South Carolina Legislature

1983 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1983 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 1 (R6, H2217)
--Clarks-Hill-Russel Authority of South Carolina
Act No. 2 (R8, S37)
--Amend Chapter 5, Title 56, child restraint systems
Act No. 3 (R149, S341)
--Hunting accident resulting in injury or death
Act No. 4 (R11, H2193)
--Fees paid by constables upon appointment
Act No. 5 (R13, S188)
--Persons fishing for shad, herring, or sturgeon to obtain licenses
Act No. 6 (R15, S36)
--Regulations of home health agencies
Act No. 7 (R16, S187)
--Use of the words
Act No. 8 (R17, H2254)
--Sales tax exemptions
Act No. 9 (R21, H2059)
--Amend Act 163 of 1977, relating to the Education Finance Act of 1977
Act No. 10 (R22, H2028)
--Importation of Water Hyacinth and Hydrilla prohibited
Act No. 11 (R24, H2039)
--Processing nuclear fuel, penalties
Act No. 12 (R25, S157)
--Relating to the duties of members of the South Carolina Windstorm and Hail Underwriting Association
Act No. 13 (R27, S44)
--The licensure of hospice programs and to provide a penalty
Act No. 14 (R29, S180)
--To require any savings and loan association to furnish an indemnity bond
Act No. 15 (R30, S77)
--Revenue bond debt limitation of the State Education Assistance Authority
Act No. 16 (R32, H2339)
--Preservation of student and institutional records upon the merger
Act No. 17 (R35, H2580)
--Designation of voting precincts in Greenville, precincts 15, 23, 53, 54, 76, 77, and 79
Act No. 18 (R36, H2086)
--Exempt motor fuels purchased for state-owned administrative and service vehicles from the motor fuel tax
Act No. 19 (R37, H2223)
--"Cigarette Load"
Act No. 20 (R39, H2340)
--Registration of trucks and similar vehicles
Act No. 21 (R44, H2657)
--Required schedule of payment of income tax withholdings
Act No. 22 (R45, H2311)
--Attachment of coin-operated device licenses
Act No. 23 (R46, H2487)
--Delegate the collection of taxes in the counties to banks or banking institutions
Act No. 24 (R47, H2655)
--Declaration and payment of estimated tax by corporations
Act No. 25 (R5, H2216)
--Elective offices, to add the Commissioner of Agriculture
Act No. 26 (R51, S165)
--The retirement system of the general assembly, and the police officers retirement system
Act No. 27 (R52, S164)
--Police officers retirement,
Act No. 28 (R53, H2287)
--Exempt automobile races
Act No. 29 (R54, H2317)
--Further the powers of the South Carolina State Housing Authority
Act No. 30 (R55, H2402)
--Exempt cast nets and oyster hand grabs
Act No. 31 (R56, H2438)
--Authorizing the State Housing Authority to issue notes and bonds to finance the creation of the Loan to Lender Program, the Insured Indirect Loan Program, the Mortgage Purchase Program and the Construction Loan Program
Act No. 32 (R57, S163)
--Projection for disability retirement with a four percent interest
Act No. 33 (R58, S280)
--Definition of average weekly wages under the Workers' Compensation law
Act No. 34 (R59, H2209)
--Service charges by insurance premium service companies
Act No. 35 (R62, H2558)
--Gowensville Fire District in Greenville and Spartanburg
Act No. 36 (R63, H2736)
--Boll weevil eradication
Act No. 37 (R64, S236)
--Horizontal property regimes
Act No. 38 (R65, H2564)
--Fishing nets near the Winyah Bay jetties
Act No. 39 (R67, H2707)
--Consent of a municipality to work on state highways
Act No. 40 (R69, H2115)
--Certification of animal health technicians
Act No. 41 (R42, H2343)
--Board of examiners for nursing home administrators
Act No. 42 (R70, S255)
--Minimum standard valuations of death benefit certificates for fraternal benefit associations
Act No. 43 (R71, H2141)
--Payment of small sums to minors or incompetents
Act No. 44 (R74, H2033)
--Qualifications and examination of applicants for registration as architects
Act No. 45 (R75, H2398)
--Requirements for licenses and permits for the harvesting of whelks
Act No. 46 (R76, H2400)
