South Carolina Legislature

1989 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1989 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 1 (R4, S220)
--General Reserve Fund - constitutional amendment ratified
Act No. 2 (R5, S185)
--Defining the term attorney general
Act No. 3 (R6, S207)
--Definition of a " start-up business"
Act No. 4 (R8, H3204)
--Voting precincts and the polling places in Greenville County, change the polling place for the Meadowood Precinct
Act No. 5 (R9, H3111)
--State grand jury authorized
Act No. 6 (R10, H3118)
--Amendment authorizing joint county development ratified
Act No. 7 (R12, H3116)
--Relating to grand and petit jurors
Act No. 8 (R13, H3115)
--Amendment revising indictment requirements ratified
Act No. 9 (R14, H3112)
--Relating to dual office holding and qualification for office
Act No. 10 (R15, H3113)
--General Assembly may provide by law for the age and qualifications of sheriffs
Act No. 11 (R16, H3114)
--Ratifying an amendment to the Constitution relating to amendment and revision of the Constitution in 1990
Act No. 12 (R18, H3152)
--Playcard Environmental Education Center created
Act No. 13 (R19, H3325)
--Voting precincts in Pickens County, so as to provide for three additional precincts
Act No. 14 (R21, S221)
--To add a provision requiring a service charge payable by the drawer of a draft, check, or other written order to the payee
Act No. 15 (R22, S130)
--Involuntary commitment to alcohol and drug abuse facilities
Act No. 16 (R25, H3323)
--Powers and duties of the Richland-Lexington Airport Commission
Act No. 17 (R26, H3261)
--Judges' terms increased
Act No. 18 (R28, H3264)
--Facsimile of State Treasurer's signature authorized
Act No. 19 (R30, H3072)
--Designation of voting precincts in Chesterfield County
Act No. 20 (R32, H3018)
--Relating to an appeal from a judgment in a magistrate's or municipal court
Act No. 21 (R34, H3085)
--Offense of malicious injury to telegraph, telephone, or electric utility systems
Act No. 22 (R36, H3403)
--Relating to the designation of voting precincts in Abbeville County
Act No. 23 (R37, H3339)
--Drawing of magistrates' juries by computer
Act No. 24 (R38, H3265)
--Relating to approval of accident, health, or accident and health insurance policies
Act No. 25 (R39, S222)
--Governing law of perfection or nonperfection revised
Act No. 26 (R41, S33)
--Restrictions on property transfers
Act No. 27 (R43, S298)
--Where appeals may be brought and heard
Act No. 28 (R44, S354)
--Prohibition against the pupils of one race attending the schools provided by the boards of trustees for persons of another race
Act No. 29 (R45, S213)
--To repeal Section 14-17-320, relating to certain records and reports
Act No. 30 (R46, S75)
--Voting precincts in Lexington County
Act No. 31 (R47, S305)
--Assessment for boll weevil eradication
Act No. 32 (R48, S303)
--Coordinate system for defining location of points within state changed
Act No. 33 (R51, H3133)
--Midlands Technical College Commission
Act No. 34 (R52, H3531)
--Refunding bonds
Act No. 35 (R60, H3165)
--Relating to termination dates for particular state agencies
Act No. 36 (R61, H3102)
--Appeals from final judgments of a master-in-equity
Act No. 37 (R65, H3218)
--Permanent Joint Legislative Committee to Study the Insurance Industry
Act No. 38 (R66, H3136)
--Relating to commitment to alcohol and drug abuse facilities
Act No. 39 (R67, S531)
--Relating to the Chesterfield-Marlboro Area Technical Education Commission
Act No. 40 (R69, S528)
--Greenville County magistrates' jury areas revised
Act No. 41 (R70, S504)
--Importation of wildlife
Act No. 42 (R73, S270)
--Adding Chapter 8 to Title 16
Act No. 43 (R74, S219)
--Estate tax returns
Act No. 44 (R76, S283)
--Motor carriers may make payments by check
Act No. 45 (R77, S505)
--Hard clam resource regulated
Act No. 46 (R78, H3189)
--Licensing of burglar alarm system businesses
Act No. 47 (R79, H3123)
--Beaver snares
Act No. 48 (R80, H3306)
--Persons qualified to vote by absentee ballot
Act No. 49 (R85, H3158)
--Commodities marketing orders - exemptions from APA
Act No. 50 (R86, S202)
--Relating to the assessment and collection of taxes
Act No. 51 (R88, S237)
--Relating to vacancies in the office of sheriff
