South Carolina Legislature

1985 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1985 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 1 (R3, S55)
--Preparation of the jury box
Act No. 2 (R4, S67)
--Commissions for executors and administrators
Act No. 3 (R6, S159)
--Tax Commission may declare churches etc. exempt from ad valorem taxation
Act No. 4 (R7, S88)
--License fees and terms for insurance premium service companies
Act No. 5 (R8, S91)
--Levy of the accommodations tax, rental units
Act No. 6 (R9, H2071)
--Amendment and revision of constitution, general election years 1986 and 1988
Act No. 7 (R10, H2072)
--Restriction against the pledge or loan of public credit for private purposes
Act No. 8 (R11, H2073)
--Judicial Department, rules governing practice and procedures in all courts
Act No. 9 (R12, H2074)
--Appeals court
Act No. 10 (R14, H2067)
--Spending limitation
Act No. 11 (R20, H2076)
--Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 1976
Act No. 12 (R21, H2291)
--Brandon Precinct 75, Greenville County
Act No. 13 (R23, S226)
--Boll weevil eradication
Act No. 14 (R24, S49)
--Notarial acts out of state
Act No. 15 (R25, S61)
--South Carolina Bank Holding Act
Act No. 16 (R26, H2022)
--Minors and incompetents, 1000 dollars
Act No. 17 (R27, H2262)
--Conservation officers to issue warning tickets
Act No. 18 (R29, H2010)
--Tax Commission, rental property, listings
Act No. 19 (R30, H2070)
--Ad valorem tax exemption for municipal governing bodies
Act No. 20 (R240, S658)
--Define voting precincts in Richland County
Act No. 21 (R33, H2156)
--Jobs tax credit, eligibility for service related industries
Act No. 22 (R34, H2257)
--Deerfield Plantation in Horry County a bird sanctuary
Act No. 23 (R36, H2273)
--Bird and game sanctuary in Heritage Lakes area of Greenville County
Act No. 24 (R37, H2452)
--Voting precincts in Union County
Act No. 25 (R155, S530)
--Penalties for violations of nongame and endangered species statutes and regulations
Act No. 26 (R39, H2043)
--Motor carriers to comply with safety requirements
Act No. 27 (R43, S124)
--Persons who may draw jurors
Act No. 28 (R44, H2107)
--Registration of dogs, tatooes
Act No. 29 (R45, H2233)
--Examination of insurance reserve funds
Act No. 30 (R47, H2348)
--Open and closed seasons for Atlantic sturgeon
Act No. 31 (R50, H2403)
--Boykin Spaniel, State dog
Act No. 32 (R52, S314)
--Highlands of Fripp Island Bird Sanctuary
Act No. 33 (R53, H2007)
--Cutting or destroying timber
Act No. 34 (R54, H2025)
--Unlawful purchase or possesion of liquor by a minor
Act No. 35 (R55, H2080)
--John de la Howe School trustees
Act No. 36 (R56, H2345)
--South Carolina Heritage Trust Program
Act No. 37 (R58, H2136)
--Service charges by insurance premium service companies
Act No. 38 (R59, H2213)
--Chief of Staff, Air National Guard
Act No. 39 (R60, H2606)
--Gill nets for taking shad
Act No. 40 (R62, S348)
--Licensing of motor vehicles and ad valorem taxes thereon
Act No. 41 (R63, S113)
--Voting places and precincts in Sumter
Act No. 42 (R67, H2039)
--General exemptions from property taxes
Act No. 43 (R69, H2517)
--Retirement system for judges and solicitors
Act No. 44 (R70, H2028)
--Law suits involving the state and state agencies
Act No. 45 (R72, H2069)
--Governor's power to declare Christmas Eve a holiday
Act No. 46 (R74, H2075)
--Banker's banks
Act No. 47 (Rh2409, H2409)
--Titling watercraft
Act No. 48 (R79, H2255)
--Abandoned apple and peach trees
Act No. 49 (R80, H2407)
--Hearings and applications for mining permits
Act No. 50 (R81, H2540)
--Qualifications and terms of office of family court judges
Act No. 51 (R82, H2678)
--Gizzard shad, threadfin shad, and herring in the Santee
Act No. 52 (R83, H2684)
--Marion DuPont Scott Memorial Act
Act No. 53 (R84, H2174)
--Church and parsonage tax exemption
Act No. 54 (R86, H2499)
--Limits for taking shrimp by seines
Act No. 55 (R87, H2522)
--Municipal or county housing payment
Act No. 56 (R88, H2546)
--Venue for actions for divorce
Act No. 57 (R90, H2581)
--Reciprocal agreements with Georgia
