South Carolina Legislature

1987 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1987 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 1 (R2, S318)
--Convertible securities of business corporations
Act No. 2 (R3, S322)
--Power of a redevelopment commission of a municipality to issue and sell bonds
Act No. 3 (R4, S127)
--Uniform terms of magistrates statewide
Act No. 4 (R9, H2030)
--Voting precincts in York County
Act No. 5 (R10, S250)
--Membership of the governing commission of the South Carolina State Housing Authority
Act No. 6 (R11, S271)
--Jury areas for magistrates' courts
Act No. 7 (R12, S266)
--South Carolina Tort Claims Act
Act No. 8 (R13, S402)
--Authority and other approvals to any foreign insurer which transfers its corporate domicile to this state by merger or consolidation
Act No. 9 (R18, S76)
--Victim impact statement, so as to delete provisions relating to the South Carolina Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Act No. 10 (R19, S159)
--Peremptory challenges in criminal cases in circuit courts, "criminal sexual conduct"
Act No. 11 (R23, H2324)
--Special supplemental food program for pregnant and breastfeeding women
Act No. 12 (R26, H2093)
--Property and conveyances, as to abolish the common law rule against perpetuities
Act No. 13 (R27, H2425)
--Organization and powers of the Board of Trustees of the Medical University
Act No. 14 (R28, H2240)
--Equitable apportionment of marital property
Act No. 15 (R52, H2002)
--Voting places for the voting precincts in Allendale County
Act No. 16 (R35, H2015)
--The Motor Vehicle Chop Shop, Stolen, and Altered Property Act
Act No. 17 (R36, H2234)
--Residence requirements in order to institute an action for divorce
Act No. 18 (R37, H2045)
--Sales tax exemptions, to provide that sales of kerosene in quantities of twenty gallons or less are considered used for residential heating
Act No. 19 (R38, H2118)
--Organization, powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities of municipalities
Act No. 20 (R39, H2147)
--Executive Salary and Performance Evaluation Commission
Act No. 21 (R41, H2221)
--Time that the terms of office of county officers commence
Act No. 22 (R43, S45)
--Requirements for nonprofit organizations to claim title to abandoned cultural property
Act No. 23 (R45, S148)
--Applicability of the Poultry Products Inspection Law to domesticated rabbits
Act No. 24 (R47, H2120)
--Regulation of the construction or improvement of a farm structure by a county or municipality
Act No. 25 (R49, H2191)
--English language is the official language of the state
Act No. 26 (R50, H2100)
--County mental retardation boards created
Act No. 27 (R51, H2412)
--Judicial sale days
Act No. 28 (R53, H2083)
--Governing body of a special purpose district or public service district, increase in the number of the governing body after approval
Act No. 29 (R54, H2055)
--The age for compulsory public or private school attendance
Act No. 30 (R55, H2096)
--Prohibit the wilful impeding or obstruction of lawful hunting, trapping, fishing, or harvesting of marine species
Act No. 31 (R57, H2290)
--Conditions of probation, so as to delete the prohibition against a probationer being required to submit to surveillance by electronic means
Act No. 32 (R58, H2182)
--General requirements for licenses for auctioneers
Act No. 33 (R59, H2179)
--South Carolina Auctioneers' Commission to issue reprimands for misconduct
Act No. 34 (R60, H2180)
--Auctions and auctioneers
Act No. 35 (R61, H2181)
--Auctions and auctioneers
Act No. 36 (R62, H2184)
--Fees for auctioneers' licenses
Act No. 37 (R63, H2185)
--Disciplinary action taken against a licensee of the South Carolina Auctioneers' Commission
Act No. 38 (R64, H2662)
--Voting precincts in Newberry County
Act No. 39 (R66, S422)
--Functions and powers of local foster care review boards