Act No. 52 (R89, S400)
--Bond and security requirements for mortgage loan brokers
Act No. 53 (R91, S255)
--Relating to the requirements of bond for personal representatives in the probation of estates
Act No. 54 (R92, H3447)
--State Workers' Compensation Insolvency Fund
Act No. 55 (R93, H3510)
--Establishing the South Carolina Resources Authority
Act No. 56 (R94, H3355)
--Endorsements on notary public applications
Act No. 57 (R95, H3657)
--Relating to the amount of workers' compensation for the death of an employee due to an accident
Act No. 58 (R99, H3014)
--Relating to the payment of workers' compensation benefits when a deceased employee leaves no dependents or partial dependents
Act No. 59 (R100, H3209)
--Relating to the date on which workers' compensation payable under the terms of an agreement becomes due
Act No. 60 (R101, H3041)
--Relating to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council
Act No. 61 (R104, S68)
--To reauthorize the existence of the Contractors' Licensing Board of South Carolina
Act No. 62 (R106, S69)
--To reauthorize the existence of the South Carolina Residential Home Builders Commission
Act No. 63 (R108, S328)
--Relating to presidential succession and inability to perform the duties of the office
Act No. 64 (R109, S657)
--Jury areas for magistrates' courts in Aiken County
Act No. 65 (R110, S276)
--Judicial sales by referees
Act No. 66 (R111, S269)
--Lis pendens; notice; cancellation of; court order not required
Act No. 67 (R113, S434)
--Payment to heirs authorized
Act No. 68 (R114, S224)
--Additional oath required for county officers with regard to sharing profits
Act No. 69 (R115, S396)
--Relating to physical fitness services
Act No. 70 (R116, S253)
--Claims of commissioners, family members, employees; exception
Act No. 71 (R117, S280)
--Reimbursement to Crimestoppers
Act No. 72 (R118, S4)
--South Carolina Fair Housing Law enacted
Act No. 73 (R122, H3283)
--Health and dental insurance may be provided
Act No. 74 (R123, H3472)
--Destruction of human remains, repository of; penalties
Act No. 75 (R124, H3398)
--Voting by members of electric cooperatives
Act No. 76 (R125, H3259)
--Relating to the duties of public weighmasters
Act No. 77 (R128, S242)
--Relating to donation of eyes
Act No. 78 (R129, S61)
--Relating to powers of the South Carolina Tax Commission
Act No. 79 (R132, S64)
--Sumter County, Public Service Authority, treatment, sell water
Act No. 80 (R133, S304)
--Relating to neglected or abandoned orchards
Act No. 81 (R134, S497)
--Subsistence for members of the Board of Directors for Review of Foster Care of Children
Act No. 82 (R135, S388)
--Members of boards of zoning appeals increased
Act No. 83 (R136, S561)
--To provide for the Adoption and Birth Parent Services Program
Act No. 84 (R137, S323)
--Transfer of local system to state system
Act No. 85 (R138, S594)
--Relating to the requirements for service retirement under the South Carolina Retirement System
Act No. 86 (R139, H3359)
--Notice of moving traffic charges; requirements revised
Act No. 87 (R140, H3119)
--Barbering fees; regulations; increase in fees
Act No. 88 (R141, H3424)
--Crimes against a federally chartered or insured financial institution
Act No. 89 (R143, S414)
--Preneed funeral contracts
Act No. 90 (R144, S333)
--Approval of policies and rates, and reasonableness of benefits
Act No. 91 (R146, S245)
--Notice of drafting period on regulations
Act No. 92 (R147, H3693)
--Pirating, bootlegging, and counterfeiting provisions and penalties revised
Act No. 93 (R148, H3040)
--Defense of insanity made affirmative defense and burden of proof of this defense
Act No. 94 (R149, H3060)
--False certification by notary
Act No. 95 (R150, H3414)
--Continuum of care for emotionally disturbed children
Act No. 96 (R152, H3353)
--Scenic Rivers Act
Act No. 97 (R154, H3847)
--State Continuing Care Retirement Community Act
Act No. 98 (R155, H3499)
--Nomination and election of soil and water conservation district commissioners
Act No. 99 (R156, H3771)
--Relating to soil classifiers
Act No. 100 (R157, H3195)
--Relating to the tax on workers' compensation insurers
Act No. 101 (R158, H3051)
--To create the South Carolina Wildlife Endowment Fund
