South Carolina Legislature

1988 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1988 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 293 (R297, H2733)
--Voting precincts in Anderson County
Act No. 294 (R300, S731)
--Elected officeholders; resignation; election; taking office
Act No. 295 (R301, S549)
--Second Injury Fund
Act No. 296 (R303, S363)
--No wake zones within public boat landings; no swimming by hydroelectric plants
Act No. 297 (R304, S419)
--Municipal Private Retirement System; benefits exempt from attachment
Act No. 298 (R305, S347)
--Permissible heights of vehicles
Act No. 299 (R306, S179)
--Use of a computer to draw and summon the grand jury
Act No. 300 (R307, S139)
--Depositing foreign substances on highways
Act No. 301 (R308, H2742)
--Taking or catching shrimp
Act No. 302 (R310, H3446)
--Polling places in Greenville County
Act No. 303 (R311, H3333)
--Method of determining bank license fee
Act No. 304 (R312, S1092)
--Prohibition against group property, marine, casualty, or surety insurance
Act No. 305 (R313, S1084)
--Protection of life insurance policy
Act No. 306 (R314, S1089)
--South Carolina medical malpractice
Act No. 307 (R315, S688)
--Reports to State Budget and Control Board
Act No. 308 (R316, S1068)
--Lake Secession in Abbeville County
Act No. 309 (R318, S547)
--Workers Compensation Law and the Second Injury Fund
Act No. 310 (R320, S542)
--Requirements before the election of sick or annual leave
Act No. 311 (R321, S651)
--Patient or prisoner denied access to alcoholic beverages
Act No. 312 (R322, S279)
--Powers of county councils; personnel policies
Act No. 313 (R323, S548)
--Workers Compensation; lump sums
Act No. 314 (R325, S1091)
--Insurance; definitions
Act No. 315 (R326, S703)
--Disciplinary action against physicians, surgeons, and osteopaths
Act No. 316 (R327, S1082)
--Relating to insurance policy contract forms
Act No. 317 (R328, S1076)
--Relating to the surplus requirements of mutual insurers
Act No. 318 (R329, S582)
--Licensure of marital and family therapists
Act No. 319 (R330, S93)
--Railroad safety requirements
Act No. 320 (R331, H2732)
--Prohibition against the hunting of raccoons and opossums
Act No. 321 (R332, H2704)
--Federal Tax Lien Registration Act
Act No. 322 (R333, H2533)
--Eligibility for parole
Act No. 323 (R335, H2446)
--Insanity defense
Act No. 324 (R336, H3312)
--Requirements for insurer to file an annual report with Chief Insurance Commissioner
Act No. 325 (R338, H2828)
--State income tax deferrals on foreign trade receipts
Act No. 326 (R339, H3306)
--S.C. Life and Accident and Health Insurance Guaranty Association
Act No. 327 (R340, H3307)
--Requirements for applying for an insurance agents license
Act No. 328 (R341, H2598)
--Tax deductions; "Special Needs Child"
Act No. 329 (R342, H3309)
--Applicability to all fire insurers
Act No. 330 (R343, H2620)
--Dates auditors' offices open for filing tax returns
Act No. 331 (R344, H2697)
--Alcoholic beverage control laws; admissibility before commission
Act No. 332 (R345, H3308)
--Filings with National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Act No. 333 (R346, H3315)
--Life insurance coverage for residents written out of state
Act No. 334 (R348, H3331)
--Transactions of mutual insurer
Act No. 335 (R349, H3311)
--Advisory committee attendance at commission meetings
Act No. 336 (R351, H2920)
--Relating to the duties of the Department of Health and Environmental Control in regard to public health
Act No. 337 (R352, H2738)
--Limited certificate to practice respiratory care
Act No. 338 (R353, H2014)
--Injunctions against the continuing operations of child day care facilities
Act No. 339 (R354, H3310)
--Requirements for group health
Act No. 340 (R355, H3390)
--Appeals to the Insurance Commission
Act No. 341 (R356, H3144)
--Responsibilities of the Department of Health and Environmental Control
Act No. 342 (R357, H3432)
--Annuity and endowment contracts
Act No. 343 (R358, H3364)
--Liability for property tax
Act No. 344 (R359, H3367)
--Property tax returns
Act No. 345 (R360, H3366)
--Income tax returns
Act No. 346 (R361, H3361)
--Relating to sales tax monthly returns and payments
Act No. 347 (R362, H3370)
--Tax refunds; deceased
Act No. 348 (R363, H3393)
--Implied consent to blood, breath, and urine tests in DUI cases
Act No. 349 (R364, H3359)
--State income tax purposes the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code innocent spouse rule
Act No. 350 (R366, S561)
--Nomination and election of soil and water conservation districts' commissioners
Act No. 351 (R367, S350)
--Disposition reports
Act No. 352 (R368, S732)
--Relating to extending the time within which certain persons under disability may bring a civil action
