South Carolina Legislature

1981 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1981 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 1 (R655, H2641 of 1980)
--Ballot specifications in primary elections
Act No. 2 (R1, S43)
--Bankruptcy Act, real and personal property of a debtor
Act No. 3 (R5, S44)
--Date of issuance of bond anticipation notes to be used
Act No. 4 (R7, H2121)
--Goose Creek Reservoir to be wildlife refuge
Act No. 5 (R15, H2163)
--Permit a governor to be elected to two successive terms.
Act No. 6 (R16, H2164)
--Interest rates suspended until June 30,1985
Act No. 7 (R20, H2096)
--Coroner to serve notice of hearing
Act No. 8 (R23, H2132)
--Boxing matches
Act No. 9 (R27, S7)
--Salt water-fresh water dividing lines
Act No. 10 (R28, S146)
--Hearings conducted by commissioner
Act No. 11 (R29, S151)
--Payment of brokers premium tax, accounting of the disposition of license fees
Act No. 12 (R31, S161)
--Unlawful acts of registered producers and wholesalers
Act No. 13 (R32, S177)
--Broker to furnish statement and make report to Chief Insurance Commissioner
Act No. 14 (R33, H2038)
--Public service districts authorized to enter into agreements
Act No. 15 (R34, H2350)
--Department of corrections authorized to transfer money
Act No. 16 (R35, H2366)
--Acquisition of major medical equipment
Act No. 17 (R40, H2126)
--Unlawful to hunt deer near residences penalties
Act No. 18 (R41, H2173)
--Speed limit for public school buses transporting handicapped children
Act No. 19 (R42, H2249)
--Bag limit for raccoons in Game Zone penalties
Act No. 20 (R43, H2275)
--Lawful size for gill nets-penalties
Act No. 21 (R44, H2306)
--General Assembly not required to review certain regulations.
Act No. 22 (R45, H2348)
--Income tax deductions for nongame wildlife and natural areas program
Act No. 23 (R47, H2431)
--Point system for hunting and fishing violations
Act No. 24 (R48, H2433)
--Taking or possessing of turkeys illegally
Act No. 25 (R54, S25)
--County, township, school district, municipal and regional libraries
Act No. 26 (R55, S199)
--Parking facilities at the College of Charleston
Act No. 27 (R56, H2125)
--Penalties against employers and insurance carriers, workman's compensation
Act No. 28 (R57, H2165)
--Stock-owned savings and loan associations
Act No. 29 (R58, H2042)
--Certain records to be confidential - penalties
Act No. 30 (R59, H2172)
--State Board of Financial Institutions may promulgate regulations
Act No. 31 (R61, H2407)
--Special purpose districts, powers of
Act No. 32 (R62, S107)
-- South Carolina Retirement System and the Police Officers Retirement System
Act No. 33 (R65, H2189)
--Penalties for illegal distribution and possession of narcotics and controlled substances
Act No. 34 (R66, S150)
--Amount of insurance of applicant
Act No. 35 (R67, S371)
--Registration as physical therapist
Act No. 36 (R69, S237)
--Repealing Section 3 of Act 518 of 1980
Act No. 37 (R70, S149)
--Mortality tables used to determine life expectancy
Act No. 38 (R72, S216)
--Board of Commissioners of the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind
Act No. 39 (R73, S157)
--Exemption from ad valorem taxation
Act No. 40 (R74, S18)
--Compensation amount increased
Act No. 41 (R75, S303)
--License taxes on fishing appliances
Act No. 42 (R77, H2428)
--Transfer or exchange foreign national prisoners
Act No. 43 (R78, H2144)
--Teachers certified under the trades and industrial education certification process
Act No. 44 (R79, H2269)
--License fee for insurance brokers, adjusters and motor vehicle physical damage appraisers
Act No. 45 (R82, H2501)
--Insurance Commissioner authorized to issue policy
Act No. 46 (R83, S272)
--Composition of Agriculture Commission
Act No. 47 (R84, S174)
--Southern Interstate Nuclear Compact
Act No. 48 (R85, S428)
--Procedure for amending the articles of incorporation
Act No. 49 (R86, S219)
--Unlawful to trawl for shrimp during certain hours
Act No. 50 (R87, S41)
--Advanced refunding of bonds of public agencies
Act No. 51 (R88, S168)
--Boats may be used to transport certain persons.
