South Carolina Legislature

1986 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1986 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 303 (R304, S401)
--Amended property tax returns and tentative property tax returns
Act No. 304 (R306, S402)
--Relating to the procedure for obtaining ad valorem property tax exemptions
Act No. 305 (R307, S405)
--Relating to the tax on malt and malt extracts
Act No. 306 (R308, S404)
--Permanent licensing for persons owing the tobacco tax, soft drink tax and admissions tax
Act No. 307 (R309, S453)
--Payment of property taxes, interest, and penalties when property valuation is appealed
Act No. 308 (R310, S403)
--Relating to filing income tax returns
Act No. 309 (R311, S476)
--Assets of the post-retirement increase special fund transferred to the employer annuity accumulation fund
Act No. 310 (R312, S827)
--Relating to voting precincts in Anderson County
Act No. 311 (R314, H2337)
--Authorizing the State Board of Financial Institutions to examine the Business Development Corporation of South Carolina
Act No. 312 (R317, H3334)
--Relating to definitions used in the Joint Municipal Water Systems Act
Act No. 313 (R318, S452)
--Amendments related to the estate tax and the gift tax
Act No. 314 (R319, S221)
--Relating to set and channel nets
Act No. 315 (R320, S826)
--Relating to the voting precincts in Sumter County
Act No. 316 (R321, S483)
--Relating to sexual sterilization
Act No. 317 (R322, S157)
--Reporting of certain disciplinary actions to the State Board of Medical Examiners by health care facilities
Act No. 318 (R323, S828)
--Consolidation of magistrates' jury areas in Laurens County
Act No. 319 (R325, S871)
--Relating to voting precincts in Laurens County
Act No. 320 (R326, S209)
--Provide for a civil action against an employer who dismisses or demotes an employee who complies with a valid subpoena to testify in a court or administrative proceeding or to serve on a jury of any court
Act No. 321 (R328, H2536)
--Relating to the powers of the Board of Pharmaceutical Examiners
Act No. 322 (R329, H3186)
--Relating to definitions used in the children's code
Act No. 323 (R332, H2438)
--Relating to public aid and assistance by the Department of Social Services
Act No. 324 (R333, H2460)
--Empower the South Carolina Textile Industry Study Committee to study the restrictions and quarantines on textile and apparel imports
Act No. 325 (R335, H2860)
--To define "aquaculture" and "domesticated aquatic organism" and add aquaculture to the definition of "agricultural commodity"
Act No. 326 (R341, H3298)
--Relating to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
Act No. 327 (R342, H2361)
--Relating to the meetings of clubs of political parties
Act No. 328 (R343, H2785)
--Relating to the South Carolina Children's Code
Act No. 329 (R344, H3282)
--To permit taxpayers to defer payment of the state income tax on taxable income
Act No. 330 (R348, S399)
--Relating to the South Carolina Tax Commission
Act No. 331 (R349, S1049)
--Relating to shad fishing with gill nets in a portion of the Santee River
Act No. 332 (R351, H2477)
--To require employers who require prospective employees to complete a job training program prior to employment to give notice to prospective employees
Act No. 333 (R352, H2661)
--Prohibiting possession of game fish and game fish tackle when fishing with nongame tackle
Act No. 334 (R353, H2787)
--Relating to the South Carolina Children's Code
Act No. 335 (R354, H3284)
--Relating to the creation of the South Carolina Medically Indigent Assistance Fund
Act No. 336 (R355, H2119)
--Residential Landlord and Tenant Act
Act No. 337 (R356, H2751)
--To allow a state agency to compensate a foster family for the uninsured loss not to exceed five hundred dollars
Act No. 338 (R357, H3339)
--Relating to the conduct of insurance business
Act No. 339 (R358, H3364)
--To revise the polling place of Greenville Precinct 14
Act No. 340 (R359, H2259)
--Relating to juries and certain jury procedures
Act No. 341 (R360, H2041)
--Living Will
Act No. 342 (R361, H2091)
--Relating to the hours of the opening and closing of polling places
Act No. 343 (R362, H2178)
--Relating to dogs and other domestic pets, by adding Article 2
Act No. 344 (R363, H2911)
--Relating respectively to certification of nominees in a party primary or convention
Act No. 345 (R364, H2912)
--Relating to qualifications for voting
Act No. 346 (R365, H2913)
--Relating to the definitions for purposes of election law
Act No. 347 (R366, H2209)
--Relating to fire protection
Act No. 348 (R367, S977)
--To delete the numerical designation of each precinct in Pickens County
Act No. 349 (R368, S787)
--Relating to institutional abuse and neglect investigations by the Department of Social Services
Act No. 350 (R369, S786)
--Relating to confidentiality of reports and records of child welfare agencies
Act No. 351 (R370, S957)
--Relating to Heritage World Expo Authority
Act No. 352 (R371, S126)