Act No. 353 (R369, S933)
--Declaration of unstamped alcoholic liquors as contraband
Act No. 354 (R370, S131)
--Employment protection for reports of violations of law or regulations
Act No. 355 (R371, S1086)
--Regulation, taxation; risk retention groups; purchasing groups
Act No. 356 (R373, S59)
--Relating to the defense of indigents
Act No. 357 (R374, S1094)
--Inspection and examination of domestic insurers
Act No. 358 (R375, S625)
--Statewide Adoption Exchange established
Act No. 359 (R377, H3409)
--Definition of "consumer credit insurance"
Act No. 360 (R379, H2019)
--Writing of legal professional liability insurance for attorneys
Act No. 361 (R380, H2194)
--Game Zone No. 2; use of artificial lights; penalty
Act No. 362 (R381, H2231)
--Driver's license for members of the armed services and dependents
Act No. 363 (R382, H2860)
--Qualifications to run as a candidate in general elections
Act No. 364 (R383, H3418)
--Runoff election to break ties in municipal elections
Act No. 365 (R384, H2264)
--Annual financial report
Act No. 366 (R385, H3431)
--Service of summons or other legal process, fee
Act No. 367 (R386, H2675)
--Reduction of claims or awards
Act No. 368 (R387, H3351)
--Per diem, mileage, and subsistence for members of the Judicial Council
Act No. 369 (R391, H2703)
--Daily limit of killed deer deleted; Game Zone No. 10
Act No. 370 (R392, H3283)
--Determination of extraordinary dividend or distributions
Act No. 371 (R394, H3448)
--Definitions of "Insurance Agent"
Act No. 372 (R395, H2232)
--License expiration dates and military renewal
Act No. 373 (R396, H3195)
--Solicitations in unincorporated county areas
Act No. 374 (R398, H3330)
--To provide civil and criminal penalties for violations of the insurance law
Act No. 375 (R401, H2671)
--State agency employee grievance plans; so as to change the time for appealing
Act No. 376 (R403, H3534)
--Definition of individual private passenger automobile
Act No. 377 (R404, H2882)
--Relating to penalties for violations of statutes regulating hunting
Act No. 378 (R405, H3420)
--Notice of change in polling places
Act No. 379 (R406, H3535)
--Definition of administrator of insurance benefits plans
Act No. 380 (R407, H3322)
--Special elections
Act No. 381 (R408, H2573)
--Assessment and return of merchants' and manufacturers' property to the Tax Commission for ad valorem tax purposes
Act No. 382 (R409, H3450)
--Relating to insurance, by adding Chapter 85
Act No. 383 (R410, H2782)
--Fishing in Red Bluff Pond in Marlboro County, use of minnows as bait
Act No. 384 (R412, H3357)
--South Carolina Tax Commission: confidentiality provisions
Act No. 385 (R413, H3822)
--General Reserve Fund and Capital Reserve Fund
Act No. 386 (R347, H3313)
--Authority to write certain bonds; Governor deleted
Act No. 387 (R415, S1075)
--Governing body to determine time for filing nominating petition, etc.
Act No. 388 (R416, S1195)
--Space and funding of state grand jury
Act No. 389 (R417, S679)
--Insurance and insurance material of Budget and Control Board
Act No. 390 (R418, S972)
--Burial expenses; surviving spouse benefit
Act No. 391 (R420, S97)
--No civil action for criminal conversation
Act No. 392 (R421, S531)
--Definition of teachers
Act No. 393 (R422, S639)
--Counties where association may do business
Act No. 394 (R423, S1102)
Act No. 395 (R424, S1067)
--Fertilizer Board; membership revised
Act No. 396 (R426, H3635)
--Relating to meetings of the licensing board
Act No. 397 (R427, H2101)
--Preadmission screening and evaluation in psychiatric emergencies
Act No. 398 (R428, H3378)
--Regional storage facility
Act No. 399 (R429, H3674)
--Liability for civil damages
Act No. 400 (R430, H2955)
--Proof of service
Act No. 401 (R431, H2021)
--Relating to the ill-treatment of animals
Act No. 402 (R432, H3391)
--Definitions in the Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association Act
Act No. 403 (R433, H3897)
--Voting precincts in Greenville County
Act No. 404 (R434, H2122)
--Filing for agricultural use
Act No. 405 (R435, H3729)
--Compensation of victims of crime
Act No. 406 (R437, H3728)
--Crime Victim's Compensation; burial expenses; aggregate award
Act No. 407 (R439, H3428)
--Who may enter first grade
Act No. 408 (R440, H3463)
--Relating to definitions pertaining to auctioneers, defining "absolute auction"
Act No. 409 (R441, H3423)
--Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens in Horry County as a wildlife sanctuary
Act No. 410 (R443, S747)
--Workers' Compensation Commission
Act No. 411 (R444, S421)
--Notice to insurer; notice by insurer; penalty; duties of Workers' Compensation Commission; notice to employees; etc.