Act No. 58 (R91, H2609)
--Use of sick or annual leave
Act No. 59 (R92, H2610)
--Controlled substances
Act No. 60 (R93, H2613)
--Penalties for violations of shrimp trawling provisions
Act No. 61 (R94, H2643)
--Use of nongame fishing devices, trotlines in Jefferies Creek
Act No. 62 (R95, H2033)
--State Commissioner of Mental Health
Act No. 63 (R96, H2243)
--Drought response act
Act No. 64 (R102, S213)
--Additional members of county aviation commissions
Act No. 65 (R103, H2042)
--Term of office for school trustees
Act No. 66 (R104, H2331)
--Discrimination in the rates and benefits of accident and health insurance policies
Act No. 67 (R105, H2334)
--Maximum fine penalty for conviction for shoplifting
Act No. 68 (R106, H2360)
--Hunting of anterless deer, penalties for violations
Act No. 69 (R107, H2558)
--Obtaining payments from absent parents
Act No. 70 (R108, H2654)
--Certificates of eligibility and conditions of eligibility for public aid and assistance
Act No. 71 (R109, H2689)
--Designation of voting precincts in Greenville County
Act No. 72 (R113, S400)
--Annual corporate license tax, ten to fifteen dollars
Act No. 73 (R114, S311)
--Police officers retirement system
Act No. 74 (R115, S309)
--Retirement system for General Assembly, police officers
Act No. 75 (R117, S422)
--Designation of voting precincts in Florence County
Act No. 76 (R118, S310)
--Police officers retirement, maternity leave
Act No. 77 (R119, S263)
--Clark's Hill-Russell Authority
Act No. 78 (R120, S137)
--Definitions contained in the Hospital Revue Bond Act
Act No. 79 (R121, S243)
--Bonding requirements of oil companies and suppliers
Act No. 80 (R123, S375)
--License and fees for private detective and security agencies
Act No. 81 (R124, S547)
--Transportation of bodies dead of dangerous, contagious, or infectious disease
Act No. 82 (R125, S4)
--Requirement for written consent to adoptions
Act No. 83 (R126, S467)
--Definition of wages, income derived from tips
Act No. 84 (R127, S125)
--Code of Military Justice
Act No. 85 (R128, S278)
--Property in a premises of persons other than the tenant being subject to rent distress proceedings
Act No. 86 (R130, S74)
--Sundays and prohibited acts on Sundays
Act No. 87 (R131, H2154)
--False information to law enforcement officers
Act No. 88 (R132, H2463)
--Change references to Game Zone No.6 to Game Zone No.11
Act No. 89 (R133, H2841)
--Voting precincts in Beaufort County
Act No. 90 (R134, H2244)
--Regulation of interbasin transfers of water
Act No. 91 (R135, H2346)
--Determinations concerning encroachments over state-owned lands of natural or cultural significance
Act No. 92 (R137, S223)
--Searches for illegal liquor by law enforcement officers
Act No. 93 (R138, S128)
--General provisions concerning physicians, surgeons, and osteopaths
Act No. 94 (R139, H2885)
--Voting precincts in Pickens County
Act No. 95 (R140, S372)
--Periodic review of state agencies prior to their termination or reauthorization
Act No. 96 (R141, S494)
--Voting precincts in Spartanburg County
Act No. 97 (R142, S539)
--Reports by the Attorney General to the General Assembly
Act No. 98 (R143, S321)
--Act to create a missing person information center
Act No. 99 (R144, S374)
--Polygraph Examiners Act
Act No. 100 (R145, S586)
--Rules of civil procedure promulgated by the Supreme Court
Act No. 101 (R146, S351)
--Income tax federal conforming amendments
Act No. 102 (R147, S315)
--Commission on Archives and History
Act No. 103 (R148, H2061)
--South Carolina Elevator Code
Act No. 104 (R149, H2120)
--Punishment for murder
Act No. 105 (R153, H2910)
--Court of Appeals sitting en banc
Act No. 106 (R154, S527)
--Pretrial intervention program
Act No. 107 (R156, S588)
--Length of instructional day for elementary and secondary students
Act No. 108 (R157, S229)
--Confidential library records
Act No. 109 (R158, H2712)
--School disrict expenditures
Act No. 110 (R159, H2164)
--Public assistance funds
Act No. 111 (R160, H2176)
--Modular Buildings Construction Act
Act No. 112 (R163, H2515)