--Provide that every standing committee of the Senate and of the House of Representatives, in the discharge of its duties, is by majority vote authorized to issue subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum to various entities or individuals
Act No. 353 (R372, S462)
--Relating to real estate brokers, counsellors, salesmen, appraisers, property managers, examinations, licensing, and commission rulings and decisions
Act No. 354 (R374, S870)
--Relating to voting precincts in York County
Act No. 355 (R375, S731)
--To delete provisions relating to school board control of fingerprint records
Act No. 356 (R376, S1110)
--Relating to the license fee for a professional bondsman, the license fee for a runner, the disposition of those fees, and an additional sum to be paid by a bondsman
Act No. 357 (R377, H2222)
--Relating to the canvassing and certification of vote results by adding Article 7
Act No. 358 (R378, H3308)
--Relating to the membership of the governing commission of the South Carolina State Housing Authority
Act No. 359 (R383, H3337)
--Relating to reports of tobacco warehousemen
Act No. 360 (R384, H3338)
--Relating to the requirement that records of the Commissioner of Agriculture must be kept and preserved for five years
Act No. 361 (R386, H3625)
--Relating to the rate on unemployment compensation contributions for delinquent reports
Act No. 362 (R387, H3626)
--Relating to the South Carolina Employment Security Law
Act No. 363 (R388, H2958)
--Relating to dentists, dental hygienists, and dental technicians
Act No. 364 (R390, S1194)
--Relating to voting precincts in Spartanburg County
Act No. 365 (R391, S884)
--Relating to the Children's Code
Act No. 366 (R393, H2141)
--Relating to the penalty for failure to make required reports in workers' compensation claims
Act No. 367 (R394, H2597)
--To change the word pistols to weapons and to permit the law enforcement agency to trade a confiscated weapon
Act No. 368 (R395, H2634)
--To provide for the licensing and regulation of renal dialysis centers and to provide a penalty for violations
Act No. 369 (R396, H2781)
--Relating to the definitions used in the Housing Authorities Law
Act No. 370 (R399, H3594)
--Relating to the Consumer Finance Law
Act No. 371 (R400, H3612)
--Allow a judge of probate, clerk of court, master, circuit judge, or a member of the workers' compensation commission to appoint a guardian ad litem for a minor or mentally incompetent person
Act No. 372 (R403, H3361)
--To provide that the Office of the State Treasurer is a limited trust company for purposes of the Federal Reserve Board
Act No. 373 (R405, S344)
--Relating to lengths and widths of vehicles and combinations of vehicles
Act No. 374 (R406, S1192)
--Relating to qualifications of and requirements for the issuance of a beer or wine permit
Act No. 375 (R407, S542)
--Relating to fees for stocking of fish in private nonnavigable waters
Act No. 376 (R408, S994)
--Relating to penalties for negligent operation of watercraft
Act No. 377 (R409, S997)
--Provide that changes in federal law or regulations relating to boating
Act No. 378 (R410, S1044)
--Prohibit the obstruction of wharfs, docks, piers, boat ramps, and access to them
Act No. 379 (R411, S1055)
--Designate the lands and waters in Charleston harbor and its adjacent estuarine system in Charleston County a wildlife sanctuary
Act No. 380 (R412, H2426)
--To provide for the method and manner of the payment of wages and exempt domestic labor in private homes and employers employing fewer than five employees during the preceding twelve months
Act No. 381 (R413, H2487)
--Relating to the sales to and purchases from nonlicensed jobbers or retailers of fireworks
Act No. 382 (R414, H2508)
--To permit regional councils to participate in the insurance programs administered by the State Retirement System
Act No. 383 (R415, H2931)
--Relating to the government of the Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Act No. 384 (R416, H3097)
--Relating to vacancies in the office of sheriff
Act No. 385 (R417, H3181)
--Relating to homestead exemption
Act No. 386 (R418, H3555)
--Relating to restrictions on retail dealers of alcoholic liquors
Act No. 387 (R419, H3558)
--Relating to the requirement that certain signs be posted in retail establishments that sell alcoholic beverages regarding the unlawful purchase of such beverages
Act No. 388 (R421, S341)
--Relating to the payment of workers' compensation and voluntary settlements
Act No. 389 (R422, S407)
--Relating to, among other things, amount of weekly compensation for total disability under workers' compensation
Act No. 390 (R423, S1077)
--Provide for the closure of Calibogue, Port Royal, Bull Bay, and St. Helena Sounds to trawling for the years 1986 and 1987
Act No. 391 (R426, S1107)
--Provide for permits for transporting no more than two modular housing units
Act No. 392 (R427, H3343)
--Permit and regulate the solicitation of funds from motorists by resque squads, volunteer fire departments, or charitable or eleemosynary organizations in municipalities
Act No. 393 (R428, H3363)
--Relating to the prohibition against certain public officials contracting with school districts or acquiring a pecuniary interest in school district matters