Act No. 40 (R67, S465)
--Supervised furlough program under the Omnibus Criminal Justice Improvements Act of 1986
Act No. 41 (R68, S466)
--Definitions used in the Prison Overcrowding Powers Act
Act No. 42 (R70, S171)
--Optional retirement program for the publicly-supported four-year and postgraduate institutions of higher education
Act No. 43 (R71, S310)
--South Carolina Police Officers Retirement System
Act No. 44 (R72, S509)
--Uniform Limited Partnership Act
Act No. 45 (R73, S329)
--Water control structure on Biggin Creek in the Old Santee State Park
Act No. 46 (R77, S445)
--Temporary nonresident fishing license
Act No. 47 (R78, S503)
--Regulation of the sale, use, and storage of explosives, liability insurance of blasters
Act No. 48 (R79, S56)
--Legislative members of state boards and commissions
Act No. 49 (R80, S431)
--Papers filed with the clerk of court in criminal appeals from magistrates
Act No. 50 (R81, S98)
--Illegal use of stink bombs, tear-gas bombs, and similar devices
Act No. 51 (R82, S275)
--Blind persons, orphans, and Boy and Girl Scouts being exempt from hunting and fishing license requirements
Act No. 52 (R84, H2056)
--Vacancies in the office of sheriff
Act No. 53 (R85, H2080)
--Physicians, surgeons, and osteopaths and the matter of reexamination for licensure
Act No. 54 (R86, H2606)
--Insurance required of borrowers under the Consumer Finance Law
Act No. 55 (R88, H2328)
--Hunting in Game Zone 11, foxes may be hunted
Act No. 56 (R89, H2439)
--Filing and posting of maximum rate schedules by creditors making consumer credit sales
Act No. 57 (R90, H2202)
--Fees for the pretrial intervention program
Act No. 58 (R93, H2201)
--Felony DUI, increase penalty for violation
Act No. 59 (R94, H2162)
--Absentee voting
Act No. 60 (R95, H2018)
--Filing of forms by insurers with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Act No. 61 (R96, H2296)
--Unlawful purchase or possession of liquor by minors
Act No. 62 (R97, H2016)
--The writing of professional liability insurance for professionals
Act No. 63 (R98, H2448)
--Publishing by banking institutions called for by the State Board of Financial Institutions
Act No. 64 (R99, S269)
--Filing of applications for ad valorem property tax exemption
Act No. 65 (R100, S488)
--Prohibition against certain relationships and transactions between beer wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers
Act No. 66 (R101, S180)
--Fees and commissions of sheriffs
Act No. 67 (R102, S274)
--Sick leave for state employees
Act No. 68 (R103, S330)
--Traps and eel pots
Act No. 69 (R104, S536)
--Method of applying delinquent taxes when received
Act No. 70 (R105, S319)
--Estate Tax Act applicable to decedents dying after June 30, 1991
Act No. 71 (R106, H2331)
--South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
Act No. 72 (R107, H2130)
--Department of Highways and Public Transportation to enter into the driver license compact
Act No. 73 (R109, H2121)
--Initiation into any fraternity or sorority in connection with a school
Act No. 74 (R110, H2196)
--Exemption of historical or recreational districts from the provisions of Article 3 of Chapter 11 of Title 6
Act No. 75 (R111, H2158)
--Fraudulent intent in drawing checks, drafts, or other written orders
Act No. 76 (R112, H2451)
--Authorization of banks and trust companies to consolidate or merge
Act No. 77 (R113, S311)
--South Carolina Police Officers Retirement System
Act No. 78 (R114, S433)
--Criteria for evaluating quality of education, the review committee, and implementation of recommendations by school districts
Act No. 79 (R115, S581)
--State and county athletic commissions
Act No. 80 (R116, S426)
--Minimum standards for student conduct, attendance, and scholastic achievement
Act No. 81 (R117, S425)
