South Carolina General Assembly
107th Session, 1987-1988

Bill 2405

                    Current Status

Bill Number:               2405
Ratification Number:       24
Act Number                 218
Introducing Body:          House
Subject:                   T. Edmond Garrison Arena
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(A218, R24, H2405)


Whereas, the General Assembly has determined that a multipurpose arena should be constructed to showcase the agricultural programs of the State and to feature the livestock resource and has authorized the issuance of capital improvement bonds for the construction of an arena to be located on one hundred acres at Clemson University; and

Whereas, there are over thirty-six thousand head of dairy cattle, over three hundred sixty-five thousand head of beef cattle, and over forty-one thousand horses in this State, and the arena facility will consist of an indoor arena which will seat six thousand people, and outdoor arenas, including one covered arena, outdoor crosscountry courses, stabling for five hundred horses and several hundred cattle, camper hookups, and access to over twenty-five miles of trails; and

Whereas, the arena will be a valuable instructional tool for Clemson's students with educational events receiving priority in scheduling, will provide an ideal facility for shows, training clinics, and sales of horses and beef and dairy cattle, for Cooperative Extension Service events, including 4H programs and other youth organization programs such as Future Farmers of America, and youth clubs of the livestock breed associations; and

Whereas, the facility will provide teaching functions for university and high school students and may be used by student clubs such as the Block and Bridle Club, Rodeo Clubs, and Equestrian Teams, and, in addition, may be used for Forestry Regional Conclaves, events sponsored by Tri-County Technical College, and, whenever the schedule allows, other events such as rodeos, dog shows, arts and craft festivals, and industrial exhibits; and

Whereas, Senator T. Edmond Garrison is an honor graduate of Clemson University, residing only a few miles from the University's campus, has been a highly successful general and dairy farmer for many years, and has been recognized for his outstanding agricultural accomplishments by being selected Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year by the South Carolina Association of Young Farmers and by the South Carolina Jaycees in 1954, by receiving the Alumni Distinguished Service Award by Clemson University, the Distinguished Agricultural Service Award by the South Carolina Farmer Cooperative Council, the 1977 Master Farm Family Award by Clemson University Extension Service, and PROGRESSIVE FARMER MAGAZINE's Man of the Year in Agriculture Award in 1979, and by being named Legislator of the Year by the VFW in 1982, and by receiving numerous other prestigious awards; and

Whereas, Senator Garrison has been the leader in the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina for many years in the promotion and development of agriculture and is now Chairman of the Senate Education Committee. Now, therefore,

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

Multipurpose livestock arena to be named

"T. Edmond Garrison Arena"

SECTION 1. Upon its completion and dedication, the multipurpose livestock arena located on the Clemson University campus is named the "T. Edmond Garrison Arena" in recognition of Senator Garrison's leadership and outstanding contributions to agriculture and education in South Carolina.

Time effective

SECTION 2. This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.