Act No. 394 (R429, H3701)
--South Carolina Employment Revitalization Act of 1986
Act No. 395 (R431, H3717)
--Relating to unlawful tattooing
Act No. 396 (R432, S907)
--Relating to trade and commerce
Act No. 397 (R433, S930)
--Relating to the fees and commissions of sheriffs
Act No. 398 (R434, S3)
--Relating to counting ballots and declaring results in elections
Act No. 399 (R436, H3513)
--Relating to the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Law
Act No. 400 (R438, H3624)
--Relating to licenses for pharmacists and assistant pharmacists
Act No. 401 (R439, H3748)
--Relating to property and liability insurance
Act No. 402 (R442, H3559)
--Relating to permits being required for route salesmen or warehouse salesmen of beer wholesalers
Act No. 403 (R443, H3762)
--Provide for the regulation of respiratory care, to create the respiratory care committee and provide its responsibilities, to provide fees, and to provide penalties
Act No. 404 (R445, H2155)
--Relating to the enforcement of laws governing controlled substances
Act No. 405 (R446, S1109)
--Enact the Public Transportation Passenger Rights Act
Act No. 406 (R449, S1207)
--Relating to the voting precincts and polling places in Union County
Act No. 407 (R450, S971)
--Provide a procedure by which electors who, because of physical handicap or age, may vote outside of the polling place, and provide a procedure by which a qualified absentee elector may apply for a special write-in absentee ballot, and establish the conditions under which the ballot would be used
Act No. 408 (R451, S580)
--Relating to mechanics' liens
Act No. 409 (R452, S24)
--Relating to motor vehicle registration and licensing
Act No. 410 (R453, S910)
--Relating to the offense of knowingly presenting false claims to an insurance company for payment
Act No. 411 (R454, S879)
--Relating to minimum hours and use of the school day
Act No. 412 (R455, S153)
--Relating to legal actions against architects, construction managers, professional engineers, or contractors for improper or negligent improvements to real property
Act No. 413 (R456, S799)
--To permit qualified surety companies to guarantee arrest bond certificates offered by automobile clubs and associations
Act No. 414 (R458, S944)
--Relating to the state income tax
Act No. 415 (R459, S970)
--Relating to the definition of "business opportunity"
Act No. 416 (R460, H2309)
--Relating to the requirement that insurance companies do business through resident licensed agents
Act No. 417 (R461, H2399)
--Prescribe procedures to be followed by the state forester when disasters affect the forest resources of the state
Act No. 418 (R462, H2777)
--Relating to vote recorders
Act No. 419 (R463, H3325)
--Reauthorize the existence of the State Board of Barber Examiners and the State Board of Cosmetology
Act No. 420 (R464, H3540)
--Relating to engineers and land surveyors
Act No. 421 (R465, H3245)
--Create the Children's Case Resolution System
Act No. 422 (R466, S1043)
--Relating respectively to definitions and net income with respect to the tax on building and loan associations
Act No. 423 (R467, S1123)
--Create the South Carolina Coordinating Council for Economic Development
Act No. 424 (R468, S1016)
--Relating to the retail business license
Act No. 425 (R469, S748)
--Authorize a county treasurer or tax collector to delegate to a deputy treasurer, to a deputy tax collector, or to the county sheriff the power to seize and levy upon property of a defaulting taxpayer for nonpayment of property taxes
Act No. 426 (R470, S1181)
--Relating to the Insurance Holding Company Regulatory Act
Act No. 427 (R471, S1017)
--Relating to prize fighting and boxing
Act No. 428 (R472, S771)
--Relating to the Commission on Aging
Act No. 429 (R473, S979)
--Relating to deposits required of insurance companies, to circumstances under which foreign insurers are not required to make deposits in this state, and to the filing of surety bonds or deposits of securities by surety companies
Act No. 430 (R474, S892)
--Relating to the regulation of the planning, installation, and maintenance of fire protection sprinkler systems
Act No. 431 (R476, H3568)
--Establish the Continuum of Care for Emotionally Disturbed Children, to provide for a governing body therefor to be known as the Policy Council, to provide for an advisory council for this governing body
Act No. 432 (R478, H3660)
--Relating to the procedure for the issuance of permits to carry a pistol
Act No. 433 (R479, H3661)
--Relating to the licensing of persons to sell pistols at retail as dealers
Act No. 434 (R480, H3713)
--Provide for the regulation of the sale of "vacation multiple ownership interests"
Act No. 435 (R482, H2762)
--Relating to emergency admission of potentially dangerous persons who are mentally ill
Act No. 436 (R483, H2500)
--Regulate travel trailer sales
Act No. 437 (R484, H2808)
--Relating to certain charges against persons who hold a certificate of registration from the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors and the hearings thereon