--Motor vehicles exempt from Public Service Commission regulations
Act No. 113 (R165, H2563)
--Tax refunds to taxpayers, support payments from absent parents
Act No. 114 (R166, H2576)
--Dual office holding and compensation for county council members
Act No. 115 (R167, H2612)
--Closed seasons and size limit
Act No. 116 (R170, H2743)
--Revenue bond debt limitation of the State Education Assistance Authority
Act No. 117 (R171, H2261)
--Sale of beer and wine to minors, permit to be posted, penalties
Act No. 118 (R177, S417)
--Bill of rights for residents of long-term care facilities
Act No. 119 (R179, S587)
--Regulation of engineers and land surveyors
Act No. 120 (R183, S199)
--Abolition of tenancy by curtesey, as to abolish dower and jointure
Act No. 121 (R185, S583)
--Regulation of consumer rental-purchase agreements
Act No. 122 (R186, S513)
--Jurisdiction of the magistrate courts
Act No. 123 (R187, S385)
--Registers of mesne conveyances
Act No. 124 (R188, S490)
--South Carolina Savings Association Act
Act No. 125 (R189, H2159)
--Auctioneers' commission to employ an executive director
Act No. 126 (R190, H2917)
--Voting precincts and polling places in Lexington County
Act No. 127 (R193, S350)
--Property and liability insurance
Act No. 128 (R194, S491)
--Bank service charges
Act No. 129 (R195, S92)
--Ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles
Act No. 130 (R196, S161)
--Election Law Study Committee
Act No. 131 (R197, S411)
--Group accident and health insurance coverage
Act No. 132 (R199, S220)
--Assessment ratios for purposes of ad valorem taxation
Act No. 133 (R200, S413)
--Insurance administrators of insurance benefit plans
Act No. 134 (R202, S130)
--State Boxing Commission, control over wrestling and boxing
Act No. 135 (R204, S616)
--Voting precincts in Sumter County
Act No. 136 (R205, S156)
--General provisions concerning physicians, surgeons, and osteopaths
Act No. 137 (R206, S234)
--Multiple employer self-insured health plans
Act No. 138 (R208, S429)
--Sales tax exemptions
Act No. 139 (R209, H2601)
--Consumer finance, the Consumer Protection Code, and insurance
Act No. 140 (R210, H2289)
--Cleanup or closure of a hazardous waste site
Act No. 141 (R211, H2186)
--Waterfowl refuge in the Lake Dogwood area of Richland County
Act No. 142 (R212, H2108)
--Leash law
Act No. 143 (R213, H2831)
--Illicit traffic in controlled and counterfeit substances
Act No. 144 (R214, H2850)
--Field trials in Game Zone No. 9
Act No. 145 (R219, S89)
--Insufficient automobile insurance marketing outlets
Act No. 146 (R221, S205)
--Children born of incarcerated mothers
Act No. 147 (R222, S346)
--Temporary master haircare license
Act No. 148 (R226, S529)
--Regulation of trapping furbearing animals
Act No. 149 (R228, H2887)
--The South Carolina Private Personnel Placement Services Act
Act No. 150 (R229, H3002)
--Voting precincts in Orangeburg County
Act No. 151 (R231, H2726)
--Public Railways Commission
Act No. 152 (R234, S414)
--Ad valorem property tax exemptions
Act No. 153 (R235, S303)
--First mortgage real estate loans
Act No. 154 (R237, S546)
--Tax refunds, employment security contributions and payments
Act No. 155 (R238, S342)
--Inheritance by or from illegitimates
Act No. 156 (R239, S584)
--State Board of Registration for Foresters
Act No. 157 (R242, S1)
--Release of information by adoption agencies
Act No. 158 (R243, S162)
--Uniform traffic tickets
Act No. 159 (R244, S258)
--Crimes of burglary
Act No. 160 (R245, S633)
--Certified copies of veterans' discharge papers
Act No. 161 (R247, S632)
--Ad valorem property tax exemptions
Act No. 162 (R250, S485)
--Stationary or fixed nets
Act No. 163 (R251, S36)
--Fees and commissions of sheriffs
Act No. 164 (R252, S606)
--Motor vehicle inspection
Act No. 165 (R253, S45)
--Enact the Physical Fitness Services Act
Act No. 166 (R254, S397)
--Collection of delinquent taxes
Act No. 167 (R255, S163)
--Organized rescue squads and volunteer fire departments to solicit funds from motorists within a municipality
Act No. 168 (R256, S590)
--Leases of shellfish bottoms
