South Carolina General Assembly
108th Session, 1989-1990

Bill 3602

                    Current Status

Bill Number:               3602
Ratification Number:       297
Act Number                 206
Introducing Body:          House
Subject:                   To appropriate monies from the Capital
                           Reserve Fund for fiscal year 1988-89
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(A206, R297, H3602)


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

Funds appropriated

SECTION 1. In accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 36(B)(2) and (3), Constitution of South Carolina, 1896, and Section 11-11-320(C) and (D) of the 1976 Code, there is appropriated from the monies available in the Capital Reserve Fund for fiscal year 1988-89 the following amounts:

(1) Employee Bonus

One-time bonus $8.886,190


1.1 Effective on the fir8t pay day after November 30, 1989, each state employee who has been in continuous state service since June 2, 1989, is eligible to receive a one-time, lump-sum payment. Effective on the date of the lump-sum payment, employees who earn $20,000 or less must receive $286 and those employees who earn more than $20,000 must receive $143. This payment is not a part of the employee's base salary and is not earnable compensation for purposes of employer or employee contributions to the respective retirement systems. This appropriation may be used for payments to employees only in the same ratio as the employee's base salary is paid from appropriated sources. Legislative and judicial employees must receive the above one-time, lump-sum payment; however, no additional funds are provided for these payments. The bonus for the employees in the Legislature and Judiciary must be funded out of their respective budgets.

1.2 The lump-sum payment to which a classified state employee, who was employed on June 1, 1989, and who died after June 1, 1989, but before December 1, 1989, would have been entitled under the provisions of 1.1 above had he remained in continuous 6tate service until December 1, 1989, must be paid to his estate if open, and to the residual heirs or beneficiaries of his estate if the estate has been closed. The payment required by this section must be made by the State Treasurer upon warrant of the Comptroller General from the state general fund in the manner the Budget and Control Board shall direct within thirty days after the estate, heirs, or beneficiaries notify the Division of Human Resource Management of the Budget and Control Board of the person or entity to whom the payment should be made. The division may require proof of proper inheritance as it considers necessary. Any decision of the division as to whom the proper heirs or beneficiaries are of a deceased state employee if his estate has been closed is final and not appealable in a court of competent jurisdiction.

(2) Health Insurance Reserve-

Deficiency 25,926,983


2.1 The $25,926,983 appropriated in this item for "Health Insurance Reserve-Deficiency", together with the $6,850,000 appropriated in Part III of the fiscal year 1989-90 General Appropriations Act for Health Insurance Restoration-Deficit, must be allocated to agencies and institutions for the state and school district share of a temporary $261 surcharge on the employer share of health insurance premiums for all state employees, school district employees, and retirees. It is the intent of the General Assembly that this surcharge be used to eliminate the deficit in the State Health Insurance Fund in the 1989 plan year and that all proceeds from this surcharge must be applied to the State Health Insurance Fund. The employer shall pay the entire amount of this surcharge, and, for state employees, state funds must be used only in the same proportion as the employer share of the employee's regular health insurance premium is paid from state funds. On a date no later than July 10, 1989, the State Retirement System shall bill all state agencies for this surcharge on all employees and retirees based on the actual July employee count. The State Budget Division shall transfer state funds to the State Health Insurance Fund on behalf of agencies and school districts; agencies may elect to remit the share of the surcharge to be paid from federal or other funds in equal monthly payments over a six-month period.

(3) Higher Education

Cutting Edge 3,026,799


3.1 Of the funds appropriated for the Cutting Edge: Research Investment Initiative, twenty-five percent of the funds must be allocated to the state's senior public colleges. If the number of quality proposals for funds submitted by the senior colleges does not necessitate the twenty-five percent allocation, then the remaining funds must be allocated by the Commission on Higher Education to the state's public universities.

(4) Department of Health and Environmental Control

Computer Network

County Offices 1,480,000


(5) Savannah Valley Authority

Hampton Project 1,325,000


5.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Savannah Valley Authority shall expend any appropriated funds designated for the "Hampton Project" at the direction of the Hampton County Industrial Development Commission.

(6) Tax Commission

Equipment - Revenue

Enhancment 1,116,873


(7) Aeronautics Commission

Engine Overhaul 230,000

Helicopter Retrofit 156,000


(8) Workers' Compensation Commission

Computer System 500,000


(9) Educational Television

Equipment - New Facility 4,000,000


(10) Department of Mental Health

Medicaid Repayment -

Crafts Farrow Audit 900,000

Bond Payoff for V.A.

Nursing Home 979,613


(11) Legislative Department

Legislative Audit

Council Management

Review 50,000


11.1 The funds appropriated in this item for the Legislative Audit Council Management Review must be expended for the purpose of engaging a management consultant to perform a full scope review of the management structure and practices of the Legislative Audit Council. The management consultant must be selected by the Speaker of the House, the President ProTempore of the Senate or his designee, the chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, and the chairmen of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

(12) Adjutant General

Armory Maintenance 215,771


(13) Francis Marion

At-Risk Youth 50,000


(14) Orangeburg Tech

Permanent Improvement 400,000


(15) Department of Education

Textbooks 3,590,820


(16) Human Affairs Commission

Computer 161,000


(17) Forestry Commission

Equipment - Forest

Fire Control 533,887


17.1 Funds appropriated to the Forestry Commission for Equipment - Forest Fire Control must be expended only for that purpose.

(18) Department of Agriculture

Peach Marketing 25,000


(19) Clemson PSA

Aquaculture Equipment 120,000

Food Packaging

Equipment 80,480


(20) Development Board

Rail Bank 100,000


(21) Budget and Control Board

Budget Division

Equipment 500


Total Capital

Reserve Fund $ 53,854,916

SECTION 2. This act takes effect thirty days after the completion of the 1988-89 fiscal year in accordance with the provisions of Article III, Section 36(B)(3)(a), Constitution of South Carolina, 1895, and Section 11-11-320(D)(1) of the 1976 Code.