Act No. 438 (R485, H3239)
--Relating to the Client-Patient Protection Act
Act No. 439 (R486, H3287)
--Relating to the competency of a husband or wife of a party to a legal proceeding to testify or give evidence
Act No. 440 (R487, H3507)
--Provide that no health maintenance organization may prohibit any licensed physician, podiatrist, optometrist, or oral surgeon from participating as a provider in the organization on the basis of his profession
Act No. 441 (R490, H3704)
--Relating to renewal of hearing aid dealers and fitters' licenses and the continuing education requirements in order to maintain a license
Act No. 442 (R491, H3718)
--Require the Department of Agriculture to design and print decals which may be displayed wherever barbeque is sold
Act No. 443 (R493, H3744)
--Relating to Patients' Compensation Fund for the benefit of licensed health care providers
Act No. 444 (R494, H3792)
--Relating to the conditions under which insurance may be sold to and required of a borrower for insuring personal property securing a loan
Act No. 445 (R495, H3106)
--Relating to fees for, among other things, replacement vehicle license plates and replacement revalidation stickers
Act No. 446 (R496, H3309)
--Amended the "South Carolina State Housing Authority Act of 1977"
Act No. 447 (R497, H3427)
--Relating to the regulation of certified public accountants, public accountants, and accounting practitioners
Act No. 448 (R498, H2538)
--Relating to the accommodations tax
Act No. 449 (R499, H2825)
--Relating to control and regulation of radiation sources
Act No. 450 (R500, H3188)
--Provide that for any retirement system provided for by law in this state the member of the retirement system, if he has at least twenty-five years of creditable service, may elect to receive up to five years of additional service credit under certain conditions, require the member to pay the employer and employee cost for health and dental insurance for a time period equal to the period of service credit purchased
Act No. 451 (R501, S210)
--Provide for a civil action against an employer who dismisses or demotes an employee who files a workers' compensation claim or has testified or is about to testify in a workers' compensation proceeding
Act No. 452 (R502, S1160)
--Relating to deductions allowed in determining South Carolina taxable income for purposes of the state income tax
Act No. 453 (R503, S1062)
--Relating to certain licenses or permits issued by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
Act No. 454 (R504, S1316)
--Statutory law of the state
Act No. 455 (R505, S1256)
--Relating to type and number of nongame fishing devices which may be used in designated freshwater bodies
Act No. 456 (R506, S1263)
--Relating to joint municipal water systems
Act No. 457 (R508, S450)
--Relating to police jurisdiction and authority of municipalities bordering on the high-tide line of the Atlantic Ocean
Act No. 458 (R509, S1057)
--Relating to the unlawful transfer of beer or wine to any person under the age of eighteen so as to raise this age to twenty and effective September 14, 1986, to twenty-one
Act No. 459 (R510, S1059)
--Relating to prohibited acts on the premises of establishments licensed to sell beer or wine so as to provide that no beer or wine may be sold on these premises to a person under the age of twenty and effective September 14, 1986, under twenty-one
Act No. 460 (R511, S947)
--To enact the South Carolina Self-Service Storage Facility Act
Act No. 461 (R512, S985)
--Relating to lump-sum contributions by a member of the South Carolina Retirement System to become entitled to creditable service for out-of-state service
Act No. 462 (R513, S459)
--The Omnibus Criminal Justice Improvements Act Of 1986
Act No. 463 (R514, H2266)
--The South Carolina Tort Claims Act
Act No. 464 (R515, H2818)
--Relating to the Children's Bureau
Act No. 465 (R516, H3159)
--Relating to the procedure for registering birth by way of a delayed birth certificate
Act No. 466 (R517, H3430)
--Relating to the confidentiality of juvenile records
Act No. 467 (R518, H3506)
--Establish the hours that a masseur or masseuse may operate a business
Act No. 468 (R519, H3537)
--Relating to exemptions from sales tax
Act No. 469 (R520, H3685)
--Relating to required newspaper notices of intention to apply for alcoholic liquor licenses
Act No. 470 (R521, H3826)
--Relating to definitions in regard to trust business
Act No. 471 (R527, 51120)
--Prescribe criteria to be used by the Marine Resources Division to regulate fishing seasons, areas, times, equipment, and effort
Act No. 472 (R528, S778)
--To allow a nonrefundable state income tax credit of twenty percent, not to exceed three hundred dollars, for expenses paid by the taxpayer to an institution providing skilled or intermediate care
Act No. 473 (R529, S836)
--Relating to the Children's Policy of the State of South Carolina
Act No. 474 (R530, S693)
--Relating to the authorization for amusement parks and recognized state and county fairs to operate on Sundays