Act No. 102 (R159, H3877)
--The Citadel to issue student and faculty housing revenue bonds
Act No. 103 (R160, H3713)
--Relating to the exemptions from sales tax
Act No. 104 (R161, H3062)
--Relating to environmental protection and conservation
Act No. 105 (R162, S289)
--Fingerprinting of children
Act No. 106 (R163, S373)
--Use of candidates' given name, derivative, or nickname
Act No. 107 (R165, S656)
--Relating to voting precincts in Oconee County
Act No. 108 (R166, S307)
--Exemption granted for succeeding tax year
Act No. 109 (R167, S642)
--License fees for holding companies
Act No. 110 (R169, S102)
--Transfer of cases; time extended; criminal sexual conduct
Act No. 111 (R170, S564)
--Relating to the Cooperative Interagency Merit System
Act No. 112 (R174, S737)
--Powers and duties of the Board of the Savannah Valley Authority
Act No. 113 (R175, S284)
--Relating to permanent licensing of a semitrailer
Act No. 114 (R176, S521)
--To provide for the Infants and Toddlers with Handicapping Conditions Act
Act No. 115 (R177, S281)
--Regulation of anabolic steroids
Act No. 116 (R178, H3966)
--Relating to sales tax exemptions
Act No. 117 (R180, H3336)
--Commissioners of public works
Act No. 118 (R181, H3404)
--Relating to the powers of the Board of Trustees of the University of South Carolina
Act No. 119 (R183, H3933)
--Credit service charge for consumer credit sales
Act No. 120 (R184, H3889)
--Definition of " agricultural commodity"
Act No. 121 (R185, H3528)
--Aquaculture operations - stealing or damaging products or facilities unlawful
Act No. 122 (R186, H3491)
--State Budget and Control Board power to approve an interest rate repealed
Act No. 123 (R187, H3807)
--Relating to membership in the South Carolina Police Officers Retirement System
Act No. 124 (R188, H3388)
--Retirement Division of the State Budget and Control Board
Act No. 125 (R189, H3612)
--Preservation and protection of cemeteries
Act No. 126 (R248, H4045)
--S.C. Future Farmers of America Camp Wildlife Sanctuary
Act No. 127 (R191, H3216)
--To create a health insurance pool
Act No. 128 (R195, S350)
--Uniform Standard Ccode for Manufactured Housing
Act No. 129 (R196, S589)
--Participation by medical malpractice insurers in joint underwriting associations
Act No. 130 (R198, S93)
--Subarticle 9; reporting of furniture and certain purchases
Act No. 131 (R201, S809)
--Campus security departments
Act No. 132 (R203, S502)
--Local foster care review board member is not liable for damages in the discharge of his duties
Act No. 133 (R207, S442)
--Civil remedies and administrative action authorized
Act No. 134 (R208, S267)
--Infectious waste; management
Act No. 135 (R209, S524)
--Child labor regulations; warning and fine for employer's violation
Act No. 136 (R210, S571)
--State conventions of political parties
Act No. 137 (R212, S457)
--Relating to the State Board of Nursing
Act No. 138 (R214, S789)
--Voting precincts added and determination of polling places
Act No. 139 (R215, S424)
--Joint development
Act No. 140 (R216, S482)
--Exemption from licensing of agency office employees
Act No. 141 (R217, S415)
--Police jurisdiction
Act No. 142 (R218, S503)
--Enforcement of motor vehicle express warranties
Act No. 143 (R219, S736)
--Corporate research and development motor vehicles; temporary license plates; certificates of registration
Act No. 144 (R221, S643)
--Terms of account may be changed
Act No. 145 (R224, S637)
--Relating to the South Carolina Protection and Advocacy System for the Handicapped, Inc.
Act No. 146 (R225, S201)
--Special officers and constables of common carriers - nonresidents may be certified
Act No. 147 (R226, S493)
--Relating to definitions used in the South Carolina Private Personnel Placement Services Act
Act No. 148 (R227, H3695)
--"Automobile Insurance Reform Act of 1989"
Act No. 149 (R228, H3770)
--Definition of fuel ethanol blend
Act No. 150 (R229, H3217)
--Relating to the reinsurance facility
Act No. 151 (R230, H3932)
--To enact the South Carolina Commercial Driver License Act
Act No. 152 (R231, H3704)
--To establish the South Carolina Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Act No. 153 (R233, H3762)
--Self-insurer's tax; time for report; penalty; interest; etc.
