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H 4674 General Bill, By Harrison, J.L.M. Cromer, J.L. Harris, Harvin, Jennings, Knotts, Richardson, T.F. Rogers, Seithel, P.H. Thomas and W.J. Young
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    A Bill to amend Section 47-1-10, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to the definition of animal, so as to redefine the term animal and define the words sustenance and shelter; to amend Section 47-1-40, as amended, relating to the ill-treatment of an animal so as to allow for disposition of a person's case, who has allegedly disobeyed this Section, to be heard in either magistrate's or municipal court and to make this Code Section applicable to fowl; to amend Section 47-1-50, as amended, relating to penalties for misuse and abandonment of an animal so as to delete the provision that a person may not knowingly or wilfully authorize or permit an animal to be subjected to unnecessary torture, suffering, or cruelty; to amend Section 47-1-70, as amended, relating to the abandonment of an animal and the definition of the term necessities of life so as to delete the requirement that an animal must be given a supply of clean, fresh, and potable water at least once daily; to amend Section 47-1-90, relating to the transportation of an animal in railroad cars so as to require any company carrying or transporting an animal not to overload the vehicle carrying the animal and to provide that an animal must not be confined in a vehicle for a period longer than twenty-four consecutive hours unless circumstances stated in this Section allow; to amend Section 47-1-100, relating to the care of an animal unloaded during transit so as to make technical changes; to amend Section 57-1-120, relating to the custody of an animal when its keeper is arrested, so as to make this Section inapplicable to persons who are arrested for violating Title 47, Chapter 1; to amend Section 47-1-140, relating to the care of an animal after its custodian's arrest so as to delete the requirement that an animal taken after its custodian's arrest be cared and provided properly for by the person making the arrest until the owner takes custody of the animal and to allow an animal to be seized preceding an arrest pursuant to Section 47-1-150; to amend Section 47-1-150, relating to animal cruelty laws, so as to allow an animal to be held by the South Carolina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or other society involved in the seizure of an animal after its custodian's arrest pending criminal disposition of the case at a facility maintained or contracted by that agency; to amend Section 47-1-170, relating to penalties, fines, and liens assessed upon an animal cruelly used so as to require the convicted owner or person having custody of a cruelly used animal to forfeit ownership of the animal and be responsible for costs incurred as ordered by the sentencing court; and to repeal Section 47-1-30, relating to wilful abuse of horses or other "beasts of burden".
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02/26/96House Introduced and read first time HJ-5
02/26/96House Referred to Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs HJ-6

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