--Wholesale seafood dealers and land and sell license requirements
Act No. 47 (R77, H2677)
--Relating to set or channel nets
Act No. 48 (R78, H2739)
--Allison Creek in York county a bird sanctuary
Act No. 49 (R79, H2790)
--Voting precincts in Berkeley County, so as to divide the Russellville precinct
Act No. 50 (R81, H2602)
--Chapter 17 so as to create the South Carolina Research Authority
Act No. 51 (R83, S362)
--Relating to bedding requirements
Act No. 52 (R91, H2401)
--Annual licenses for using commercial fishing equipment from unpowered boats
Act No. 53 (R92, H2727)
--Piedmont Sewer, Light and Fire District of Anderson and Greenville
Act No. 54 (R93, S181)
--South Carolina Pooled Investment Fund
Act No. 55 (R96, S491)
--South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board
Act No. 56 (R97, S250)
--State register and code of regulations and administrative procedures
Act No. 57 (R99, H2371)
--Guide dogs for the blind
Act No. 58 (R101, H2146)
--Beer, ale, porter, and wine, by adding article 10
Act No. 59 (R102, H2412)
--Medical expense insurance policies for continuation of coverage for non-handicapped dependent children of a policyholder
Act No. 60 (R104, S92)
--Unlawfully selling beer or wine to a minor
Act No. 61 (R105, S340)
--Felony or offense against the election laws
Act No. 62 (R106, S249)
--Employment security, contributions and payments in lieu of employment security, benefits and claims for employment security, and protection of rights and benefits
Act No. 63 (R108, S259)
--Require state agencies to encourage an environment that is barrier free to the handicapped
Act No. 64 (R109, S172)
--Full-time health inspectors of commercial hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal
Act No. 65 (R113, H2119)
--Lawfully and regularly organized fire department, certain emergency powers
Act No. 66 (R116, H2908)
--Forestry Commission to borrow an amount not to exceed one million
Act No. 67 (R117, H2255)
--Limitations on the amount of stock
Act No. 68 (R120, H2871)
--State Hospital Construction and Franchising Act
Act No. 69 (R121, H2913)
--Voting precincts in Anderson county
Act No. 70 (R122, H3055)
--Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Technical Education Center
Act No. 71 (R123, S399)
--Septic tank permits issued under the provisions of Title 44
Act No. 72 (R125, S339)
--Definition of handicapped persons and penalties for violation
Act No. 73 (R127, S206)
--Prima facie evidence of fraudulent intent in drawing and uttering checks
Act No. 74 (R129, S246)
--Recipients of the Medal of Honor to park in metered or timed places without being subject to parking fees or fines
Act No. 75 (R130, S80)
--Enforced collection of taxes so as to define lienholders, mobile homes, and modular homes
Act No. 76 (R137, S517)
--State security personnel being under the supervision of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
Act No. 77 (R138, S307)
--Fire, marine, and inland marine and casualty and surety rates, rating organizations
Act No. 78 (R139, S400)
--State capital improvement bonds
Act No. 79 (R140, H2142)
--Definitions concerning handicapped children, so as to redefine
Act No. 80 (R144, H2342)
--South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, membership from nineteen to seventeen members
Act No. 81 (R146, H2901)
--Examination of financial impact on revenues of county
Act No. 82 (R147, H2232)
--Authorize municipalities in the state to create joint municipal water systems
Act No. 83 (R150, S132)
--To create the State Health and Human Services Finance Commission
Act No. 84 (R151, S511)
--Group life insurance coverage of families of employees and members
Act No. 85 (R152, S254)
--Group life insurance coverage of families of employees and members
Act No. 86 (R153, S387)
--Charts referred to for descriptions of lawful shrimp trawling
Act No. 87 (R154, S422)
--Approval required to engage in commercial propagation of pen-raised quail
Act No. 88 (R156, H2113)