Act No. 412 (R445, S922)
--Increase the disability period for the loss of an eye
Act No. 413 (R446, S964)
--Definitions for the chapter on dealers in precious metals
Act No. 414 (R447, S71)
--Use of state park facilities free of charge
Act No. 415 (R450, H3567)
--Judicial sale procedures for exempt debtor property
Act No. 416 (R451, H3305)
--Payment of claims
Act No. 417 (R452, H3360)
--Retail license fee
Act No. 418 (R454, H3901)
--February is American History Month
Act No. 419 (R456, H3652)
--Collection of delinquent taxes
Act No. 420 (R457, H3362)
--Relating to the tax on playing cards
Act No. 421 (R459, H3368)
--Penalties and offenses under the uniform method of collection and enforcement of taxes levied
Act No. 422 (R460, H2161)
--Governor to appoint Board of Registration
Act No. 423 (R461, S239)
--State conventions
Act No. 424 (R463, H3356)
--Police retirement benefits
Act No. 425 (R464, H3579)
--Occupational therapists - educational accreditation requirements
Act No. 426 (R465, H3763)
--Change the charge allowed on a delinquency installment
Act No. 427 (R466, H3577)
--Medical malpractice filings with licensing board
Act No. 428 (R467, H3032)
--Limitation on requirement of casualty insurance by mortgagee
Act No. 429 (R468, H2042)
--Relating to unlawful parking in handicapped parking places
Act No. 430 (R469, H2071)
--Airboats regulated
Act No. 431 (R470, H2831)
--To require licensing of asbestos abatement projects and asbestos removal contractors, supervisors, workers, air sampling professionals, and consultants
Act No. 432 (R471, H2610)
--Relating to limitation of civil actions
Act No. 433 (R472, H3385)
--Deer hunting within three hundred yards of residence
Act No. 434 (R475, H2503)
--Security instruments required - waivers
Act No. 435 (R476, H2959)
--Administration of the South Carolina Dealers and Handlers Guaranty Fund
Act No. 436 (R477, H2267)
--Red drum - season
Act No. 437 (R479, S546)
--Comprehensive Health Education Act
Act No. 438 (R481, S1002)
--Relating to property tax exemptions
Act No. 439 (R483, S315)
--Board of Dentistry reauthorized
Act No. 440 (R484, S607)
--Relating to definitions for registration of architects
Act No. 441 (R485, H2945)
--To create and provide for a guardian ad litem program
Act No. 442 (R487, H3395)
--Commissioner may order rate reduction
Act No. 443 (R489, H3785)
--Relating to condemnation of property of certain public service corporations
Act No. 444 (R490, S415)
--"South Carolina Business Corporation Act of 1988"
Act No. 445 (R491, S1328)
--Jury areas for magistrates' courts in Berkeley County
Act No. 446 (R494, S235)
--Establish the South Carolina Interagency Council on Hunger and Nutrition
Act No. 447 (R495, H3381)
--Relating to the immunity from civil liability of health care providers
Act No. 448 (R496, H3320)
--Prohibiting the transfer or gift of beer, wine, or alcoholic liquor
Act No. 449 (R497, H3297)
--Out-of-State property
Act No. 450 (R498, S1107)
--Conservation officers
Act No. 451 (R499, S505)
--Collection of delinquent property taxes
Act No. 452 (R500, S1128)
--Towing of watercraft by the Wildlife and Marine Resources Department
Act No. 453 (R501, S1139)
--Relating to preparation of jury lists in the circuit court
Act No. 454 (R502, S1189)
--Wildlife defined - penalties for trafficking in wildlife
Act No. 455 (R503, S1223)
--Procedure for submitting petitions
Act No. 456 (R504, S1300)
--Warrant for distraint allowed --not required
Act No. 457 (R505, S969)
--Relating to offenses involving pistols
Act No. 458 (R506, S1117)
--Discharging a firearm at a boat landing or ramp prohibited
Act No. 459 (R508, S1115)
--Commercial fishing by child under sixteen - license required
Act No. 460 (R510, S1184)
--Alligator products permits
Act No. 461 (R511, S1202)
--Jurisdiction of conservation officers of the Department of Wildlife and Marine Resources
Act No. 462 (R513, S1304)
--Relating to income tax credits
Act No. 463 (R514, S1183)
--Relating to the South Carolina Estate Tax Act
Act No. 464 (R515, S532)
--Relating to tuition grants and the Higher Education Tuition Grant Commission
Act No. 465 (R516, S1001)
--To provide for the Compliance Review Act of 1988
Act No. 466 (R518, H3573)
--To enact the Long Term Care Insurance Act
Act No. 467 (R519, H3580)
--To reauthorize the existence of the Board of Podiatry Examiners for six years
Act No. 468 (R520, H3625)
--Eligibility for retail liquor license
Act No. 469 (R521, H3474)
--Firing firearms at dwellings or occupied structures --penalties
Act No. 470 (R522, H3293)
--Rifle defined as a primitive weapon
Act No. 471 (R523, H2501)
--Persons who may act as insurance agents without a license
Act No. 472 (R524, S924)
--Voter challenged
Act No. 473 (R525, S583)
--Excused jurors
Act No. 474 (R527, S1182)
--Uniform method of collection and enforcement of taxes levied and assessed by the South Carolina Tax Commission
Act No. 475 (R528, S1178)
--Service retirement benefits
Act No. 476 (R529, S958)
--Loitering provision deleted; reports of violations
Act No. 477 (R531, S1114)
--Game fish caught by nonfishing device
Act No. 478 (R532, S1136)
--Issuance of a citation and affidavit during supervision of probation and parole
Act No. 479 (R533, S1100)
--Liability of member insurer, etc.
