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H 3629 General Bill, By D.M. Beasley, M.O. Alexander, Alexander, R.L. Altman, Bailey, J.J. Bailey, K.E. Bailey, B.O. Baker, R.A. Barber, Barfield, L.E. Bennett, Boan, G.A. Brown, H. Brown, J. Brown, R.B. Brown, P.M. Burch, T.M. Burriss, Carnell, R.S. Corning, Davenport, J. Faber, Fair, E.M. Fant, T.L. Farr, J.G. Felder, T. Ferguson, S.R. Foster, Glover, B.J. Gordon, J.V. Gregory, H.M. Hallman, J.L. Harris, Harvin, B.H. Harwell, Haskins, Hayes, J.C. Hearn, B.L. Hendricks, J.H. Hodges, T.E. Huff, M.F. Jaskwhich, J.C. Johnson, J.W. Johnson, R.O. Kay, Keegan, H.H. Keyserling, J.R. Klapman, T.A. Limehouse, J.E. Lockemy, S.G. Manly, T.T. Mappus, D.E. Martin, F.E. McBride, D.M. McEachin, J.T. McElveen, A.C. McGinnis, R.N. McLellan, M. McLeod, D.E. McTeer, D.A. Moss, Neilson, J.H. Nesbitt, E.L. Nettles, Phillips, Quinn, J. Rama, Rhoad, J.I. Rogers, T.F. Rogers, I.K. Rudnick, Sharpe, P.E. Short, E.W. Simpson, J.J. Snow, E.C. Stoddard, Townsend, C.Y. Waites, Washington, C.C. Wells, L.S. Whipper, J.M. White, J.B. Wilder, Wilkes, Wilkins, D. Williams, J.B. Williams, D.E. Winstead, S.S. Wofford and D.A. Wright
    A Bill to enact the "Target 2000-School Reform for the Next Decade" Act by amending Section 59-5-65, as amended, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to the power and responsibility of the State Board of Education to establish the minimum standards for student conduct, attendance, and achievement, so as to revise provisions requiring the State Board of Education to implement regulations providing at least one-half day early childhood development programs for four-year old children who have predicted significant readiness deficiencies by making these regulations applicable to all school districts and requiring that special efforts be made to recruit children whose participation is difficult to obtain; to add Section 59-1-451 so as to provide for parent education programs; to amend Section 59-20-40, as amended, relating to determination of annual allocations under the Education Finance Act, so as to provide that not later than the 1990-91 school year, the General Assembly shall appropriate sufficient funds to provide compensatory and remedial programs for all students who fail to meet the statewide minimum standards in reading, writing, and mathematics, to provide that arts education must be considered in the weightings used to provide for the relative cost differences between programs, and to provide for the manner in which funds generated from this arts weighting must be used; to add Article 5 to Chapter 65, Title 59 so as to establish a School Drop-Out Prevention and Recovery Program; to amend Sections 56-1-40, 56-1-50, 56-1-180, and to add Section 56-1-45 so as to prohibit the issuing of drivers' licenses to persons under eighteen years of age who are not high school graduates, who have not earned a G.E.D. certificate, or who do not provide documentation that they are properly enrolled in school and in compliance with attendance requirements, to require the suspension of the driver's licenses of specified students under certain conditions and to provide exceptions; to add Section 59-63-70 so as to provide that the Commission on Higher Education shall implement certain activities designed to encourage young people to consider post-secondary education or training; to amend Section 59-26-20, relating to the duties of the State Board of Education and the Commission on Higher Education, so as to provide that beginning with the 1991-92 school year, students who are pursuing certain college instructional or administrative curriculums shall successfully complete training and development experiences in teaching higher order thinking skills, and shall successfully complete training in methods of making school improvement councils an active and effective force in improving schools; to amend Section 59-26-30, relating to the development of teacher examinations and evaluation instruments by the State Board of Education, so as to further provide for these teacher examinations and evaluation instruments; to add Section 59-31-600 so as to establish certain standards for textbook adoptions; to amend Section 59-29-180, relating to the emphasis on higher order problem solving skills, so as to provide that the State Department of Education shall assist the school districts in the location and development of materials and aids which may be used for these purposes; to add Section 59-1-450 so as to provide that when selecting certain achievement tests for statewide testing, the State Board of Education shall select tests with a sufficient number of items which may be rescored to evaluate the student's higher order thinking skills; to add Section 59-30-110 so as to provide that when test items for the Basic Skills Assessment Program are revised, the State Board of Education shall include test items which may be rescored to evaluate a student's higher order thinking skills; to amend Section 