Act No. 475 (R532, S694)
--Relating to subdivision regulations
Act No. 476 (R536, S1076)
--To regulate activities relating to hard clams of the genus "mercenaria"
Act No. 477 (R540, S1074)
--Relating to Atlantic sturgeon
Act No. 478 (R542, S1047)
--To provide that natural resources related agencies may promulgate emergency regulations to protect or manage natural resources
Act No. 479 (R543, S1099)
--To provide for an Office of State Climatology
Act No. 480 (R547, S1066)
--Explosives Control Act
Act No. 481 (R548, S1139)
--Relating to the licensing and regulation of nonpublic educational institutions
Act No. 482 (R550, S1275)
--Relating to the reporting of sales tax by a retailer under conditional sales contracts
Act No. 483 (R551, H3535)
--Relating to the procedures for judicial commitment
Act No. 484 (R552, H3714)
--Relating to neonatal testing of children to detect inborn metabolic errors
Act No. 485 (R555, H2846)
--To make it unlawful to damage or destroy any place, structure, or building of worship
Act No. 486 (R558, H3107)
--To make it unlawful to cultivate or attempt to cultivate marijuana on the land of another
Act No. 487 (R559, H3147)
--To regulate the commitment of chemically dependent persons
Act No. 488 (R561, H3668)
--To provide for actions against seed dealers when the seeds they sell do not produce or perform as represented by their labels
Act No. 489 (R562, H3773)
--To require a permit from the State Budget and Control Board prior to building any structure to dam or impound waters of a navigable stream or to divert waters from a navigable stream to generate hydroelectricity
Act No. 490 (R564, H3943)
--To provide that records, papers, or reports concerning the death of a person on file at any hospital, nursing home, or other medical facility in this state are available to a coroner of another state if the deceased person was a resident of or is buried in the county in which the coroner serves in the other state
Act No. 491 (R567, H2353)
--The Animal Fighting and Baiting Act
Act No. 492 (R568, H3388)
--To remove the public member from the board; and to reauthorize the existence of the State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators
Act No. 493 (R569, H3508)
--To provide a procedure for conducting partisan and nonpartisan special elections for filling vacancies
Act No. 494 (R570, H3588)
--Relating to the requirement that records of highway rights-of-way for each road in a county be maintained in the office of the clerk of court of that county
Act No. 495 (R572, S808)
--To require the use of anti-syphon devices on irrigation systems
Act No. 496 (R573, S1048)
--To provide for the management of lakes and ponds owned or leased by the South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources Department
Act No. 497 (R574, H2317)
--Relating to offenses against and enforcement of alcoholic beverage control laws
Act No. 498 (R575, H2301)
--To provide that personal motor vehicles owned jointly by persons required to use wheelchairs are exempt from state, county, and municipal taxes
Act No. 499 (R576, H3208)
--Relating to definitions in regard to sewerage collection, disposal, and treatment by governmental entities
Act No. 500 (R577, H3278)
--Relating to the designation of voting precincts and polling places in Hampton County
Act No. 501 (R579, H3825)
--Relating to the election of members of county council and reapportionment of single-member election districts
Act No. 502 (R581, H3671)
--Habitat enhancement
Act No. 503 (R582, S1073)
--Relating to the use of gill nets in the Atlantic Ocean
Act No. 504 (R583, S1315)
--Conditions for members of a city retirement system to obtain credit with the State Retirement System for prior service
Act No. 505 (R584, S1078)
-Taking of nongame fish by gill nets
Act No. 506 (R585, S1075)
--Size limits on spotted sea trout and closed season on red drum
Act No. 507 (R586, S906)
--Create the State Board of Registration for Geologists
Act No. 508 (R590, H3547)
--Use of trawl nets in certain waters adjacent to Game Zone No. 7 and No. 9
Act No. 509 (R595, S1090)
--Regional transportation authorities and boards
Act No. 510 (R596, S765)
--Amendments to the Consolidated Procurement Code
Act No. 511 (R597, S1064)
--Employables Program Act
Act No. 512 (R598, S433)
--Burglar Alarm System Businesses Act of 1986
Act No. 513 (R599, S733)
--Motor Vehicle Theft and Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud Reporting-Immunity Act
Act No. 514 (R600, S1264)
--Relating to the South Carolina Amusement Rides Safety Code
Act No. 515 (R601, H3927)
--To provide for the imposition of a civil penalty by political subdivisions for violations of ordinances or regulations of these subdivisions as required by state or federal law which relate to water or wastewater facilities
Act No. 516 (R602, H2976)
--Provide for the assignment and subrogation of any Medicaid applicant's claim for reimbursement for Medicaid services from private insurers or other third parties to the State Health and Human Services Finance Commission
Act No. 517 (R603, H3763)