Act No. 480 (R535, S1196)
--Agency name changed
Act No. 481 (R536, S1109)
--Prohibition against importing, possessing, selling, or releasing into state waters undesirable species of fish
Act No. 482 (R538, H3401)
--Incontestability of individual life insurance policies and exceptions
Act No. 483 (R539, H3036)
--Relating to identification cards
Act No. 484 (R540, H3575)
--To reauthorize the existence of the South Carolina State Board of Psychology
Act No. 485 (R541, H2541)
--Unlawful failure to return video or cassette tape
Act No. 486 (R542, H2981)
--To enact the State Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Bank Act of 1988
Act No. 487 (R544, H3706)
--Fee in lieu of taxes
Act No. 488 (R545, H3405)
--Income tax credit
Act No. 489 (R546, H2943)
--Payment of post-termination claims to sales representatives
Act No. 490 (R547, H2807)
--Relating to venereal diseases
Act No. 491 (R548, H3695)
--Pawnbroker exclusion revised
Act No. 492 (R549, H3592)
--Requirements for the purchase of a pistol
Act No. 493 (R550, S1167)
--Dental hygienist and assistants-practice
Act No. 494 (R551, S236)
--Relating to the application of the Uniform Commercial Code
Act No. 495 (R552, S1277)
--Counties and municipal corporations
Act No. 496 (R553, S1181)
--Credits on gasoline and motor fuels taxes for truck equipment use
Act No. 497 (R556, S1110)
--Records and reports of Department of Wildlife and Marine Resources' licenses
Act No. 498 (R560, S1292)
--Real estate sale or exchange; exclusion
Act No. 499 (R561, S1155)
--Safe deposit box, mentally incompetent
Act No. 500 (R562, S1180)
--Conversion of service
Act No. 501 (R563, S1064)
--To reauthorize the existence of the South Carolina State Board of Examiners in Optometry
Act No. 502 (R566, S1191)
--Interscholastic activities, requirement for participation
Act No. 503 (R567, S1218)
--Definition of "underinsured motor vehicle"
Act No. 504 (R568, S1303)
--The Freedom of Information Act and access to tax information
Act No. 505 (R569, S1222)
--To redefine "assessment", "improvements", "improvement district", and "improvement plan"
Act No. 506 (R570, S916)
--Requirements for the sale of fine prints
Act No. 507 (R571, S745)
--Written notification of registration
Act No. 508 (R573, S1149)
--Magistrates authorized to confirm judgements
Act No. 509 (R574, S1079)
--Provide the retirement system to develop an optional long term care insurance program
Act No. 510 (R575, H3771)
--Board of Trustees for the College of Charleston
Act No. 511 (R576, H3751)
--Special meeting notice requirement
Act No. 512 (R577, H3752)
--Teasing, maltreating, injuring police dogs prohibited
Act No. 513 (R578, H4160)
--Paramount Precinct in Greenville County
Act No. 514 (R579, H2902)
--Make-up period for missed test
Act No. 515 (R580, H3323)
--Regulations of dangerous dogs
Act No. 516 (R581, H3460)
--Auctioneers' license fees
Act No. 517 (R583, H3955)
--Crime of issuing fraudulent checks
Act No. 518 (R586, S1312)
--Authorized investments for political subdivisions
Act No. 519 (R587, S683)
--Issuance of additional revenue bonds
Act No. 520 (R588, S624)
--Procedure for changing boundaries
Act No. 521 (R589, S982)
--Relating to property tax exemptions
Act No. 522 (R590, S1381)
--Education Finance Act; compensatory or remedial funding
Act No. 523 (R591, S1382)
--Evaluation and training of school principals
Act No. 524 (R592, S988)
--"Immediate family" redefined
Act No. 525 (R594, S1371)
--Self-insurance certificates permitted
Act No. 526 (R595, S1122)
--Restriction on night hunting
Act No. 527 (R596, S1287)
--"Hospital" defined
Act No. 528 (R597, S1066)
--Unlawful practices by opticians
Act No. 529 (R598, S1363)
--Pen registers and trap and trace devices
Act No. 530 (R599, S756)
--Relating to the offense of littering
Act No. 531 (R600, S1011)
--Service by publication
Act No. 532 (R603, S704)
--Removal of license restrictions postponed
Act No. 533 (R605, S1073)
--Requirements for election as bank director revised
Act No. 534 (R606, S1062)
--State Board of Examiners in Speech Pathology and Audiology reauthorized
Act No. 535 (R607, S434)
--Statewide testing program tests
Act No. 536 (R608, S1288)
--Commissioners of Pilotage; appointment
Act No. 537 (R609, S1150)
--Telephone utilities, schedules; provisions added
Act No. 538 (R611, H3703)
--Requirements to issue notes and bonds
Act No. 539 (R613, H4029)
--Policies ceded to the South Carolina Reinsurance Facility
Act No. 540 (R615, H3651)
--Reimbursement provisions revised
Act No. 541 (R616, H4101)
--Examination of respiratory care practitioners
Act No. 542 (R619, H3585)
--Railroad rights-of-way; vehicle prohibition; exceptions
Act No. 543 (R620, H3455)
--Possession, sale, or importation of live wolves or coyotes
Act No. 544 (R621, H3963)
--Registration of mortgage loan brokers
Act No. 545 (R622, H2148)
--To provide for a Prisoner of War Commission
Act No. 546 (R623, H3068)
--Relating to the taking of a child into emergency protective custody
Act No. 547 (R624, H3533)