Act No. 52 (R89, S46)
--Retirement system for members of the General Assembly
Act No. 53 (R90, S120)
--Bankruptcy Act, property not exempt from bankruptcy proceedings
Act No. 54 (R91, H2751)
--Lawful to fish for eels
Act No. 55 (R92, H2390)
--Lawful to set nets to catch shad in Game Zone 7
Act No. 56 (R93, 2427)
--Prison goods from other states
Act No. 57 (R94, H2457)
--Establish a South Carolina National Guard Museum and state weapons collection
Act No. 58 (R95, H2543)
--Amounts to be paid upon death of member
Act No. 59 (R96, H2754)
--Tourism Commission created
Act No. 60 (R98, S205)
--Investment tax credit
Act No. 61 (R99, 302)
--Federal Internal Revenue Code sections adopted
Act No. 62 (R101, S327)
--Percentage allowance on manufacturers' personal property
Act No. 63 (R102, S268)
--Hunting with bow and arrow
Act No. 64 (R103, S23)
--Migratory waterfowl stamp
Act No. 65 (R104, S24)
--Hobcaw Point, bird and game sanctuary created
Act No. 66 (R105, S366)
--Video-tape in recording depositions
Act No. 67 (R106, S259)
--Deferred compensation for public employees
Act No. 68 (R108, S472)
--State Employee Grievance Committee
Act No. 69 (R108, S284)
--Exclusions from income
Act No. 70 (R109, S426)
--Forest renewal practices
Act No. 71 (R110, S359)
--Uniform Gift to Minors Act
Act No. 72 (R111, H2557)
--Narcotics and other controlled substances
Act No. 73 (R113, H2434)
--Towing company to notify police
Act No. 74 (R114, H2345)
--Deer hunting in a portion of Lancaster County
Act No. 75 (R115, H2005)
--Signs on highway rights-of-way
Act No. 76 (R116, H2037)
--Malicious injury to animals and personal property
Act No. 77 (R118, H2371)
--Application - fee, to practice podiatry
Act No. 78 (R119, H2672)
--Board of Examiners in Speech Pathology and Audiology
Act No. 79 (R120, H2691)
--Narcotics and controlled substances
Act No. 80 (R11, H2120)
--Period extended for basic skills examination
Act No. 81 (R121, S163)
--Property not considered capital assets for income tax purposes, exception, evergreen trees
Act No. 82 (R123, S106)
--Regulation of the milk and milk products industry
Act No. 83 (R124, S461)
-- Fishing devices
Act No. 84 (R127, S32)
--Voting precincts in Charleston County
Act No. 85 (R128, H2336)
--Visitations by grandparents of children involved in support cases.
Act No. 86 (R129, H2374)
--Uniform Standards Code for Mobile Homes
Act No. 87 (R130, H2465)
--Qualifications of applicants for licenses to practice psychology
Act No. 88 (R131, S438)
--Admissions tax exemptions to boats which charge a fee for pleasure fishing, excursion, sight-seeing and private charter.