--To allow licensed dental hygienists and certified dental assistants employed within the public health system to perform duties under the direction and control of the State Director of Public Health Dentistry but out of his presence
Act No. 518 (R605, H2384)
--Provide for educational requirements for applicants for insurance agents' licenses
Act No. 519 (R606, H3241)
--Relating to the offense of selling liquor to a minor
Act No. 520 (R607, H3530)
--Provide that highway patrol officers must be retired no later than the end of the fiscal year during which they attain the age of sixty-two
Act No. 521 (R608, H2608)
--Agent Orange Information and Assistance Act
Act No. 522 (R609, H2008)
--Relating to the Children's Code and domestic relations
Act No. 523 (R611, H3706)
--Provide for limitations on the use of the Barnwell facility for disposal of low-level nuclear waste
Act No. 524 (R613, S629)
--Establish the permanent advisory committee of the State Development Board
Act No. 525 (R614, H3345)
--Relating to the adoption provisions in the Children's Code, supplemental benefits to assure adoption, and interstate compact on the placement of children
Act No. 526 (R615, H2316)
--Make it unlawful to manufacture or print false identification cards
Act No. 527 (R616, H2767)
--Relating to certification of emergency medical technicians
Act No. 528 (R617, H2314)
--Regulate the operation of mopeds on the highways and streets
Act No. 529 (R619, S984)
--Relating to contributions to the South Carolina Retirement System and the Police Officers Retirement System
Act No. 530 (R620, H2161)
--Relating to the issuance of special license tags for disabled persons
Act No. 531 (R621, H3236)
--Relating to investigations by the Ombudsman of the Governor's Office
Act No. 532 (R623, H2826)
--Relating to the penalties for persons found guilty of violating the provisions of Article 1 or Chapter 23 of Title 16 (offenses involving pistols)
Act No. 533 (R625, H2532)
--Uniform Limited Partnership Act
Act No. 534 (R628, H3480)
--Relating to the penalties for the crime of prostitution
Act No. 535 (R631, H2002)
--Voter registration by mail
Act No. 536 (R632, H4011)
--Consolidation of Dorchester County School District No. 1 and Dorchester County School District No. 3 into a single school district to be known as Dorchester County School District No. 4
Act No. 537 (R424, S1130)
--Create the Beaufort Technical College Area Commission
Act No. 538 (R622, H3283)
--Relating to the issuance of capital improvement bonds
Act No. 539 (R565, H2792)
--Probate Code
Act No. 540 (R624, H3550)
--Appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1986
Act No. 541 (R588, H3952)
--Relating to registers of mesne conveyances
Act No. 542 (R430, H3331)
--Provide that the filing of applications for ad valorem property tax exemption required by Section 12-3-145, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, for the 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986 taxable years is extended until July 1, 1986
Act No. 543 (R425, S1193)
--Require that the value of agricultural real property for taxable years 1986 and 1987 be determined by using South Carolina Tax Commission guidelines used in 1985 for determining fair market value for agricultural use
Act No. 544 (R492, H3739)
--Authorize the Citadel Board of Visitors on behalf of the Citadel to purchase certain property in Charleston at a cost of two million dollars
Act No. 545 (R440, H3749)
--Relating to the authorization of the Board of Trustees of the University of South Carolina to issue additional revenue bonds for stadium expansion
Act No. 546 (R420, H3623)
--Relating to state capital improvement bonds, so as to provide that the Board of Trustees of Winthrop College may provide a written policy for paid admissions to athletic facilities if it does not impair the college's annual debt service obligation
Act No. 547 (R560, H3279)
--Relating to the issuance of state capital improvement bonds, so as to authorize funds for prison construction and renovations
Act No. 548 (R556, H3801)
--Appropriate monies in the Capital Expenditure Fund
Act No. 549 (R444, H3846)
--Provide that the filing period for those wishing to offer in a primary election for the office of county council, where the redistricting plan for such offices was not precleared pursuant to the Voting Rights Act until after the filing period for these offices had closed, must open at noon on Monday, May 12, 1986, and close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 23, 1986, for these offices only
Act No. 550 (R347, S1009)
--Provide for a three-hundred-dollar limit on sales and use taxes on the gross proceeds of the sale of each item of machinery for research and development
Act No. 551 (R331, H3330)
--Provide that for the year 1986 only, all counties with a population of twenty-five thousand or less, are also considered a less developed area for purposes of this tax credit for new jobs
Act No. 552 (R541, S1166)
--Relating to the handling of certain oil overcharge refund monies
Act No. 553 (R457, S956)