--Animals; rabies; removal of head
Act No. 548 (R626, S854)
--Change the name of the Board of Pharmaceutical Examiners to the Board of Pharmacy
Act No. 549 (R627, S1450)
--Fox-hunting-dog-training facility
Act No. 550 (R628, S1432)
--Relating to the promotion of flue-cured tobacco
Act No. 551 (R629, S708)
--No wake zones
Act No. 552 (R630, S356)
--Definitions used in the South Carolina Occupational Therapy Practice Act
Act No. 553 (R631, S1459)
--One action for recovery of real property permitted
Act No. 554 (R632, S1282)
--Boll weevil eradication program --referenda --assessments
Act No. 555 (R636, S962)
--Eligibility of membership in State Retirement System
Act No. 556 (R637, S1127)
--Unlawful use of firearms and archery tackle while hunting
Act No. 557 (R638, S1169)
--Trawling near beaches of Fripp, Hunting, and Hilton Head Islands
Act No. 558 (R639, S1147)
--Agricultural use
Act No. 559 (R640, S1013)
--Relating to unlawful use of and fraudulent application for a motor vehicle driver's license
Act No. 560 (R641, S1125)
--Licensing and regulations of privately-owned shooting preserves
Act No. 561 (R643, S1163)
--Protection of game
Act No. 562 (R645, S1095)
--Title insurance regulated
Act No. 563 (R646, H3994)
--Relating to animals, livestock, and poultry
Act No. 564 (R647, H3336)
--Regulation of automobile insurance
Act No. 565 (R650, H4114)
--Penalties for certain drug offenses
Act No. 566 (R651, H2838)
--Laws of state relating to watercraft and watercraft safety
Act No. 567 (R652, H2757)
--Trapping of furbearing animals
Act No. 568 (R635, H2450)
--Social workers
Act No. 569 (R655, H3985)
--Additional commissioners authorized
Act No. 570 (R656, H4005)
--Removal petition hearings
Act No. 571 (R657, H3895)
--Definitions; indemnity for expenses
Act No. 572 (R658, H2398)
--Review of occupational registration and licensing
Act No. 573 (R659, H3879)
--Tagging and bagging wild turkeys
Act No. 574 (R660, H3369)
--License tax
Act No. 575 (R661, H3408)
--Home equity conversion mortgages
Act No. 576 (R662, H4179)
--Relating to the payment of ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles
Act No. 577 (R664, H3937)
--Division and use of proceeds from sale of forfeited property revised
Act No. 578 (R665, H2932)
--"Dependent" or "dependent person"
Act No. 579 (R666, H3936)
--Solicitors to forward certain information
Act No. 580 (R667, H3993)
--Hilton Head Scenic Highway established
Act No. 581 (R668, H3878)
--Hunting of wild turkeys
Act No. 582 (R669, H3877)
--Taking or attempting to take wild turkey
Act No. 583 (R670, H3940)
--Subdivision regulations
Act No. 584 (R671, H3876)
--Prohibition against baiting wild turkeys
Act No. 585 (R672, H3837)
--Relating to the entry of mortgage satisfactions
Act No. 586 (R673, H4108)
--Death with Dignity Act revised
Act No. 587 (R674, S1281)
--Creation of the Aquaculture Permit Assistance Office
Act No. 588 (R675, S1006)
--Loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta) as the official reptile of the state
Act No. 589 (R676, S1335)
--Registration of electors
Act No. 590 (R677, S1159)
--Zoning by municipalities and counties
Act No. 591 (R678, S1295)
--Carolina mantid (praying mantis) the official state insect
Act No. 592 (R679, S172)
--Agency review; regulations
Act No. 593 (R680, S457)
--Home instruction
Act No. 594 (R681, S1254)
--Designate Highway 174 south of the Dawhoo Bridge in Charleston County a scenic highway
Act No. 595 (R683, S1445)
--Definition of board
Act No. 596 (R687, S1344)
--To codify the common law rule
Act No. 597 (R688, S1355)
--Assessments for construction of water or sewer line
Act No. 598 (R689, H3732)
--Provisions also applicable to beer, ale, porter, and malt beverages
Act No. 599 (R692, H3461)
--Estate sale defined
Act No. 600 (R694, H4042)
--Membership of committee revised
Act No. 601 (R696, H4081)
--Taking shrimp over bait
Act No. 602 (R697, H3772)
--Structural and other requirements for retail liquor stores
Act No. 603 (R698, H4013)
--Definition of "Motor Home"
Act No. 604 (R699, H2866)
--The South Carolina Business Opportunity Sales Act
Act No. 605 (R702, H2591)
--Notice of a drafting period for regulations
Act No. 606 (R703, H2908)
--To redefine "business with which he is associated"
Act No. 607 (R704, H3816)
--Relating to definitions in regard to criminal justice committees
Act No. 608 (R705, H3863)
--Precinct boundaries revised
Act No. 609 (R706, H4189)
--Residency requirement deleted
Act No. 610 (R707, H3988)
--Subpoenas duces tecum
Act No. 611 (R709, H2725)
--Relating to engineers and land surveyors
Act No. 612 (R710, H3747)
--Defensive driving course completion for reduction in points
Act No. 613 (R712, H3789)
--Mailing notices
Act No. 614 (R713, H4020)
--Relating to maximum charges under the Consumer Protection Code
Act No. 615 (R714, H4126)
--Fines of children as condition of probation
Act No. 616 (R715, H3018)
--Review of certain drivers' license cancellations, suspensions, or revocations
Act No. 617 (R716, H4128)
--Long Point Road as scenic highway