--The requirement that transparent glass be used in new motor vehicles
Act No. 89 (R159, H2336)
--Appeals court
Act No. 90 (R161, H2335)
--Appeals court
Act No. 91 (R162, H2185)
--Southeast Interstate Low Level Radio-Active Waste Management Compact
Act No. 92 (R164, S282)
--Exemptions of general contractors from the provisions of the Residential Home Builders Chapter
Act No. 93 (R165, S209)
--Exemptions of general contractors from the provisions of the Residential Home Builders Chapter
Act No. 94 (R167, S242)
--Real estate license fees
Act No. 95 (R168, S109)
--Open and closed seasons for the hunting of game in Game Zone 9 and hunting of raccoon and opossum
Act No. 96 (R169, S75)
--Implementation of a supervised furlough program for certain inmates
Act No. 97 (R170, S392)
--Application of county and municipal zoning ordinances to state, county, and municipal agencies
Act No. 98 (R173, H2143)
--Family courts, so as to remove the present limits on the judge of probate
Act No. 99 (R174, H2327)
--Penalties for trawling violations
Act No. 100 (R175, H2682)
--Community mental health boards
Act No. 101 (R176, H2878)
--Enoree-Lanford fire district created
Act No. 102 (R180, H3133)
--Rusellville and Eadytown precincts
Act No. 103 (R183, H2307)
--Refunds to taxpayers, funds transferred
Act No. 104 (R184, H2483)
--Board of certification of environmental systems operators
Act No. 105 (R185, H2552)
--Derivation clause
Act No. 106 (R186, H2568)
--Gill nets, commercial fishing license
Act No. 107 (R187, H2973)
--Nongame fishing devices
Act No. 108 (R188, H3038)
--Administration of small estates
Act No. 109 (R191, H2918)
--Assessment of property
Act No. 110 (R192, H2919)
--Soft drinks license, fixation of stamps or crowns
Act No. 111 (R193, H2583)
--Child protective services treatment plan
Act No. 112 (R194, H2909)
--State warehouse system and dealers, revenues
Act No. 113 (R196, S210)
--Occupational Health and Safety Board established
Act No. 114 (R198, S194)
Act No. 115 (R200, S380)
--Highway use tax
Act No. 116 (R201, S247)
--Engineers and land surveyors
Act No. 117 (R202, H2757)
--Tax rates on a resident decedent's estate
Act No. 118 (R203, H3407)
--Registration and licensing of motor vehicles and protection of titles to vehicles
Act No. 119 (R204, H3158)
--Precinct lines in Dorchester County
Act No. 120 (R158, H3128)
--Red Bluff Pond in Marlboro county
Act No. 121 (R205, S235)
--Blue Laws
Act No. 122 (R206, S401)
--Legal areas for shrimp trawling
Act No. 123 (R207, S258)
--Prison Overcrowding Powers Act
Act No. 124 (R209, S394)
--Handicapped Bill Of Rights
Act No. 125 (R211, H2869)
--Daily limit on trout
Act No. 126 (R212, H2870)
--Operation Game Thief Program
Act No. 127 (R213, H2986)
--Postdating or altering licenses of the Wildlife and Marine Resources Department
Act No. 128 (R214, H2613)
--Reciprocal licenses and fishing rights
Act No. 129 (R215, H2730)
--Donation of eyes
Act No. 130 (R221, H2096)
--State College Board of Trustees
Act No. 131 (R222, H2868)
--Taking or possession of striped bass
Act No. 132 (R224, H2285)
--State College Board of Trustees, successors to members
Act No. 133 (R229, S234)
--Violations of laws relating to bank deposits
Act No. 134 (R231, S562)
--The franchising of cable television companies
Act No. 135 (R236, S378)
--Denmark Technical College area
Act No. 136 (R238, S104)
--State Board of Medical Examiners, suspension or revocation of licensure
Act No. 137 (R239, S586)
--Location of polling precincts and voting places
Act No. 138 (R240, H2252)
--Proposed new rates by a public utility
Act No. 139 (R242, H2097)
--Fee and cost schedule of clerks of court and registers
Act No. 140 (R244, H3037)
--Jurisdiction and powers of the family court
Act No. 141 (R245, H2263)
--Fiscal impact statement
Act No. 142 (R247, H2250)
--Sentencing guidelines for the circuit courts
Act No. 143 (R248, H2456)
--Community Economic Opportunity Program
Act No. 144 (R249, H2967)
--Penalties for violating any rule of the Executive Committee of DHEC