Act No. 89 (R133, S193)
--State Board of Nursing
Act No. 90 (R134, S129)
--Classification of property qualifying for the homestead exemption
Act No. 91 (R135, S386)
-- Revenue bond debt limitation of the State Education Assistance Authority
Act No. 92 (R137, S5)
--Trademarks, service marks, model state trademark law
Act No. 93 (R138, H2901)
--Property tax exemptions and reapplication for homestead exemption
Act No. 94 (R139, H2400)
--Hunting and fishing licenses, applications for numbers of motorboats and transfer of motorboat registration and certificates of title to watercraft
Act No. 95 (R140, H2679)
--Liability exemption for donors of food
Act No. 96 (R141, H2690)
--Hazardous waste management
Act No. 97 (R142, H2708)
--Commercial harvesting of shellfish, Georgetown County
Act No. 98 (R144, H2509)
--Declaration and payment of income tax by corporations
Act No. 99 (R147, S196)
--South Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Act No. 100 (R148, S234)
--Probation, Pardon and Parole, board and dept. of, name changed
Act No. 101 (R149, S338)
--Practice of acupuncture permitted
Act No. 102 (R150, S30)
--Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
Act No. 103 (R151, H2511)
--Exclusion from gross income
Act No. 104 (R153, H2791)
--County and city forma marketing centers
Act No. 105 (R155, H2217)
--Blanket bond for deputies
Act No. 106 (R156, H2500)
--Vacation time sharing, definition, violations, licenses, etc.
Act No. 107 (R157, H2777)
--Private employment agencies
Act No. 108 (R158, H2778)
--Unemployment compensation, procedures revised
Act No. 109 (R160, S310)
--Law enforcement officers may be transferred
Act No. 110 (R161, H2297)
--Define jury areas for magistrates courts
Act No. 111 (R162, H2477)
--Lot not accessible to sewer line
Act No. 112 (R163, H2716)
--Regulation of medical laboratories
Act No. 113 (R164, H2764)
--Meetings of stockholders of railroad, street railway, steamboat and canal companies
Act No. 114 (R165, H2765)
--Repeal section, relating to director requirements to be a stockholder in railroad, street railway, steamboat and canal companies
Act No. 115 (R166, H2841)
--Definitions, of improvements used in the Municipal Improvement Act of 1973
Act No. 116 (R167, S194)
--Board of Medical Examiners reauthorized, members, etc.
Act No. 117 (R168, S192)
--State Board of Dentistry reauthorized
Act No. 118 (R169, S480)
--Theft or damage to fishing equipment or catch
Act No. 119 (R170, S425)
--Open season for hunting raccoon and opossum
Act No. 120 (R171, S195)
--State Board of Pharmacy reauthorized
Act No. 121 (R172, S470)
--Increase the number of days a stream may be closed
Act No. 122 (R173, S467)
--Promogulation of regulations to manage and protect fisheries in the Santee River
Act No. 123 (R174, S547)
--Migratory waterfowl stamp, revenue form sale
Act No. 124 (R175, S326)
--Youth Services Act
Act No. 125 (R176, H2463)
--Relating to the SC Building Energy Efficiency Standard Act
Act No. 126 (R178, H2512)
--Qualification of a nontaxable exchange
Act No. 127 (R178, H2678)
--Radioactive waste, transportation of, regulation of
Act No. 128 (R179, H2276)
--Membership of county boxing board increased
Act No. 129 (R180, H2437)
--Regulation of landscape architects, fees
Act No. 130 (R181, H2780)
--Petroleum products redefined, analysts, inspection, etc.
Act No. 131 (R183, 2260)
--Broker shall file with commissioner request for approval of placement
Act No. 132 (R184, H2266)
--Insurance agent's license, commissioner may revoke or suspend license
Act No. 133 (R185, H2387)
--South Carolina Retirement System, nominee of deceased member may elect allowance
Act No. 134 (R186, 313)
--Some rivers system-acquisition of property
Act No. 135 (R187, S323)
--Conservation restrictions and easements
Act No. 136 (R188, S279)
--Real estate license examinations, auctioneers, foresters
Act No. 137 (R189, S241)
--Grading service of the Department of Agriculture
Act No. 138 (R190, 2324)
--Declarations of estimated tax
Act No. 139 (R191, H2392)
--Motor vehicles, window glass
Act No. 140 (R192, H2410)
--Membership of the South Carolina Interagency Council on Public Transportation
Act No. 141 (R193, H2529)
--Sixty-five year old, disabled or legally blind person may use state park without charge
Act No. 142 (R194, H2537)
--Bird and Game Sanctuary established
Act No. 143 (R195, H2578)
--Licenses for barber assistants
Act No. 144 (R198, H2715)
--Emergency medical services, definition, council established, etc.