Act No. 169 (R257, S246)
--Exempt operations of municipal utilities and regional transportation authorities from Public Service Commission regulation
Act No. 170 (R258, S696)
--Appointment of magistrates and their terms of office
Act No. 171 (R260, H2308)
--Auctions and auctioneers
Act No. 172 (R261, H2635)
--Permits for wastewater treatment plants
Act No. 173 (R262, H2673)
--Advisory supervision by the State Board of Education of the State Educational Television Commission
Act No. 174 (R263, H2694)
--Definition of "employee" in the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Law
Act No. 175 (R264, H2744)
--Police Officers' Retirement System
Act No. 176 (R265, H2824)
--Gross receipts by a person in a business for which a privilege tax is required
Act No. 177 (R271, H2344)
--Chiropractors and chiropractic and related matters
Act No. 178 (R272, H2435)
--South Carolina State Library
Act No. 179 (R273, H2811)
--Examination of records and equipment of a vendor of tangible personal property
Act No. 180 (R274, H2871)
--Penalty for an insurance carrier that fails to file a report of insurance coverage
Act No. 181 (R277, H2945)
--Voting precincts in Horry County
Act No. 182 (R279, H2991)
--Service area of the Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority
Act No. 183 (R281, H2417)
--Seasons for the hunting of game in Game Zone No. 4
Act No. 184 (R282, H2545)
--Counties or municipalities prohibited from regulating rent
Act No. 185 (R283, H2810)
--Penalty on a business for which a privilege tax is imposed
Act No. 186 (R284, H2830)
--Medical and dental loans
Act No. 187 (R285, H2936)
--Grounds for revocation, suspension, or other restriction of the license of a registered or practical nurse
Act No. 188 (R286, H2501)
--Maintenance of fire protection sprinkler systems
Act No. 189 (R287, H2383)
--Insurance, bail bondsmen and runners
Act No. 190 (R288, H2464)
--State Register and Code of Regulations, state agencies drafting period
Act No. 191 (R289, H2516)
--Professional Counselor, Associate Counselor, and Marital and Family Therapist Licensing Act
Act No. 192 (R290, H2560)
--Interstate income to enforce support obligations act
Act No. 193 (R291, H2889)
--Voting precincts in Jasper County
Act No. 194 (R292, H3009)
--Commissioners of Pilotage and Board of Examiners for the Port of Charleston
Act No. 195 (R295, H2561)
--Payment of child support or spousal support obligations
Act No. 196 (R296, H2858)
--Industrial development projects and definitions
Act No. 197 (R297, H2263)
--Penalties for convictions involving taking and possessing more than the limit of game fish
Act No. 198 (R298, H2431)
--Scrapped, abandoned, destroyed, or salvage vehicles
Act No. 199 (R300, H2307)
--Loads that extend more than four feet beyond the rear of a vehicle be required to display a flag or lamp
Act No. 200 (R301, H2395)
--Liquefied petroleum gases
Act No. 201 (R232, H2640)
--Appropriations for fiscal year beginning July 1, 1985
Act No. 202 (R241, S572)
--Jury areas for magistrates' courts
Act No. 203 (R162, H2437)
--Uniform term of office for all magistrates
Act No. 204 (R71, H2470)
--General permanent statutory law of the state
Act No. 205 (R5, S176)
--Allocation of state ceiling on issuance of private activity bonds
Act No. 206 (R22, S227)
--Clemson University, relating to boll weevil eradication
Act No. 207 (R35, H2272)
--Board of Examiners in Optometry
Act No. 208 (R38, S233)
--Mortgages on real estate and alternative mortgage consumer loans
Act No. 209 (R48, H2382)
--Operation and maintenance of funeral establishments
Act No. 210 (R65, S357)
--Administration of the Modular Building Construction Act
Act No. 211 (R73, H2611)
--Regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to barrier free design
Act No. 212 (R76, H2547)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, communicable diseases
Act No. 213 (R77, H2548)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, hotel and motel sanitation
Act No. 214 (R89, H2550)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, air pollution control