--Exempting from the documentary stamp taxes imposed by Sections 12-21-370 and 12-21-380, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, leases entered into during 1985 in situations where the state owns real property and authorizes another person to erect improvements on the real property
Act No. 554 (R535, S1205)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Accountancy, relating to accountants
Act No. 555 (R563, H3880)
--Approve regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
Act No. 556 (R604, H3957)
--Approve regulations of the Boxing Commission, relating to closed circuit television, kick boxing (full contact karate), wrestling, professional boxing and sparring events
Act No. 557 (R481, H3833)
--Approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board, Division of State Fire Marshal, relating to the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board
Act No. 558 (R523, H3872)
--Approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board, Division of State Fire Marshal, relating to fire prevention and life safety
Act No. 559 (R526, S1259)
--Approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board, Division of State Fire Marshal, relating to transportation and use of pyrotechnics
Act No. 560 (R538, S1260)
--Approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board, Division of State Fire Marshal, relating to recodification of regulations concerning: use of hazardous substances; explosives; service stations; tents, grandstands and air-supported structures
Act No. 561 (R589, H3967)
--Approve regulations of the State Budget and Control Board, relating to permits to construct on navigable waters
Act No. 562 (R330, H3286)
--Approve regulations of the Children's Foster Care Review Board, relating to case reviews
Act No. 563 (R447, S1151)
--Approve regulations of Clemson University, relating to boll weevil eradication
Act No. 564 (R549, S1261)
--Approve regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to mobile home parks
Act No. 565 (R534, S1163)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Medical Examiners, relating to election procedures for the State Board of Medical Examiners and the Medical Disciplinary Commission
Act No. 566 (R489, H3689)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Nursing, relating to fees
Act No. 567 (R544, S1281)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Occupational Therapy, relating to definitions, license requirements, examinations and fees, and professional conduct
Act No. 568 (R566, H3891)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Examiners in Optometry, relating to use of miotic, and rules governing the maintenance of records by optometrists
Act No. 569 (R488, H3688)
--Approve regulations of the Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, relating to application for licensure (foreign trained applicants) and fees
Act No. 570 (R546, S1255)
--Approve regulations of the Real Estate Commission, relating to licensing and business of real estate
Act No. 571 (R339, H3280)
--Approve regulations of the Tax Commission, relating to property tax (information assessors shall furnish to commission)
Act No. 572 (R340, H3281)
--Approve regulations of the Tax Commission, relating to income tax credits for the installation and costs of qualifying energy systems
Act No. 573 (R545, S1197)
--Approve regulations of the Water Resources Commission, relating to interbasin transfer of water
Act No. 574 (R580, H3968)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of American Legion Smith-Graves Post 92, Inc.
Act No. 575 (R316, H3012)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Carolina Heritage Investment Company, Inc.
Act No. 576 (R338, H3277)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Charleston Bears Athletic Club
Act No. 577 (R380, H3494)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Civitan Club of Spartanburg, Inc.
Act No. 578 (R522, H3838)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of La Pentola, Inc.
Act No. 579 (R337, H3276)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Libby's Impressions of Greenville, Ltd
Act No. 580 (R437, H3591)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Meares Builders, Inc.
Act No. 581 (R379, H3461)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Kershaw Trading Company, Inc.
Act No. 582 (R398, H3500)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of the Pelzer Rescue Squad
Act No. 583 (R385, H3316)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Slaughter Brothers Post Holding Co., Inc.
Act No. 584 (R587, S1331)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Smith Timber, Inc., and Hardeeville Business Development Corporation, and the directors of a corporation bearing Corporate Charter No. 18122 shall act as liquidating trustees of such corporation
Act No. 585 (R327, S967)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Surf-Winds, Inc. of Horry County
Act No. 586 (R336, H3092)
--Authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Syntric, Inc.