--Reviewing the Education Improvement Act and creation of the Public Accountability Division
Act No. 82 (R118, S100)
--Causing injury or death while driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Act No. 83 (R119, S616)
--Health maintenance organizations
Act No. 84 (R120, S89)
--Penalties for operating a motor vehicle while license to drive is suspended
Act No. 85 (R121, S428)
--Assessment of the capabilities of persons being considered as elementary or secondary school principals
Act No. 86 (R122, S627)
--South Carolina Coordinating Council for Economic Development
Act No. 87 (R124, S341)
--Issuance and filing of amended birth certificates
Act No. 88 (R126, S432)
--State Board of Education on implementing the Education Improvement Act of 1984
Act No. 89 (R127, S521)
--Enforcement of the alcoholic beverage control laws
Act No. 90 (R128, S396)
--State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
Act No. 91 (R129, S522)
--Temporary permits issued to nonprofit organizations allowing the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages
Act No. 92 (R130, H2385)
--Reauthorize the State Board of Nursing for six years
Act No. 93 (R132, H2323)
--Governing body of any public service district to transfer its assets and properties and responsibilities for the delivery of clinical medical services to another political subdivision
Act No. 94 (R133, H2775)
--Repeal Chapter 57 of Title 44, relating to bedding
Act No. 95 (R134, H2490)
--Members of a mob guilty as principals
Act No. 96 (R135, H2956)
--Monitoring, observation, research, or other testing of wells located in the Six Mile Creek drainage basin in Lancaster and York counties
Act No. 97 (R136, H2159)
--Provide interpreters for a deaf person who is party to any legal proceeding
Act No. 98 (R137, H2794)
--State officers and employees
Act No. 99 (R138, H2811)
--Regulation of birthing centers
Act No. 100 (R139, H2551)
--Implementation of early retirement plans by public institutions of higher education
Act No. 101 (R140, H2259)
--As to make it unlawful to intentionally deliver or place a device which is constructed to represent or is presented as an explosive, incendiary, or a bomb with the intent to terrorize
Act No. 102 (R142, H2743)
--Sale of saltwater fishery products in South Carolina
Act No. 103 (R143, H2758)
--Relating to game wardens, eliminate reference to two-year terms
Act No. 104 (R144, H2527)
--Relating to certain functions of the governor
Act No. 105 (R145, H2050)
--Unlawful to operate or act as a flightcrew member of any aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Act No. 106 (R146, H2449)
--Section 21-29-90 so as to define an "affiliated trust company"
Act No. 107 (R147, H2033)
--Authorize law enforcement jurisdictions to enter into a written agreement with one another for the purpose of criminal investigation
Act No. 108 (R148, S650)
--Dispositional powers of the Family Court
Act No. 109 (R149, S671)
--Fiduciaries generally, by adding section 21-11-5
Act No. 110 (R152, S717)
--Advertisements of textile products to disclose whether the products are imported or made in the United States of America
Act No. 111 (R154, S535)
--Insurance companies or reinsurance companies selected by political subdivisions to handle or assist in handling insurance programs
Act No. 112 (R155, S767)
--Powers of the Horry-Georgetown Technical Education Commission
Act No. 113 (R158, H2271)
--Allowing a fire to spread to property of another, so as to reduce the minimum first offense imprisonment penalty
Act No. 114 (R159, H2409)
--Relating to nurses, so as to define temporary permit
Act No. 115 (R160, H2012)
--Church which receives money for the maintenance of its cemetery to account for the money separately
Act No. 116 (R161, H2103)
--Alcohol and drug abuse commitment, so as to define "chemically dependent person in need of emergency commitment"