Act No. 154 (R234, H3872)
--State attorneys
Act No. 155 (R236, H3887)
--Relating to pesticide control
Act No. 156 (R237, H3378)
--Sheriff to preserve and keep records
Act No. 157 (R238, H3017)
--Additional legislative members
Act No. 158 (R239, H3523)
--Relating to the exemption from liability of members of certain professional committees
Act No. 159 (R240, H3341)
--Notification by registered or certified mail
Act No. 160 (R241, H3305)
--Lights prohibited from vehicles in Game Zone No. 1, penalties
Act No. 161 (R242, H3240)
--Prohibition of a coroner or magistrate from holding an inquest over a dead body
Act No. 162 (R243, H3532)
--Relating to oil and gas exploration
Act No. 163 (R249, H3599)
--Confidences of patients of mental illness or emotional conditions
Act No. 164 (R250, H3400)
--Relating to the additional charges a creditor or lender may contract
Act No. 165 (R251, H3390)
--Driver's license endorsement for firefighters
Act No. 166 (R255, H3300)
--Filing for candidates
Act No. 167 (R256, H3722)
--Authorized length and width of vehicles
Act No. 168 (R257, H3888)
--Registration of geologists
Act No. 169 (R258, H3160)
--Notice concerning drivers' licenses
Act No. 170 (R260, H3128)
--Relating to hunting seasons for small game
Act No. 171 (R261, H3707)
--Designated agent; two locations
Act No. 172 (R264, H3456)
--Procedure for returning found pistol
Act No. 173 (R266, H3459)
--Fee in lieu of taxes
Act No. 174 (R267, H3078)
--Relating to the jurisdiction of offenses and penalties for persons drawing and uttering a fraudulent check
Act No. 175 (R268, H3666)
--Jobs tax credit revisions
Act No. 176 (R269, H3314)
--Relating to garbage or trash collection
Act No. 177 (R270, H3567)
--Regulation of the rental of private passenger automobiles
Act No. 178 (R271, H3677)
--Special education, braille
Act No. 179 (R273, H3099)
--Relating to definitions on bail, bondsmen, and runners
Act No. 180 (R274, H3981)
--Standards for examinations of physicians
Act No. 181 (R275, H3658)
--Written decisions required
Act No. 182 (R278, H4085)
--Voting precincts in Georgetown County
Act No. 183 (R281, H3554)
--Relating to airports
Act No. 184 (R282, H3161)
--Relating to the Public Service Commission
Act No. 185 (R283, H3167)
--To reauthorize the existence of the South Carolina Environmental Certification Board
Act No. 186 (R284, H3541)
--Relating to workers' compensation
Act No. 187 (R286, H3512)
--Deeds to roads; affidavit of donor and contractor; penalties
Act No. 188 (R287, H3052)
--Regulation of bingo
Act No. 189 (R288, H3600)
--Appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1989
Act No. 190 (R289, S498)
--Relating to sale of drifted objects
Act No. 191 (R291, S322)
--Business-education partnership for excellence in education; subcommittee
Act No. 192 (R292, S428)
--Relating to freshwater game fish
Act No. 193 (R293, S259)
--Absentee registration request forms
Act No. 194 (R295, S321)
--"Target 2000-School Reform for the Next Decade" Act
Act No. 195 (R296, H3699)
--Child support proceeding - amount of award
Act No. 196 (R299, H3326)
--Department of Health and Environmental Control to promulgate regulations establishing standards for the location of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities
Act No. 197 (R300, H3448)
--Relating to workers' compensation and employers' records and reports of injuries
Act No. 198 (R301, H4112)
--Relating to voting precincts in Kershaw County
Act No. 199 (R310, H4089)
--Interest rates established
Act No. 200 (R311, H3275)
--Automatic fueling clips permitted
Act No. 201 (R312, H3820)
--Use of artificial lights unlawful
Act No. 202 (R308, S522)
--Membership of a transportation authority
Act No. 203 (R40, S246)
--Jurisdiction of state grand jury proposed
Act No. 204 (R68, S523)
--Volumes 9 and 13 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina
Act No. 205 (R3, S3)
--Freeze on rate increases
Act No. 206 (R297, H3602)
--To appropriate monies from the Capital Reserve Fund for fiscal year 1988-89
Act No. 207 (R142, S575)
--Relating to the issuance of Capital Improvement Bonds
Act No. 208 (R11, S3260)
--Supplemental appropriations
Act No. 209 (R290, S216)
--Property tax exemption
Act No. 210 (R153, H3529)
--County may use current supply of forms
Act No. 211 (R245, H3782)
--To establish the Columbian Quincentennial Commission of South Carolina
Act No. 212 (R2, S2)
--To design and construct a replacement facility in Lee County for the Central Correctional Institution
Act No. 213 (R145, S573)
--To construct additional Medicaid-certified nursing home beds and provide adequate funds to pay for the care
Act No. 214 (R71, S67)
--To reauthorize the existence of the South Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
Act No. 215 (R72, S71)
--South Carolina Real Estate Commission