Act No. 618 (R717, H3838)
--"Beneficiary Class" defined - loans
Act No. 619 (R718, S711)
--Filing fees
Act No. 620 (R725, H3903)
--Facility recoupment charge displayed
Act No. 621 (R726, H3769)
--Environmental systems operators
Act No. 622 (R727, H4011)
--Return of surplus premiums
Act No. 623 (R728, H3739)
--Suspension of drivers' licenses and privileges for points
Act No. 624 (R729, H3598)
--List of registered aircraft furnished
Act No. 625 (R731, S725)
--Relating to definitions in the Regional Transportation Authority Law
Act No. 626 (R733, S411)
--Annexation procedure
Act No. 627 (R734, H3931)
--Health and Human Services Finance Commission to establish advisory committees
Act No. 628 (R735, H3925)
--Use of State House lobbies and other public buildings and grounds
Act No. 629 (R736, H3983)
--Initiatives for research and academic excellence
Act No. 630 (R738, H4009)
--Family court ex officio clerk
Act No. 631 (R739, H3561)
--Relating to the rights of "Developmentally Disabled Persons"
Act No. 632 (R740, H3833)
--Optional method for purchase of additional service credit
Act No. 633 (R741, H3968)
--Sales tax on Medicare or Medicaid reimbursed items
Act No. 634 (R742, H3713)
--To provide for beach protection; to restore the dune system to its natural dynamic equilibrium
Act No. 635 (R743, H3380)
--Superior liens
Act No. 636 (R744, H4004)
--Relating to the conduct of family court hearings involving children
Act No. 637 (R745, H3473)
--Legal residence
Act No. 638 (R746, H4025)
--Relating to issuance of capital improvement bonds
Act No. 639 (R747, H3371)
--The sharing of sales and use tax returns and records with other states of the United States
Act No. 640 (R748, H2957)
--Relating to the crime of receiving stolen goods
Act No. 641 (R749, H3735)
--To make it unlawful for a licensed insurance agent knowingly to present or aid in the preparation of an insurance application containing false or misleading information
Act No. 642 (R750, H4182)
--Relating to exemptions from the use tax
Act No. 643 (R751, H3701)
--To authorize the establishment of the Palmetto Seed Capital Corporation
Act No. 644 (R753, H3779)
--Relating to taking a child into custody
Act No. 645 (R760, S1353)
--Waters closed to trawling
Act No. 646 (R762, H3175)
--Qualifications of sheriffs
Act No. 647 (R763, H3107)
--Owner of mobile home or modular home may redeem property
Act No. 648 (R764, H2329)
--Release of juvenile's adjudication of violent offenses
Act No. 649 (R765, H2395)
--Out-of-court statements by certain children
Act No. 650 (R766, H4007)
--Relating to family court jurisdiction in domestic matters
Act No. 651 (R767, H3338)
--Prohibition against the sale of beer, wine, or alcoholic liquor for on-premises consumption on a two or more for the price of one basis
Act No. 652 (R768, H2929)
--General provisions regarding public officers
Act No. 653 (R771, H3710)
--To provide for the use of fictitious names in adoption records
Act No. 654 (R773, S998)
--Licensing and examination of applicants to practice podiatry
Act No. 655 (R774, S1175)
--Index of taxpaying ability
Act No. 656 (R776, H3453)
--Regulation of unsolicited consumer telephone calls
Act No. 657 (R778, H2963)
--Rreimbursement of local entities for costs of child support collection and paternity determination programs
Act No. 658 (R770, H3880)
--Appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1988
Act No. 659 (R779, S1194)
--Definition of "presently exercisable general power of appointment"
Act No. 660 (R780, S1330)
--Relating to interest on unpaid or additional tax
Act No. 661 (R782, S1398)
--Liquefied petroleum gases
Act No. 662 (R783, S1220)
--Open-end permits for moving oversize mobile homes,
Act No. 663 (R785, S379)
--Relating to definitions under the "South Carolina Human Affairs Law"
Act No. 664 (R786, S1166)
--Governmental entity not liable
Act No. 665 (R788, S1438)
--Property damage increased for required report
Act No. 666 (R789, S1240)
--Property tax exemption for corporate headquarters, office facilities, and distribution facilities
Act No. 667 (R790, H3742)
--Medical Advisory Board
Act No. 668 (R791, H3379)
--Relating to the Debt Offset Collection Act
Act No. 669 (R793, H2423)
--Relating to drawing and uttering fraudulent checks
Act No. 670 (R794, H2539)
--State Hospital Construction and Franchising Act
Act No. 671 (R796, H3572)
--Uninsured motor vehicle
Act No. 672 (R797, H2593)
--Certain exemptions from the provisions of the Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems Act
Act No. 673 (R799, H3596)
--Excessive or unreasonable insurance rates
Act No. 674 (R800, H3861)
--Charities, recovery against, provisions changed; health care provider, volunteer, liability, provisions deleted
Act No. 675 (R801, H3669)
--Exemption from liability by governmental agencies
Act No. 676 (R802, H3493)
--Expenditure of institutional fees and locally appropriated county funds
Act No. 677 (R803, H4198)
--No payment of workers' compensation, refusal to use safety appliance, etc.