Act No. 117 (R163, H2931)
--Plan for allocating the state ceiling on the issuance of private activity bonds imposed by the federal Tax Reform Act of 1986
Act No. 118 (R164, H2263)
--The Freedom of Information Act
Act No. 119 (R166, S397)
--Distribution and use of certain gasoline tax revenue
Act No. 120 (R167, S194)
--Governing body of Lander College to issue certain student and faculty housing revenue bonds
Act No. 121 (R168, S554)
--Procedure for counting ballots unsuccessfully challenged
Act No. 122 (R169, S761)
--Voting precincts in Fairfield County
Act No. 123 (R171, S361)
--Notice periods required to be given to the Budget and Control Board by a political subdivision before it can purchase or cancel its lines of insurance
Act No. 124 (R174, S367)
--Representation of physicians' assistants at meetings of the State Board of Medical Examiners
Act No. 125 (R175, S748)
--Adoption proceedings
Act No. 126 (R178, S578)
--Required procedure when a voter has been challenged
Act No. 127 (R180, S604)
--Dual officeholder
Act No. 128 (R181, S102)
--Crack cocaine
Act No. 129 (R182, S189)
--Free registration and license plates for prisoners of war
Act No. 130 (R183, S166)
--Absentee ballot
Act No. 131 (R184, S555)
--Ballots for general and special elections
Act No. 132 (R185, S314)
--Dates for particular state agencies, commissions, and boards
Act No. 133 (R186, S344)
--State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for six years
Act No. 134 (R188, S157)
--Assessment of attorney fees and interest
Act No. 135 (R189, S119)
Act No. 136 (R190, S710)
--Traffic-related deaths of persons under twenty-one where use of beverages containing alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances is suspected
Act No. 137 (R191, H2868)
--Check-off contributions for the Nongame Wildlife and Natural Areas Program
Act No. 138 (R192, H2035)
--Special license plates for recipients of the Purple Heart
Act No. 139 (R193, H2737)
--Old Exchange Building Commission
Act No. 140 (R195, H2214)
--Lien of laundries, dry cleaning establishments, and other establishments engaged in the cleaning or alteration of personal property
Act No. 141 (R198, H2512)
--Agribusiness license and a single bond issued by the State Department of Agriculture
Act No. 142 (R199, H2714)
--Defense of indigents and the appropriation for expenses of appointed private counsel and public defenders
Act No. 143 (R200, H2966)
--Master deed or lease in a horizontal property regime
Act No. 144 (R201, H2648)
--Filing of petition for adoption
Act No. 145 (R203, H2948)
--The Paint Law
Act No. 146 (R204, H2973)
--Joint Legislative Committee on Cultural Affairs
Act No. 147 (R205, H2359)
--Rights of blind and other physically disabled persons to equal access
Act No. 148 (R206, S664)
--Right of the Public Service Authority to serve any load of seven hundred fifty kilowatt or larger upon request, so as to prohibit the Public Service Authority from serving any new premises within the territory
Act No. 149 (R207, S18)
--Recovery against a charitable organization
Act No. 150 (R208, S734)
--Juries and jurors, method for convening and selecting a state grand jury
Act No. 151 (R211, S346)
--Board of Pharmaceutical Examiners
Act No. 152 (R212, S680)
--Withholding of income to secure payment of child support obligations
Act No. 153 (R214, S822)
--Registers of mesne conveyances
Act No. 154 (R219, S543)
--Prohibition of the use of various nets and seines in the waters of the state
Act No. 155 (R221, S321)
--38 various insurance provisions heretofore codified in other titles
Act No. 156 (R222, H2639)
--Powers of the Public Service Authority
Act No. 157 (R224, H2750)
--Books, equipment, and personnel of each county probate court
Act No. 158 (R226, H2102)
--Petition for emergency admission to a mental health facility