Act No. 145 (R251, S497)
--Economic Development Fund
Act No. 146 (R255, H2503)
--Embalmers and funeral directors
Act No. 147 (R256, H3082)
--Voting precincts in Fairfield County
Act No. 148 (R257, S615)
--Charleston Precinct 16
Act No. 149 (R260, H2836)
--South Lynches Fire District
Act No. 150 (R262, S218)
--Summons for jury duty by first class mail
Act No. 151 (R241, H2911)
--Appropriations for fiscal year beginning July 1, 1983
Act No. 152 (R160, H2330)
--Appeals Court
Act No. 153 (R28, S237)
--State Board of Social Worker Registration, regulations
Act No. 154 (R38, H2301)
--Regulations of the Aeronautics Commission
Act No. 155 (R60, H2578)
--Regulations of the Board of Dentistry
Act No. 156 (R66, H2679)
--Air pollution control
Act No. 157 (R82, S346)
--DHEC, regulations rendering plants for inedibles
Act No. 158 (R84, S398)
--DHEC, regulations relating to bedding
Act No. 159 (R85, S348)
--DHEC, food service establishments
Act No. 160 (R86, S285)
--Regulations of the Board of Nursing
Act No. 161 (R87, S345)
--DHEC, Bus stations
Act No. 162 (R88, S429)
--DHEC, levels of certification
Act No. 163 (R89, S347)
--DHEC, food service worker's license
Act No. 164 (R107, S514)
--Board of Dentistry, election of board member
Act No. 165 (R110, S456)
--Control of mosquito production
Act No. 166 (R111, S515)
--DHEC, sanitation of jails
Act No. 167 (R124, S455)
--Barrier free design
Act No. 168 (R132, S309)
--Regulations of the Industrial Commission
Act No. 169 (R133, S373)
--Regulations of the Department of Labor
Act No. 170 (R135, S532)
--Deaf and the blind
Act No. 171 (R155, S551)
--Teacher education and certification
Act No. 172 (R179, H3126)
--Regulations, warehouse system and dealers
Act No. 173 (R182, H3141)
--Department of Agriculture, grain grading
Act No. 174 (R190, H3111)
--DHEC, underground injection control
Act No. 175 (R197, S539)
--Chemical abuse treatment centers
Act No. 176 (R210, S374)
--Child Labor
Act No. 177 (R216, H3081)
--Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
Act No. 178 (R217, H3085)
--Health care utilization
Act No. 179 (R218, H3086)
--Air pollution control regulation and standards
Act No. 180 (R219, H3155)
--Speech Pathology and Audiology, Board of Examiners
Act No. 181 (R220, H3156)
--Board of Examiners for nursing home administrators
Act No. 182 (R225, H3084)
--DHEC, public swimming pools
Act No. 183 (R227, S573)
--No wake zone, Wappoo Creek
Act No. 184 (R228, S571)
--No wake zone, Goose Creek
Act No. 185 (R230, S574)
--Modifying hunting season, game management areas
Act No. 186 (R232, S572)
--No wake zone, Black River
Act No. 187 (R2, H2076)
--Homestead taxes, 1982 tax year
Act No. 188 (R119, H2837)
--Exemption of property, extended until July 1, 1983
Act No. 189 (R126, S490)
--Renewed agricultural tax assessments
Act No. 190 (R208, S323)
--Exemption of property, extended until July 1, 1983
Act No. 191 (R223, H3040)
--Capital Improvement Bonds
Act No. 192 (R145, H3029)
--School missed due to inclement weather
Act No. 193 (R9, S81)
--The enlargement of Memorial Stadium at Clemson
Act No. 194 (R199, S474)
--$8,500,000 Clemson University Stadium note
Act No. 195 (R31, S267)
--Employment Security Commission, building, facilities
Act No. 196 (R43, H2332)
--Department of Mental Health, transfer of funds
Act No. 197 (R48, H2656)
--Patriot's Point development fund
Act No. 198 (R115, H2549)
--Minimum flow levels for streams and watercourses
Act No. 199 (R134, S369)
--Medical malpractice liability insurance
Act No. 200 (R136, S538)
--Tax commission appropriations
Act No. 201 (R143, H2912)
--Authorizing short-term, interest-bearing notes to certain state departments by the State Treasurer
Act No. 202 (R26, S266)
--Employment Security Commission, miscellaneous repairs, alterations
Act No. 203 (R1, S107)
--Charter of the Palmetto Council
Act No. 204 (R4, H2231)
--Charter of Hartsville area Council for Mentally Retarded
Act No. 205 (R7, S176)
--Charter of Walterboro swimming pool