Act No. 216 (R20, S382)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to water classification
Act No. 217 (R27, H3328)
--Regulations of the Board of Education, relating to graduation requirements
Act No. 218 (R29, H3387)
--Regulations of the Commission on Higher Education, relating to the teacher loan program
Act No. 219 (R42, S335)
--Regulations of the Board of Education, relating to principal evaluation program
Act No. 220 (R55, H3431)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to minimum standards for licensing home health agencies
Act No. 221 (R58, H3386)
--Regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to classified waters
Act No. 222 (R64, H3392)
--Regulations of the Board of Pharmacy, relating to annual license renewal fee and display of annual renewal certificate
Act No. 223 (R75, S537)
--Relating to milk and milk products
Act No. 224 (R81, H3430)
--Regulations of the Board of Cosmetology, relating to fees
Act No. 225 (R82, H3432)
--Crime Victims' Compensation Fund
Act No. 226 (R83, H3643)
--Relating to insurance holding company system,
Act No. 227 (R84, H3644)
--Individual accident and health insurance minimum standards
Act No. 228 (R87, S590)
--Relating to tandem trailer combinations and other larger vehicles
Act No. 229 (R105, S613)
--Relating to species or subspecies of nongame wildlife
Act No. 230 (R107, S527)
--Scope of powers granted to tier b land surveyors,
Act No. 231 (R112, S526)
--Relating to elevator safety
Act No. 232 (R121, H3845)
--Relating to the practice of physical therapy
Act No. 233 (R130, S506)
--Relating to complaints of discrimination
Act No. 234 (R168, S688)
--Relating to boxing, kick-boxing, wrestling and closed circuit television
Act No. 235 (R194, H3772)
--Relating to classified waters
Act No. 236 (R197, S615)
--Relating to athletic trainers
Act No. 237 (R202, S687)
--Relating to appeals and hearings
Act No. 238 (R222, S614)
--Relating to operations of field trials
Act No. 239 (R223, S763)
--Regulations of the Coastal Council
Act No. 240 (R247, H3777)
--Relating to long-term care insurance
Act No. 241 (R259, H3959)
--Relating to fishing in Lake Jocassee and Lake Richard B. Russell
Act No. 242 (R17, H3338)
--To restore the charter of Graphic Communications, Inc., in Pickens County
Act No. 243 (R33, H3312)
--To restore the charter of the Optimist Club of Charleston, Charleston County
Act No. 244 (R49, H3493)
--To restore the charter of Brookfield Square Townhomes Associated Inc. in Dorchester County
Act No. 245 (R50, H3555)
--To restore the charter of Archie Sinclair, Inc., in Dillon County
Act No. 246 (R53, H3508)
--To restore the charter of Calvary Community Eleemosynary Corporation, Lexington County
Act No. 247 (R59, H3571)
--To restore the charter of Coffin Point Plantation Homeowners Association, Inc., in Beaufort County
Act No. 248 (R90, S492)
--To restore the charter of Four Holes Athletic Club, Inc., of Orangeburg County
Act No. 249 (R97, H3698)
--To restore the charter of American Research Corporation in Beaufort County
Act No. 250 (R98, H3727)
--To restore the charter of Kool-A-Brew, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 251 (R102, H3778)
--To restore the charter of Burgess Organization for the Advancement of Young People, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 252 (R103, H3767)
--To restore the charter of Jubilation House, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 253 (R119, H3859)
--To restore the charter of Pants Pavilion, Inc., in Richland County
Act No. 254 (R127, H3808)
--To restore the charter of Point Comfort Property Owners Association, Inc., in Beaufort County
Act No. 255 (R131, S674)
--To restore the charter of 76, Inc., in Anderson County
Act No. 256 (R171, S735)
--To restore the charter of Ryan Investment Company, Inc., in Richland County
Act No. 257 (R199, S696)
--To restore the charter of the National Association for State Community Services Programs in Richland County
Act No. 258 (R200, S787)
--To restore the charter of Myrtle Executive Park Property Owners Association, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 259 (R220, S764)
--To restore the charter of Samuel H. Swint Post #77 of the American Legion in Aiken County
Act No. 260 (R235, H4025)
--To restore the charter of Verna Enterprises, Inc., in Richland County
Act No. 261 (R244, H4006)
--To restore the charter of Arrowood Swim and Racket Club, Inc., in Lancaster County
Act No. 262 (R246, H3999)
--To restore the charter of South Carolina Home Owners Association, Inc., in Richland County
Act No. 263 (R272, H4047)
--To restore the charter of Sea Banks Homeowners Association, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 264 (R298, H4117)
--To restore the charter of Dacusville Recreation Association of Pickens County
Act No. 265 (R305, S812)
--To restore the charter of the Boys Club of Florence, Inc.