Act No. 159 (R227, H3010)
--Distance of commercial fishing devices from fishing piers or manmade jetties
Act No. 160 (R228, H2255)
--Improvement districts within cities
Act No. 161 (R229, H2607)
--Sales tax exemptions, so as to exempt the gross proceeds of the sales of meals or foodstuffs provided at home to elderly or disabled persons
Act No. 162 (R230, H3083)
--Voting precincts in Beauf0rt County
Act No. 163 (R231, H2632)
--Governing board of the South Carolina Reinsurance Facility
Act No. 164 (R232, H2651)
--Organization, functions, and responsibilities of municipalities
Act No. 165 (R233, S252)
--Program to educate citizens concerning the availability of long term care services
Act No. 166 (R235, S593)
--Declaration of purpose for the regulation of automobile insurance in South Carolina
Act No. 167 (R236, H2555)
--Distribution of any contraceptive device or medication on school grounds of any public elementary or secondary school
Act No. 168 (R238, H2072)
--Crimes relating to obscenity, material harmful to minors, child exploitation, and child prostitution
Act No. 169 (R239, H2640)
--Voting precincts in Cherokee County
Act No. 170 (R243, H2590)
--Appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1987
Act No. 171 (R244, S530)
--Probate code provisions
Act No. 172 (R245, S261)
--State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators
Act No. 173 (R246, S135)
--South Carolina Eminent Domain Procedure Act
Act No. 174 (R247, S253)
--Commission on Aging
Act No. 175 (R248, S575)
--Burglar alarm system business
Act No. 176 (R249, S655)
--An act to establish the Lake Wylie Marine Commission
Act No. 177 (R250, S588)
--Prison industries
Act No. 178 (R251, S84)
--Fees authorized by statutory law and set by regulation
Act No. 179 (R252, S25)
--Driving under the influence of liquor, drugs, or like substances (DUI)
Act No. 180 (R253, S553)
--Ballots for general and special elections
Act No. 181 (R255, S177)
--Funeral vaults must be at least ten inches below the earth's surface
Act No. 182 (R256, S316)
--Applicants for dental, dental hygienist, and dental technician licenses
Act No. 183 (R259, S835)
--Horry County voting precincts, Garden City 4
Act No. 184 (R260, S251)
--Nursing Home Licensing Act of 1987
Act No. 185 (R261, S398)
--Unlawful parking on private property without permission
Act No. 186 (R265, H2701)
--Registers of mesne conveyances, Dorchester County
Act No. 187 (R267, H2665)
--Regulation of cornmeal and grits
Act No. 188 (R268, H2564)
--Ad valorem property taxes on motor vehicles
Act No. 189 (R269, H2524)
--Speed limits
Act No. 190 (R273, H2064)
--Reimbursement of the Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Act No. 191 (R276, H3211)
--Voting precincts in Georgetown County
Act No. 192 (R277, H2500)
--Nonprofit corporations, to provide immunity from suit of directors, trustees, or members of governing bodies of electric cooperatives and not-for-profit corporations, organizations, and associations
Act No. 193 (R278, H2941)
--Complaint by a farmer against a seed dealer
Act No. 194 (R280, H2345)
--Include the chief judge and associate judges of the Court of Appeals on the distribution list
Act No. 195 (R281, H2783)
--State Education Assistance Act
Act No. 196 (R282, H2558)
--Required approval by the sheriff of a nonprofit corporation's declaration of intent to incorporate
Act No. 197 (R283, H2869)
--Gasoline taxes
Act No. 198 (R285, H2463)
--Authority of Family Court to enforce and modify provisions
Act No. 199 (R286, H2183)
--Purebred livestock auctioneers and tobacco auctioneers may be exempted from examination and bonding requirements
Act No. 200 (R287, H2960)
--Tax increment financing for redevelopment projects
Act No. 201 (R288, H2139)
--Definitions under the Hospital Revenue Bond Act
Act No. 202 (R291, H2085)