Act No. 206 (R19, H2274)
--Charter of Veterans of Foreign Wars
Act No. 207 (R23, H2345)
--Charter of Smith-Graves post no. 92, American Legion
Act No. 208 (R90, S486)
--Charter of Pinewood Chamber of Commerce
Act No. 209 (R94, S459)
--Charter of Windsor Shopping Center
Act No. 210 (R95, S426)
--Charter of Holiday Travel Agency
Act No. 211 (R131, S529)
--Charter of South Carolina Agri-Development
Act No. 212 (R148, S559)
--Charter of Lynn's Meat and Produce Processing Company
Act No. 213 (R181, H3140)
--Charter of Ventura Villas Recreation Association
Act No. 214 (R253, S614)
--Charter of Defender Corporation of Marlboro County
Act No. 215 (R259, H3177)
--Charter of Anderson Defender Corporation
Act No. 216 (R12, H2353)
--Aiken County Election Commission Referendum
Act No. 217 (R80, H2940)
--Act to repeal Act 935 of 1956
Act No. 218 (R141, H3056)
--Expenses of certain political subdivisions, agencies, and commissions in Charleston
Act No. 219 (R10, H2085)
--County lines of Charleston and Berkeley counties
Act No. 220 (R142, H3092)
--expenses for the James Island Public Service District
Act No. 221 (R157, H3074)
--St. Johns Fire District, auditor to levy millage
Act No. 222 (R49, S113)
--Clarendon County Aeronautics Commission
Act No. 223 (R250, H3168)
--Mauldin Perrin Home in Greenwood County, Greenwood Museum Commission
Act No. 224 (R68, H2822)
--Lexington County Hospital, legal residents of another county
Act No. 225 (R128, S493)
--Aiken County Board of Education to levy
Act No. 226 (R223, S578)
--Anderson County Board of Education to increase tax levy
Act No. 227 (R118, H2818)
--Boards of trustees of the school districts of Anderson
Act No. 228 (R33, H2437)
--Boundaries of school districts of Anderson, Pickens
Act No. 229 (R246, H3167)
--Taxes for school purposes in Berkeley County
Act No. 230 (R172, H2054)
--Charleston County School District, Board of Trustees meetings
Act No. 231 (R103, H3039)
--Board of Trustees of Cooper River School District 4
Act No. 232 (R177, H3049)
--Board of Trustees members of School District No. 1 in Clarendon
Act No. 233 (R20, H2348)
--Board of Trustees of Latta School Dist. 3, Dillon
Act No. 234 (R18, H2242)
--Bonds sold by any school district in Dillon
Act No. 235 (R226, H3164)
--Dillon County fiscal year beginning July 1, 1983, taxes for school
Act No. 236 (R243, H3036)
--Roofs of Brockington Elementary and Timmonsville High
Act No. 237 (R14, S160)
--Georgetown County Board of Education
Act No. 238 (R163, H3123)
--Trustees of the School District of Greenville County to levy
Act No. 239 (R98, S492)
--Budget for the operation of the schools in Horry County
Act No. 240 (R100, H2789)
--Amend Act 601 of 1971, Jasper County Board of Education
Act No. 241 (R195, H2776)
--Amend Act 171 of 1967, school districts of Laurens County
Act No. 242 (R171, H3132)
--Children eligible to attend school, Lexington County
Act No. 243 (R261, S608)
--Boundary line, Districts One and Two in Lexington
Act No. 244 (R237, S582)
--Millage to be levied in Marion County for school purposes
Act No. 245 (R112, H2788)
--Orangeburg County School District budget
Act No. 246 (R114, H3035)
--School taxes in York County
Act No. 247 (R16, S575)
--Additional magistrate for Florence County
Act No. 248 (R258, H3179)
--Special magistrate for McCormick County
Act No. 249 (R34, H2569)
--Two magistrates for Saluda County
Act No. 250 (R41, H2532)
--Road number 744 in the town of Cheraw
Act No. 251 (R61, H2595)
--Pine Street in Pageland in Chesterfield County
Act No. 252 (R178, H3114)
--Third Street, Avenue C, Avenue B, in Darlington County
Act No. 253 (R40, H2439)
--Knightsville Methodist Church loop, Dorchester
Act No. 254 (R50, S275)
--Roads-30-854 in Laurens County
Act No. 255 (R252, S612)
--Roads-30-287 in Laurens, revert to Floyd's
Act No. 256 (R3, H2243)
--"The Carolina Chili Challenge"
Act No. 257 (R263, S119)
--Reapportionment, Senate

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