Act No. 145 (R199, H2843)
--South Carolina State Guard established
Act No. 146 (R203, H2166)
--Business Cooperation Act, Take-over Bid Disclosure Act
Act No. 147 (R207, S292)
--Regulation of dealers in precious metals
Act No. 148 (R209, H2230)
--State Procurement Code
Act No. 149 (R210, S153)
--Comptroller General may deduct contributions
Act No. 150 (R211, S255)
--Local boards of zoning may hear and decide exceptions
Act No. 151 (R212, S570)
--Jury area in Oconee County
Act No. 152 (R214, H2571)
--Military students included in count of full-time equivalent students
Act No. 153 (R217, S324)
--Consolidated district commissions, members, disposition of properties and assets
Act No. 154 (R218, S235)
--Basic skills assessment program, minimum standards
Act No. 155 (R219, S449)
--Shooting preserves, license fees
Act No. 156 (R221, H2686)
--State warehouse system, established provisions
Act No. 157 (R226, H2703)
--Water and sewer, testing, treatment, licensing, plant operators, inspection, etc.
Act No. 158 (R227, H2101)
--Tobacco, assessment, alternate method, referendum notice
Act No. 159 (R228, H2430)
--Revenue from coastal fisheries fines, transmitted to divisions
Act No. 160 (R229, H2496)
--Disposition of hunting and fishing fines
Act No. 161 (R230, H2673)
--Penalties; sale of white perch
Act No. 162 (R231, H2726)
--Low Country Resources, Conservation, and Development Authority; county added
Act No. 163 (R233, S434)
--Business of insurance shall be transacted by authorized agents
Act No. 164 (R235, S314)
--Tax increment financing for redevelopment programs
Act No. 165 (R236, S468)
--Licenses involving commercial fisheries activities
Act No. 166 (R237, H2432)
--Increase the limitation on the sum of money which may be deposited as bail
Act No. 167 (R238, H2538)
--Disposition of fines and penalties imposed and collected by magistrates
Act No. 168 (R239, H2714)
--School district established, purpose of district
Act No. 169 (R240, H2935)
--Terms of office of Commissioners of Public Works
Act No. 170 (R243, H2776)
--Protection of nongame fish
Act No. 171 (R247, H2605)
--Mesh size of gill nets
Act No. 172 (R248, H2629)
--Written reports requirements, Dept. Of Education
Act No. 173 (R249, H2727)
--Reapportionment of the House of Representatives
Act No. 174 (R250, S197)
--Board of Veterinary Medical examiners reauthorized
Act No. 175 (R251, S250)
--Voting precincts in Georgetown County
Act No. 176 (R252, H2554)
--Exempting veterans from reapplying for POW license plates under certain conditions
Act No. 177 (R255, H2758)
--Gas tax
Act No. 178 (R232, H2461)
--Appropriations bill
Act No. 179 (R265, H2608)
--Capital investment bonds
Act No. 180 (R263, S52)
--State Employment Service, operation of
Act No. 181 (R266, H2884)
--Board of Corrections to designate place of confinement
Act No. 182 (R274, H2627)
--Corporations to pay lump-sum benefits
Act No. 183 (R275, H2644)
--Certain vehicles carrying hazardous waste to stop at crossings
Act No. 184 (R97, H2803)
--Area designated bird sanctuary
Act No. 185 (R126, S29)
--Constitutional amendment proposed, relating to elective officers, add Commissioner of Agriculture
Act No. 186 (R246, S529)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Accountancy
Act No. 187 (R152, H2687)
--Approve regulations of the Department of Agriculture
Act No. 188 (R145, H2688)
--Approve regulations of the Department of Agriculture
Act No. 189 (R37, H2409)
--Approve regulations of the Department of Consumer Affairs
Act No. 190 (R125, S415)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Education
Act No. 191 (R244, S569)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Nursing
Act No. 192 (R245, S584)
--Approve regulations of the Department of Social Services
Act No. 193 (R18, H2349)
--Approve regulations of the South Carolina Department of Wildlife and Marine Resources
Act No. 194 (R36, S2399)
--Reauthorization of the existence of the Board of Architectural Examiners
Act No. 195 (R234, S561)
--General Assembly recessed for six days - procedure
Act No. 196 (R68, S160)
--Suspending authorization for county boards of registration to alter boundaries of voting precincts
Act No. 197 (R24, H2295)
--Appropriation for approved accounts of the legislative department.