Act No. 215 (R98, S415)
--Regulations of the Board of Certification of Environmental Systems Operators, relating to fees
Act No. 216 (R99, S416)
--Regulations of the Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, exemptions from licensure
Act No. 217 (R101, S358)
--Regulations of the Boxing Commission, conduct of boxing and sparring exhibitions
Act No. 218 (R129, S468)
--Regulations of the Board of Architectural Examiners, practice of architecture
Act No. 219 (R150, H2478)
--Regulations of the State Health and Human Services Finance Commission, nondiscriminatory practices
Act No. 220 (R164, H2551)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, underground storage tank control
Act No. 221 (R178, S446)
--Regulations of the South Carolina Tax Commission, sales tax on newsprint paper
Act No. 222 (R180, S383)
--Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to stream classifications, Beaufort County
Act No. 223 (R181, S382)
--Forestry Commission, relating to hunting and fishing on the Forestry Commission's Niederhof Seed Orchard in Jasper County
Act No. 224 (R198, S451)
--Regulations of the Land Resources Conservation Commission, erosion and sediment reduction and stormwater management
Act No. 225 (R248, S624)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, well standards
Act No. 226 (R266, H2924)
--Department of Mental Health, relating to searches of persons and vehicles
Act No. 227 (R267, H2977)
--Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to water classifications and standards
Act No. 228 (R275, H2899)
--Regulations of the Auctioneers' Commission, supervisors of apprentices
Act No. 229 (R276, H2926)
--Department of Mental Health, relating to notice of contraband
Act No. 230 (R278, H2966)
--Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to controlled substances
Act No. 231 (R280, H3007)
--Jobs-Economic Development Authority, relating to loan eligibility
Act No. 232 (R100, S493)
--Capital improvement bond bill during the 1985 session
Act No. 233 (R233, S160)
--Observance of the bicentennial of the United States Constitution in South Carolina
Act No. 234 (R40, S22)
--Allow a sales tax credit for retailers reporting sales pursuant to the method allowed for conditional sales contracts
Act No. 235 (R225, S659)
--Extend the deadline for making written application for homestead exemption to June fifteenth
Act No. 236 (R32, H2081)
--Bonds for the acquisition of student housing facilities at Winthrop
Act No. 237 (R64, S393)
--Construction and equipping of a seafood industrial port may be used to construct or acquire related facilities to support the proposed activities of the port
Act No. 238 (R136, H2362)
--Report required to be given to the General Assembly by the Reorganization Commission
Act No. 239 (R31, H2079)
--Increase the limit on blueback herring and gizzard shad in in Lake Moultrie and the Tailrace Canal
Act No. 240 (R15, H2065)
--Restore the charter of Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach, Inc.
Act No. 241 (R16, H2066)
--Restore the charter of Clarence A. Dunning Post No. 21 of the American Legion
Act No. 242 (R17, H2143)
--Restore the charter of Starlingsong, Inc.
Act No. 243 (R18, H2202)
--Restore the charter of West Side Water Company, Inc.
Act No. 244 (R41, S232)
--Restore the charter of James M. Sessions, Inc.
Act No. 245 (R42, S292)
--Restore the charter of Putnam Tire Service, Inc.
Act No. 246 (R49, H2387)
--Restore the charter of Hopewell Cemetery Association, Inc.
Act No. 247 (R78, H2623)
--Restore the charter of Palmetto Industries, Inc.
Act No. 248 (R85, H2236)
--Restore the charter of Carver Apartments, Inc.
Act No. 249 (R169, H2739)
--Restore the charter of Fro-Mat, Inc.
Act No. 250 (R175, S544)
--Restore the charter of the South Carolina Morticians Association
Act No. 251 (R216, H2965)
--Restore the charter of Stono Investments, Inc.
Act No. 252 (R218, H2987)
--Restore the charter of Foxworth, Inc.
Act No. 253 (R246, S674)
--Restore the charter of Bi Rite Food Stores, Inc.