Act No. 678 (R806, S1)
--Relating to fees collected by magistrates
Act No. 679 (R808, S1430)
--Lake Wylie Marine Commission
Act No. 680 (R809, H3890)
--Oil overcharge refund monies
Act No. 681 (R811, H2752)
--Relating to magistrates' civil jurisdiction
Act No. 682 (R812, H2947)
--South Carolina Resources Authority Act
Act No. 683 (R814, H2496)
--Waiting period extended
Act No. 684 (R701, H4253)
--Bird sanctuary added
Act No. 685 (R755, H2680)
--Relating to the Clark's Hill-Russell Authority
Act No. 686 (R633, S380)
--Constitutional amendment proposed
Act No. 687 (R414, H3823)
--Relating to the General Fund Reserve
Act No. 688 (R402, H2862)
--Joint resolution , relating to law enforcement officials, prosecutors, administrative officers, and the Attorney General
Act No. 689 (R593, S1140)
--Joint resolution, relating to grand and petit juries
Act No. 690 (R781, S1534)
--Amendment proposed for joint county development
Act No. 691 (R798, H4072)
--Amendment to Constitution proposed
Act No. 692 (R772, H3882)
--Joint resolution; monies from the Capital Reserve Fund for fiscal year 1987-88
Act No. 693 (R399, H3730)
--Joint resolution; State Budget and Control Board to transfer surplus funds resulting from reductions in automobile liability insurance costs to the Insurance Reserve Fund
Act No. 694 (R400, H3737)
--Joint resolution; State Budget and Control Board to delay recommendations
Act No. 695 (R610, H3696)
--Joint resolution; relating to the State Health and Human Services Finance Commission
Act No. 696 (R534, S1417)
--Transcript of testimony exempt from journal publication
Act No. 697 (R365, S1143)
--Joint resolution to create the Accommodations Tax Ad Hoc Committee
Act No. 698 (R319, S984)
--Joint resolution; deadline for appealing the reassessment of ad valorem property taxes
Act No. 699 (R482, S1008)
--Time for filing of applications for ad valorem property tax exemption
Act No. 700 (R517, S1157)
--Extend the deadline for filing applications to claim agricultural use
Act No. 701 (R492, S1275)
--Issuance of bonds by Clemson University for student and faculty housing facilities
Act No. 702 (R493, S1274)
--Issuance of plant improvement bonds by Clemson University
Act No. 703 (R393, H3576)
--To reauthorize the existence of the State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners for six years
Act No. 704 (R302, S775)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control
Act No. 705 (R376, S1216)
--To approve regulations of Clemson University
Act No. 706 (R388, H3780)
--Regulations of the Board of Medical Examiners
Act No. 707 (R389, H3781)
--Regulations of the Board of Medical Examiners, relating to respiratory care practitioners
Act No. 708 (R442, H3569)
--Regulations of the Department of Insurance, relating to variable contracts
Act No. 709 (R449, S1215)
--Relating to Parks and Recreation Development Fund
Act No. 710 (R473, H3912)
--Regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to service stations
Act No. 711 (R474, H3832)
--Regulations of the Board of Accountancy, relating to examination fees and reciprocity certificates
Act No. 712 (R486, H3628)
--Regulations of the Board of Pharmacy, relating to pharmacist-in-charge
Act No. 713 (R512, S1225)
--Regulations of the Health and Human Services Finance Commission, relating to Medicaid
Act No. 714 (R507, S1226)
--Regulations of the Board of Medical Examiners, relating toflex exam and licensure by endorsement
Act No. 715 (R509, S1228)
--Regulations of the Health and Human Services Finance Commission, relating to Medicaid eligibility
Act No. 716 (R554, S1321)
--Regulations of the Department of Labor, relating to elevator safety
Act No. 717 (R555, S1322)
--Regulations of the Department of Labor, relating to amusement rides safety
Act No. 718 (R557, S1357)
--Regulations of Board of Nursing approved
Act No. 719 (R558, S1324)
--Regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to fire safety
Act No. 720 (R559, S1358)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to asbestos removal
Act No. 721 (R564, S1325)
--Regulations of the Budget and Control Board, division of state fire marshal, relating to tents, grandstands and air-supported structures
Act No. 722 (R565, S1323)
--Regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to fire safety
Act. No. 723 (R601, S1326)
--Regulations of the Licensing Board for Contractors, relating to the board and fees
Act No. 724 (R604, S1439)
--Regulations of the S.C.Law Enforcement Division, relating to obtaining , handling ,blood and urine samples
Act No. 725 (R612, H4070)
--Regulations of the Department of Insurance, relating to automobile insurance credits
Act No. 726 (R614, H4140)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to Classified Waters Wando River
Act No. 727 (R618, H3782)
--Regulations of the Board of Pharmacy, relating to wholesale drug distribution and manufacturers
Act No. 728 (R585, S1264)
--Relating to surplus property management
Act No. 729 (R617, H4100)
--Regulations of the Board of Examiners in Psychology, relating to licenses, fees, and advertising
Act No. 730 (R635, S1327)
--The Randolph-Shepphard Vending Facility Program
Act No. 731 (R642, S1457)
--Conduct of boxing, kickboxing, sparring, and wrestling events, exhibitions, contests, and performances
Act No. 732 (R654, H4200)
--Nonforfeiture standards for men and women
Act No. 733 (R663, H4097)
--Regulations of the Public Service Commission, relating to practice and procedure
Act No. 734 (R684, S1458)
--Regulations of the Auctioneers' Commission, relating to license certification
Act No. 735 (R724, H4141)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to classified waters (North Inlet Estuary)
Act No. 736 (R757, S1453)
--Regulations of the Commission on Higher Education, relating to licensing of nonpublic institutions
Act No. 737 (R758, S1455)
--Regulations of the Tax Commission, relating to filing of a consolidated return for two or more corporations
Act No. 738 (R777, H4228)
--Consumption, possession, and sale of alcoholic beverages
Act No. 739 (R761, S1454)
--Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program and improving undergraduate instruction
Act No. 740 (R644, S1081)
--Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse to promulgate regulations
Act No. 741 (R309, H3475)
--Secretary of State to restore the charter of Gymkalos Investment Corporation in Horry County
Act No. 742 (R350, H3445)
--Secretary of State to restore the charter of Optimist Club of Spartanburg, S.C.
Act No. 743 (R390, H3765)
--Secretary of State to restore the charter of Nakato S.C., Inc.