Act No. 198 (R30, H2351)
--Supplemental appropriation for the ordinary expenses of the Probation, Parole and Pardon Board
Act No. 199 (R205, H3032)
--Comptroller General to honor vouchers
Act No. 200 (R81, H2202)
--Expiration date extended-Joint Underwriting Association
Act No. 201 (R206, H3033)
--Joint resolution, continue applicable provisions and appropriations, positions brought on state payroll, etc.
Act No. 202 (R46, H2357)
--Committee to Consult on Away-From-Reacter Storage established, joint resolution
Act No. 203 (R9, H2114)
--Charter may be restored, Anderson Rescue Squad
Act No. 204 (R3, S103)
--B.L.S. Construction Company, Inc.
Act No. 205 (R26, S172)
--Charter may be restored, Belve
Act No. 206 (R21, H2344)
--Charter may be restored, Buford Swim and Recreation Club, Inc.
Act No. 207 (R22, H2367)
--Charter may be restored, Charlyn, Inc.
Act No. 208 (R53, H2590)
--Charter may be restored, Chesterfield County Rescue Squad Unit No. 6
Act No. 209 (R10, H2118)
--Charter may be restored, Cribb & Company, Inc.
Act No. 210 (R13, H2232)
--Charter may be restored, Elkdom Sportsman Bowl
Act No. 211 (R12, H2218)
--Charter may be restored, Junior Welfare League, Inc. (Rock Hill)
Act No. 212 (R50, H2484)
--Charter may be restored, Memorial Youth Center
Act No. 213 (R4, S133)
--Charter may be restored, Palmetto Fence Company, Inc.
Act No. 214 (R208, S557)
--Charter may be restored, R.E. Butler Realty Company, Inc.
Act No. 215 (R8, H2191)
--Closing of roads in Abbeville County
Act No. 216 (R132, S440)
--Aiken county, school tax millage
Act No. 217 (R261, S592)
--Additional levy authorized, Aiken County Board of Education
Act No. 218 (R49, S345)
--Anderson County, referendum required for increase in tax levy
Act No. 219 (R63, S388)
--Anderson County School District No. 4 bond issue
Act No. 220 (R259, H3124)
--Notice of election, school board trustees in Anderson County
Act No. 221 (R182, H2936)
--Authority transferred to reapportion election districts, Anderson County
Act No. 222 (R60, H2229)
--Whetstone Crossing Crossroads designated, Bamberg County
Act No. 223 (R76, H2300)
--Magistrates in Barnwell County, abolish Hilda mgistrates office
Act No. 224 (R6, H2115)
--Berkeley County Board of Education
Act No. 225 (R215, H3047)
--Tax levy for school purposes in Berkeley County
Act No. 226 (R216, H2862)
--Appropriations for Calhoun County schools
Act No. 227 (R267, H2861)
--Borrowing authorized and tax levy provided, Calhoun County
Act No. 228 (R258, H3113)
--Supplemental appropriation authorized, Calhoun County Museum
Act No. 229 (R197, H3007)
--Tax millage for North Charleston Sewer District
Act No. 230 (R202, H3006)
--Auditor to levy millage for districts and commissions, Charleston County
Act No. 231 (R223, H3008)
--Auditor shall levy millage, Charleston County
Act No. 232 (R213, S88)
--Park and playground commission created, Charleston County
Act No. 233 (R241, H3084)
--Road to be closed, Charleston County
Act No. 234 (R80, H2570)
--Bonding authority increased, Cherokee County
Act No. 235 (R201, H2981)
--Per diem and mileage for members of the board of the Chesterfield County School District
Act No. 236 (R2, S87)
--Appointment of members of Board of Trustees, Clarendon County
Act No. 237 (R38, H2454)
--Board of Trustees may borrow money, Latta School District
Act No. 238 (R39, H2455)
--Auditor of Dillon County to charge certain levies, records to be kept
Act No. 239 (R52, H2488)
--Election of trustees-Florence County, composition of boards, terms, qualifications, etc.