Act No. 254 (R182, S625)
--Number of magistrates in Aiken County
Act No. 255 (R19, H2206)
--Areas of School District No. 1 in Anderson County
Act No. 256 (R161, H2371)
--Piedmont Sewer, Light and Fire District of Anderson and Greenville counties
Act No. 257 (R176, S608)
--Beaufort County Higher Education Commission
Act No. 258 (R217, H2967)
--Levy of taxes for general school purposes and for school bond purposes in Berkeley County
Act No. 259 (R28, H2288)
--Funds to pay appropriations for Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
Act No. 260 (R68, H2276)
--Transfer authority to limit and levy school taxes in Calhoun County from the legislative delegation and General Assembly to the governing body of the county
Act No. 261 (R191, H2624)
--Additional magistrate for Calhoun County
Act No. 262 (R294, H2934)
--School district of Calhoun County, power and duty to operate a food services program
Act No. 263 (R174, H2758)
--Establishment of the Charleston County Park, Recreation, and Tourist District
Act No. 264 (R299, H3031)
--Tax millage to be levied in Charleston County for fiscal year 1985-86
Act No. 265 (R152, H2909)
--Relating to the election of certain public officials of Chester County
Act No. 266 (R270, H3014)
--Levy of taxes for school purposes in Dillon County
Act No. 267 (R201, S421)
--Annexing a portion of Charleston County to Dorchester County
Act No. 268 (R227, S305)
--School districts in Dorchester County may not be consolidated except upon petition of the board of trustees
Act No. 269 (R230, H2622)
--Authorize the boards of trustees of all school districts in Dorchester County to prepare budgets
Act No. 270 (R215, H2949)
--System of county government for Edgefield County
Act No. 271 (R220, S661)
--Areas and boundaries for school districts in Florence County
Act No. 272 (R203, S639)
--Murrell's Inlet-Garden City Fire District in Georgetown and Horry counties to impose impact fees on buildings under construction
Act No. 273 (R46, H2260)
--Slater-Marietta Fire District in Greenville County
Act No. 274 (R110, H2690)
--Revising the dates for election of members of the Board of Trustees of the School District of Greenville County
Act No. 275 (R112, H2764)
--Tax levy for the School District of Greenville County
Act No. 276 (R303, H3077)
--Rabon Creek Rural Water District in Greenville and Laurens counties
Act No. 277 (R116, S463)
--Designate the office of magistrate of District 8 (Bayboro), in Horry County
Act No. 278 (R57, H2425)
--Jasper County Board of Education, so as to provide notice of election and petition of candidacy
Act No. 279 (R223, S672)
--Lugoff Water District of Kershaw County
Act No. 280 (R61, S347)
--Transfer driftwood point from Lexington County School District Number Three to School District Number One
Act No. 281 (R173, H2918)
--Act to authorize the Lexington County Public Library to accept a gift of land in Lexington County School District Three
Act No. 282 (R13, H2068)
--Magistrates' terms in Marion County shall be for four years
Act No. 283 (R293, H3015)
--Millage to be levied in Marion County
Act No. 284 (R249, S673)
--Provide for the election of the Newberry County Board of Education from the districts from which the members of the Newberry County Council are elected
Act No. 285 (R66, S418)
--Budgets of school districts in Orangeburg County
Act No. 286 (R184, S644)
--Authorize School District No. 2 in Orangeburg County to charge matriculation
Act No. 287 (R192, S640)
--Authorize the Board of Trustees of School District No. 6 of Orangeburg County to issue general obligation bonds
Act No. 288 (R207, S645)
--Budgets of school districts in Orangeburg County
Act No. 289 (R302, S710)
--Orangeburg County School District Number Three may increase its tax millage by nine mills
Act No. 290 (R51, S287)
--Election of the School Board of Trustees of Pickens County
Act No. 291 (R111, H2740)
--Board of Trustees of Pickens County School District, so as to increase the expense allowance
Act No. 292 (R172, H2675)
--Richland-Lexington Airport Commission to issue not exceeding twenty million dollars of general obligation bonds of Richland-Lexington Airport District
Act No. 293 (R2, S164)
--Liberty-Chesnee-Fingerville Water District in Spartanburg County
Act No. 294 (R97, H2768)
--Union Hospital District and the Union Recreation District
Act No. 295 (R122, S534)
--Board of Trustees of the School District of Williamsburg County
Act No. 296 (R168, H2647)
--Trustees for School District No. 3 of York County, "Rock Hill School District No. 3 of York County"
Act No. 297 (R1, S25)
--Roads S-877 and S-502 in Darlington County
Act No. 298 (R224, S359)
--Road 324 in Dorchester County
Act No. 299 (R151, H2725)
--Closing of a certain route in Charleston County to vehicular traffic on October 13, 1985
Act No. 300 (R236, S647)
--Annual Cooper River Bridge Run
Act No. 301 (R268, H2992)
--Road S-10-904 in Charleston County
Act No. 302 (R269, H2993)
--Road S-10-330 in Charleston County

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