--Bingo license fees, admissions taxes, and the disposition of the revenue therefrom
Act No. 203 (R292, H2949)
--Inspection of ethyl or methyl alcohol sold for fuel or production of gasohol
Act No. 204 (R294, S392)
--Designate spotted sea trout and red drum as game fish
Act No. 205 (R295, H3261)
--Voting precincts in McCormick County
Act No. 206 (R176, S577)
--Grand and petit juries
Act No. 207 (R225, H2497)
--Dual officeholding and qualification for office
Act No. 208 (R284, H2123)
--Deadline for filing applications to claim agricultural use for real property for purposes of ad valorem taxation
Act No. 209 (R241, H2927)
--General permanent statutory law of the state
Act No. 210 (R22, H2516)
--Purchase of a limited amount of notes of the Clark's Hill-Russell Authority by the Division of General Services of the Budget and Control Board
Act No. 211 (R177, S720)
--Issuance of student and faculty housing revenue bonds of the College of Charleston
Act No. 212 (R179, S718)
--Obligation bonds for the College of Charleston
Act No. 213 (R262, S641)
--Issuance of plant improvement bonds by Clemson University
Act No. 214 (R141, H2333)
--Amending the General Appropriations Act of 1986
Act No. 215 (R153, S512)
--General Appropriations Act of 1986, for commitments, admissions, and discharges to mental health facilities
Act No. 216 (R75, S270)
--Transfer of funds from the warrant revolving fund to the tax study commission
Act No. 217 (R7, H2339)
--Political party state conventions
Act No. 218 (R24, H2405)
--T. Edmond Garrison Arena
Act No. 219 (R165, S317)
--Reauthorize the Board of Chiropractic Examiners for six years
Act No. 220 (R33, S306)
--Resolution to approve regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control
Act No. 221 (R40, H2452)
--Regulations of the Department of Wildlife and Marine Resources
Act No. 222 (R65, S569)
--Regulations of Clemson University, relating to boll weevil
Act No. 223 (R69, S456)
--State Personnel and Grievance Committee
Act No. 224 (R83, S455)
--Regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to city, county, and regional housing authority bond issues
Act No. 225 (R92, H2755)
--Regulations of the Department of Parole and Community Corrections
Act No. 226 (R123, S511)
--Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Review Board
Act No. 227 (R131, H2652)
--Regulations of the Board of Nursing
Act No. 228 (R172, S736)
--Burglar alarm system business licenses
Act No. 229 (R173, S606)
--Auctioneers' Commission, relating to auction firm license
Act No. 230 (R194, H2753)
--Board of Medical Examiners, relating to requirements for limited license
Act No. 231 (R209, S806)
--Regulations of the Athletic Commission
Act No. 232 (R210, S774)
--Qualifications for nonphysician designated examiners
Act No. 233 (R215, S787)
--Adoption investigators
Act No. 234 (R216, S776)
--Medically Indigent Assistance Fund
Act No. 235 (R217, S790)
--Regulations of the Health and Human Services Finance Commission, relating to Medicaid
Act No. 236 (R218, S817)
--Regulations of the Jobs-Economic Development Authority
Act No. 237 (R264, H3206)
--Regulations of the Department of Insurance, relating to uniform classification and territorial plans
Act No. 238 (R6, H2208)
--Charter of Community Economic Betterment Associates, Inc.
Act No. 239 (R15, S298)
--Charter of Lakeside Country Club in Laurens County
Act No. 240 (R16, S300)
--Charter of Long Branch Community Center Inc. in Laurens County
Act No. 241 (R17, S354)
--Charter of Berkeley County L. Mendel Rivers Memorial Association
Act No. 242 (R21, H2443)
--Charter of Opportunities Industrialization Center of South Carolina, Inc.
Act No. 243 (R25, H2358)
--Charter of Francis Lewis Farms and Trucking, Inc.
Act No. 244 (R91, H2774)
--Charter of Golden Regiment Boosters Association, Inc.