Act No. 744 (R411, H3756)
--To restore the charter of Goat Island, Inc., in Charleston County
Act No. 745 (R425, H3794)
--Restore the charter of Saluda Young Farmers Chapter in Saluda County
Act No. 746 (R436, H3821)
--To restore the charter of Stafford Lodge No. 216, Ancient Free Masons of Hampton County
Act No. 747 (R488, H3926)
--To restore the charter of the Palmetto Council, Inc.
Act No. 748 (R582, H4096)
--To restore the charter of Darlington Post No. 13 of the American Legion
Act No. 749 (R695, H4201)
--To restore the charter of Greenwood Forest Homeowners' Association, of Beaufort County
Act No. 750 (R720, S1526)
--To restore the charter of C & J Textile Machinery and Supplies, Inc., in Greenville County
Act No. 751 (R721, S1507)
--To restore the charter of South Carolina Magistrates' Association, Inc., in Lexington County
Act No. 752 (R480, H4019)
--Authorize the Board of Trustees of Abbeville County School District No. 60 to issue and sell a general obligation bond
Act No. 753 (R543, H4087)
--Authorize the Board of Trustees of Abbeville County School District No. 60 to increase material fees
Act No. 754 (R648, H4261)
--Board of Trustees of Abbeville County School District No. 60 to issue a general obligation bond
Act No. 755 (R649, H4262)
--To provide for the procedure to impose ad valorem taxes
Act No. 756 (R759, S1528)
--Millage authorization
Act No. 757 (R769, H4169)
--Budget and tax levy for Calhoun County Schools
Act No. 758 (R784, S1367)
--To authorize the number, districts, and location of offices of magistrates in Aiken County
Act No. 759 (R572, S949)
--Magisterial powers to the ministerial magistrates in Anderson County
Act No. 760 (R397, H3582)
--Superintendent of education and board of education abolished
Act No. 761 (R722, S1535)
--To repeal Act 579 of 1980 relating to the magistrate for Hilton's Cross Roads in Berkeley County
Act No. 762 (R730, H4288)
--To provide for the tax millage to be levied in Charleston County fiscal year 1988-89
Act No. 763 (R737, H3817)
--Filing requirements of constituent trustees
Act No. 764 (R775, H4276)
--Millage for operations; Charleston County
Act No. 765 (R690, H4257)
--Creation of the Chester Fire District in Chester County
Act No. 766 (R378, H3700)
--Authorization to issue bonds
Act No. 767 (R708, H4154)
--To authorize the Board of Trustees of Clarendon County to issue general obligation bonds
Act No. 768 (R813, H4274)
--Election of members
Act No. 769 (R711, H4255)
--Levy for Dillon County - school purposes
Act No. 770 (R723, H4012)
--Board of Fire Control established
Act No. 771 (R419, S1185)
--Magistrates, Greenville County; changed
Act No. 772 (R458, H3945)
--To designate a road in Greenville County as "Little Texas Road"
Act No. 773 (R530, S1421)
--To amend an act of 1988 bearing ratification number 419
Act No. 774 (R337, H3523)
--To alter the county lines of Hampton and Allendale Counties
Act No. 775 (R324, S1047)
--Powers of special magistrate
Act No. 776 (R756, S1541)
--Advisory referendum - Horry County
Act No. 777 (R372, S1207)
--To establish the Lancaster County School District
Act No. 778 (R602, S1460)
--Registration and elections commission for Laurens County
Act No. 779 (R682, S1504)
--Election of trustees - District 55
Act No. 780 (R317, S1048)
--Lexington County Special Magistrate
Act No. 781 (R334, H3638)
-- To provide full magisterial powers to the special magistrate in McCormick County
Act No. 782 (R453, H3827)
--Subdivision part of school district
Act No. 783 (R685, S1497)
--Newberry County Board of Education, to issue and sell general obligation bonds
Act No. 784 (R732, S1461)
--Members recommended by Newberry County Council; two consecutive terms
Act No. 785 (R455, H3902)
--Missed school days excused
Act No. 786 (R754, H4289)
--To provide for an advisory referendum in Oconee County
Act No. 787 (R691, H4284)
--School budgets and tax levies for schools --Orangeburg County
Act No. 788 (R693, H4184)
--Issue of general obligation bonds
Act No. 789 (R752, H4238)
--Board of Trustees of Pickens County School District; distribution of the monthly expense allowance of members of the board
Act No. 790 (R526, S1418)
--Richland County Historic Preservation Commission
Act No. 791 (R805, S1571)
--Manufacture of military firearms
Act No. 792 (R719, S867)
--Election of members of Spartanburg County Board of Education
Act No. 793 (R807, S1568)
--Election of the members of the County Board of Education for Spartanburg County
Act No. 794 (R584, H4131)
--Creating the Dalzell Water District of Sumter County
Act No. 795 (R625, H4101)
--Transfer of property to Sumter School District No. 2
Act No. 796 (R792, H4293)
--Boards of trustees - Sumter County school districts
Act No. 797 (R810, H4311)
--Vocational education - Sumter County
Act No. 798 (R462, S1313)
--Board of Trustees of the School District of Williamsburg County
Act No. 799 (R700, H4277)
--Power to levy taxes
Act No. 800 (R804, H4357)
--Additional magistrate for York County
Act No. 801 (R478, H3923)
--To close and remove from the state highway system roads S-41-306 and S-41-327 in Saluda County

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