59-3-90, relating to in-service training programs for teachers, so as to include higher order thinking and problem-solving skills in these in-service training programs; to amend Section 59-29-170, relating to programs for talented students, so as to provide that beginning with the 1991-92 school year, all gifted and talented students at the elementary and secondary levels who are not included in state funded advanced placement programs must be provided the programs for talented students contained in this Section; to add Section 59-18-15 so as to provide for the manner in which a school which has received an incentive grant twice during a three-year period must be given the flexibility of receiving an exemption from the requirements of the defined minimum program and from the reporting requirements of the Basic Skills Assessment Program; to amend Section 59-18-20, relating to the competitive grants program for improvement of instruction, so as to also establish a competitive schoolwide innovation grants program; to add Section 59-18-25 so as to establish a "Center for the Advancement of Teaching and School Leadership" at selected public colleges or universities; to add Section 59-25-55 so as to require the South Carolina Center for Teacher Recruitment to establish a program for the purpose of expanding the number of high achieving minority students entering and completing teacher education programs; to add Section 59-18-31 so as to provide that by the 1991-92 school year, the State Board of Education in consultation with the Select Committee shall develop additional criteria which must be used to evaluate the quality of education in the school districts; to add Section 59-18-11 so as to further provide for the criteria schools shall meet in order to qualify for school incentive awards; to add Section 59-6-15 so as to establish the Business-Education Partnership for Excellence in Education and its Business-Education Subcommittee and to provide for their membership, duties, and functions; to amend Section 59-6-20, as amended, relating to the duties of the Governor and State Superintendent of Education and other officials and entities in regard to the South Carolina Education Improvement Act of 1984, and Section 59-6-30 relating to certain assessments and reports concerning the Education Improvement Act, so as to delete references to certain eliminated committees, subcommittees and partnerships, to include in those Sections the duties and responsibilities of the Business-Education Partnership and its Business-Education Subcommittee in regard to the Education Improvement Act, and provide for the requirements of certain funding; to amend Section 59-24-30, relating to the participation of school superintendents and principals in seminars for the improvement of administrative skills and instructional leadership, so as to further provide for these seminars; to amend Section 59-24-50, relating to the development training programs for school administrators, so as to further provide for these training programs; to amend Section 59-24-120, relating to apprenticeship school principal programs, so as to further provide for these programs; to amend Section 59-20-60, as amended, relating to spending priorities under the Education Finance Act, the establishment of school improvement councils, and audits and reports submitted under the Act, so as to provide that elections of members to school improvement councils must occur during the second week in October, and to provide that the information forwarded to the State Department of Education shall also identify at least one member of each school improvement council who shall receive and distribute council-related information to other council members; to add Section 59-1-452 so as to establish a public school employees cost-savings program for the purpose of making cash awards to school district employees for cost saving ideas; to add Section 59-6-16 so as to require the Business-Education Subcommittee to appoint a leadership network of representatives from the private sector and to provide for the functions of the leadership network; to amend Section 59-5-65, as amended, relating to certain powers and responsibilities of the State Board of Education, so as to provide that the State Board of Education shall work with the leadership network established by the Business-Education Subcommittee; and to add Section 59-24-41 so as to provide for certain practices which a principal must demonstrate to receive a minimum satisfactory performance rating beginning with the 1991-92 school year.
03/07/89House Introduced and read first time HJ-7
03/07/89House Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works HJ-12
05/02/89House Committee report: Favorable with amendment Education and Public Works HJ-29
05/17/89House Debate adjourned until Wednesday, May 24, 1989 HJ-5
05/24/89House Debate adjourned until Tuesday, May 30, 1989 HJ-28
05/30/89House Tabled HJ-118

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