by adding Section 59-19-125 so as to authorize each district board of trustees to lease any school property for a rental which the board considers reasonable or permit the free use of school property for a civic or public purpose or the operation of a school-age childcare program for children aged five through fourteen years that operates before or after the school day, or both, and during periods when school is not in session, if the property is not needed for school purposes.
02/23/89House Introduced and read first time HJ-4
02/23/89House Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works HJ-5
01/23/90House Tabled in committee

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