Act No. 587 (R533, S1284)
--Reauthorize the existence of the Insurance Commission
Act No. 588 (R475, S1218)
--Establish single-member election districts for the School Board of Aiken County
Act No. 589 (R578, H3310)
--Provide that the members of the Board of Education of Beaufort County must be elected in nonpartisan elections in the general election
Act No. 590 (R553, H3934)
--Provide for the tax millage to be levied in Charleston County for fiscal year 1986-87 for certain local subdivisions, agencies, and commissions of the county
Act No. 591 (R397, H3275)
--Plats in Clarendon County must be submitted to the tax assessor prior to recording; and to repeal section 65-1783.2, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1962, relating to, among other things, the requirement that plats in Clarendon County be submitted to the auditor prior to recording
Act No. 592 (R537, S1334)
--Relating to the Clarendon County Area Vocational School and Manpower Training Center
Act No. 593 (R612, H3950)
--Provide for the nonpartisan election and the appointment of the Board of Trustees of School District No. 1 in Clarendon County
Act No. 594 (R591, H3958)
--Provide for the levy of taxes for school purposes in Dillon County for fiscal year beginning July 1, 1986, and ending June 30, 1987
Act No. 595 (R345, H3428)
--Abolish the office of Dorchester County Superintendent of Education and devolve the duties of this office upon the Dorchester County Board of Education
Act No. 596 (R392, S1132)
--Authorize the Board of Trustees of Harleyville-Ridgeville School District No. 3 of Dorchester County to issue general obligation bonds of the district up to a specified limit for certain purposes
Act No. 597 (R610, H3929)
--Require the Boards of Trustees of all school districts in Dorchester County to prepare annual budgets for general school purposes to be submitted for approval to the Dorchester County Board of Education, for school year 1986-87 only
Act No. 598 (R626, S1327)
--Provide for two additional magistrates in Dorchester County
Act No. 599 (R381, H3578)
--Provide that Strom Thurmond High School in Edgefield County shall hereafter remain so named as tribute to one of South Carolina's most distinguished sons, U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond
Act No. 600 (R524, H3914)
--Relating to the creation of the Edgefield County Water and Sewer Authority
Act No. 601 (R525, H3942)
--Relating to the election of members of the Board of Trustees for Florence County School District No. 1 and the manner in which the annual tax millage for the district is established
Act No. 602 (R571, H3621)
--Provide for the filling of a vacancy on the Board of Trustees of the School District of Greenville County
Act No. 603 (R630, H4012)
--Authorize the South Carolina National Guard to allow the town of Hampton to construct a water tank on the property where the Hampton National Guard is located
Act No. 604 (R324, S770)
--Relating to the Board of Trustees of School District No. 55 in Laurens County
Act No. 605 (R477, H3703)
--Beginning with tax year 1986, there is no limitation on the number of mills that may be imposed in Lexington County for the benefit of the fire districts in the county
Act No. 606 (R629, H3975)
--Prohibit the governing body of any public hospital from closing any satellite medical facility operated by it which is located in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit
Act No. 607 (R334, H2674)
--Provide for the election of the members of the Marion County Board of Education and the manner in which they are elected
Act No. 608 (R441, H3752)
--Create a registration and elections commission for Marion County and to abolish the Office of Commissioners of Election and the Registration Board of Marion County
Act No. 609 (R557, H3912)
--Authorize the Board of Trustees of School District No. 4 in Marion County to borrow not exceeding two hundred seventy-five thousand dollars, for the purpose of constructing, improving, and repairing schools and school buildings in the district
Act No. 610 (R594, H3961)
--Relating to the millage to be levied in Marion County, so as to provide for the millage for school purposes for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1986, and ending June 30, 1987
Act No. 611 (R554, H3935)
--Relating to budgets of school districts in Orangeburg County
Act No. 612 (R315, H2492)
--Provide that the terms of the members of the boards of trustees of School Districts No. 1 and No. 2 in Richland County shall commence one week following the certification of their elections instead of January first following their elections
Act No. 613 (R350, S322)
--Provide that the trustees of Richland County School Districts No. 1 and No. 2 must be elected in nonpartisan elections
Act No. 614 (R382, S1152)
--Amend an act of 1986 bearing ratification number 350, relating to the election of trustees of Richland County School District No.'s 1 and 2 in nonpartisan elections
Act No. 615 (R593, H3698)
--Relating to the Columbia Music Festival Association
Act No. 616 (R448, S1266)
--Provide that any person desiring to be elected to the Board of Trustees of the School District of Oconee County in any election shall file notice of his candidacy with the county Superintendent of Education
Act No. 617 (R531, S1267)
--Relating to the election of Trustees for the School Districts of Spartanburg County
Act No. 618 (R389, S1083)
--Relating to the Board of Trustees of Rock Hill School District No. 3 of York County
Act No. 619 (R404, H3561)
--Increase the limit on the taking of blueback herring and gizzard shad in 1986 only in Lake Moultrie and the Tailrace Canal
Act No. 620 (R402, H3692)
--Extend the season for the taking of shad anywhere on the Edisto River, for 1986 only
Act No. 621 (R373, S1113)
--Direct the Department of Highways and Public Transportation to close and remove from the state highway system that portion of Branch Street between Mill Street and Maple Street in the City of Abbeville in Abbeville County
Act No. 622 (R539, S739)
--Designate the bridge connecting Coosaw Island to the mainland in Beaufort County the "L. G. Barnwell Bridge"
Act No. 623 (R435, H3470)
--Provide for the closing of a certain route in Charleston County to vehicular traffic on October 26, 1986, to enable the Elks Bridg-Athon Road Race to be conducted
Act No. 624 (R401, H3655)
--Add to the state highway system Regatta, Grand Concourse, and Harbortowne Roads in Charleston County, and to close a portion of Harbortowne Road
Act No. 625 (R313, S825)
--Direct the Department of Highways and Public Transportation to remove from the state highway system road S-288 in Laurens County

Legislative Services Agency
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