Act No. 245 (R223, H3145)
--Charter of the Ladies Benevolent Society
Act No. 246 (R151, S754)
--Commencement of terms for Abbeville County School Trustees
Act No. 247 (R29, H2119)
--Single-member election districts for the School Board of Aiken County
Act No. 248 (R46, S534)
--Expiration of the terms of the members of the Aiken County Board of Education
Act No. 249 (R213, S825)
--Aiken County Board of Education to levy six mills
Act No. 250 (R150, S557)
--Registration and Election Commission for Anderson County
Act No. 251 (R8, H2178)
--Denmark-Olar School District No. 2 general obligation bonds
Act No. 252 (R108, H2622)
--Green Savannah Lake Road, Barnwell
Act No. 253 (R237, H3129)
--Election of Beaufort County Board of Education members
Act No. 254 (R242, H3162)
--Lower Berkeley Secondary Treatment Authority
Act No. 255 (R279, H3184)
--Authority to limit and levy school taxes in Calhoun County
Act No. 256 (R157, H3119)
--Tax milage to be levied in Charleston County
Act No. 257 (R20, S351)
--Increase the terms of members of the Chesterfield County Board of Education
Act No. 258 (R258, S870)
--General obligation bonds of Clarendon County School District No. 1
Act No. 259 (R30, H2334)
--County lines of Charleston and Colleton Counties
Act No. 260 (R87, H2802)
--Closed season for the taking of shad on the Edisto River
Act No. 261 (R202, H3052)
--General obligation bonds for the Board of Trustees of Colleton County
Act No. 262 (R240, H3150)
--Election of the Board of Trustees of the School District of Colleton County
Act No. 263 (R196, H3092)
--Prohibition of deer hunting in Dillon and Marlboro Counties
Act No. 264 (R197, H2792)
--Transfer of assets from the Dillon County Historic Preservation Commission to the Dillon County Theatre Association
Act No. 265 (R263, H3199)
--Levy of taxes for school purposes in Dillon County
Act No. 266 (R42, H2729)
--Authorize Dorchester County School District No. 4 to issue general obligation bonds
Act No. 267 (R293, H2700)
--Authorize the boards of trustees of all school districts in Dillon County to prepare budgets for general school purposes
Act No. 268 (R296, H3196)
--Dorchester County School District No. 4
Act No. 269 (R48, H2707)
--Tax levy for the School District of Greenville County
Act No. 270 (R156, H3073)
--Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority
Act No. 271 (R272, H3086)
--North Greenville Fire District
Act No. 272 (R31, H2566)
--Terms of office for the members of the Board of Trustees of Greenwood School District No. 50
Act No. 273 (R76, S608)
--Horry County Higher Education Commission
Act No. 274 (R271, H3172)
--Advisory referendum to be held for the registered electors of Lancaster County
Act No. 275 (R34, S387)
--General obligation bonds for Laurens County School District No. 55
Act No. 276 (R254, S824)
--Members of the Board of Trustees of Laurens County School District No. 56
Act No. 277 (R257, S823)
--Members of the Board of Trustees of Laurens County School District No. 5
Act No. 278 (R32, S467)
--Magistrates in Lee County, expiration of terms
Act No. 279 (R1, S284)
--Lexington County School District No. 3, special election
Act No. 280 (R274, H3178)
--Repeal Act 1204 of 1968
Act No. 281 (R125, S737)
--Peedee River shad season
Act No. 282 (R270, H3084)
--Marlboro County Board of Education
Act No. 283 (R44, S513)
--Bush River Elementary School
Act No. 284 (R162, H3076)
--Budgets of schools in Orangeburg County
Act No. 285 (R5, S63)
--Creation of Registration and Election Commission for Pickens County
Act No. 286 (R56, H2702)
--Increase monthly expenses for members of the Board of Trustees for Pickens County
Act No. 287 (R275, H2940)
--Elections required of Richland County Trustees of Lexington County School District No. 5
Act No. 288 (R220, S814)
--Creation of Union-Laurens Higher Education Commission
Act No. 289 (R14, S439)
--Tax millage for Williamsburg County
Act No. 290 (R74, S388)
--Area of School District No. 3 of Florence County
Act No. 291 (R187, S389)
--Incidental pupil fees
Act No. 292 (R289, S690)
--Levy, distribution of millage in York County

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