Act No. 240 (R271, S609)
--School district areas consolidated, Florence
Act No. 241 (R257, H2999)
--Creation of Florence County School District No. 5 validated, ratified and confirmed
Act No. 242 (R112, H2782)
--Issuance of bonds authorized, Greenville County School District
Act No. 243 (R222, H2952)
--Trustees of School District of Greenville County-terms and dates of election changed
Act No. 244 (R262, S607)
--Election for school board trustees may be postponed, Greenville
Act No. 245 (R269, S622)
--County Council election districts, Greenville
Act No. 246 (R268, S623)
--School board election districts, Greenville
Act No. 247 (R100, S473)
--Hampton County, may issue bonds-conditions
Act No. 248 (R272, S606)
--County Council election districts, Horry
Act No. 249 (R220, S590)
--Joint resolution, highway named, "W. Bruce Williams Memorial"
Act No. 250 (R122, S417)
--Term of Superintendent, Lancaster County
Act No. 251 (R260, H3107)
--Auditor to levy millage, Laurens County
Act No. 252 (R270, H3180)
--Date of levy of millage change, Laurens County
Act No. 253 (R19, H2401)
--Millage limitation not applicable, Lee County
Act No. 254 (R17, H2368)
--Marion Court Library Commission created
Act No. 255 (R200, H2958)
--Millage levied in Marion County for school purposed
Act No. 256 (R273, H3040)
--Marlboro County School District, creation, election of members, terms, etc.
Act No. 257 (R253, H2883)
--Sheriff's fees and costs, Newberry County
Act No. 258 (R136, S521)
--Magisterial districts in Oconee County
Act No. 259 (R64, S280)
--Road to be closed, Orangeburg County
Act No. 260 (R146, H2930)
--Board of Trustees of School District of Pickens County, composition
Act No. 261 (R154, H2927)
--Annual budget for School District of Pickens County
Act No. 262 (R256, H2912)
--Trustees may receive per diem, Richland County School District
Act No. 263 (R25, S200)
--Membership increased, Spartanburg County Commission for Higher Education
Act No. 264 (R225, H3071)
--Board authorized to borrow, school building purposes, Spartanburg County
Act No. 265 (R117, H2874)
--Holly Springs Volunteer Fire District
Act No. 266 (R224, H3039)
--State highway system, roads closed and removed
Act No. 267 (R143, H2901)
--Special election called to vacancies, Union County Board of School Trustees
Act No. 268 (R159, H2965)
--Composition of Board of Trustees, School Board of York County
Act No. 269 (R242, H3100)
--Auditor to levy tax, school taxes
Act No. 270 (R196, H2991)
--Board of Trustees-election and terms
Act No. 271 (R264, H3172)
--York County School District No. 3, terms of office, election of trustees
Act No. 272 (R254, H3120)
--Single-member election districts for the governing body of York County
Act No. 273 (R204, H2992)
--Special magistrate for York County

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