Act No. 266 (R306, S822)
--To restore the charter of Carolina Gymnastic Center Booster Club, of Richland County
Act No. 267 (R254, H4100)
--Board of Trustees of Abbeville County School District No. 60
Act No. 268 (R252, H4096)
--Tax millage of eighty-four mills is authorized to be levied for the operations of the School District of Aiken County
Act No. 269 (R172, S260)
--Anderson County school districts; budget tax millage
Act No. 270 (R193, H4026)
--Relating to the Anderson County Board of Education
Act No. 271 (R265, H4106)
--Boards of trustees of Anderson County school districts
Act No. 272 (R307, S838)
--Student material fees authorized
Act No. 273 (R126, H3964)
--To provide for the tax millage to be levied in Charleston County for fiscal year 1989-90
Act No. 274 (R1, S203)
--Missed school days; no make-up
Act No. 275 (R253, H4082)
--Relating to the Board of Trustees of Cherokee County School Ddistrict No. 1
Act No. 276 (R120, H3929)
--Relating to Chesterfield County School District
Act No. 277 (R303, H4090)
--Power to apportion, reapportion transferred
Act No. 278 (R182, H4040)
--Levy of taxes for school purposes in Dillon County
Act No. 279 (R276, H4048)
--Highway named; ceremony; markers, signs
Act No. 280 (R285, H4091)
--Advisory referendum in Dillon County
Act No. 281 (R24, S286)
--Election of board
Act No. 282 (R23, S285)
--To repeal Act 110 of 1967 and Act 416 of 1971
Act No. 283 (R262, H4107)
--Relating to the South Greenville Area Fire District in Greenville County
Act No. 284 (R263, H3898)
--Relating to the tax levy for the Greenville County School District
Act No. 285 (R31, H3184)
--Relating to the abolition of the Hampton County Board of Education and Hampton County Superintendent
Act No. 286 (R280, H3832)
--School districts; trustees; designation of
Act No. 287 (R164, S673)
--To revise the membership of the Horry County Board of Education
Act No. 288 (R35, H3426)
--Relating to the Jasper County Board of Education
Act No. 289 (R192, H4027)
--School trustees; Kershaw; audit report; deadline changed
Act No. 290 (R211, S271)
--Roads in Kershaw County closed
Act No. 291 (R277, H4088)
--Relating to the Lugoff Water District of Kershaw County
Act No. 292 (R7, S187)
--School District Boards 55, 56; Laurens County; filling vacancies
Act No. 293 (R173, S591)
--Commission, appointed by governor
Act No. 294 (R232, H4095)
--Relating to the Marion County Board of Education
Act No. 295 (R205, S804)
--Act 735 of 1936 is repealed
Act No. 296 (R151, H3790)
--To designate a road in Oconee County as the "Samuel Bruce Rochester Highway"
Act No. 297 (R179, H3990)
--Relating to the budgets of school districts in Orangeburg County
Act No. 298 (R204, S784)
--South Carolina Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Act No. 299 (R54, H3563)
--Spartanburg County Board of Education
Act No. 300 (R56, H3562)
--To amend Act 857 of 1952
Act No. 301 (R62, H3501)
--Approving the dissolution of the Una Water District
Act No. 302 (R302, H3985)
--Dalzell Water District of Sumter County
Act No. 303 (R96, H3779)
--Buffalo Water and Sewer District-members-election
Act No. 304 (R309, H3705)
--Union County Board of School Trustees
Act No. 305 (R57, H3617)
--Relating to the Board of Trustees of Rock Hill School District No. 3 of York County
Act No. 306 (R206, S671)
--Board election provision revised
Act No. 307 (R213, S794)
--Relating to the authorized tax millage for school purposes in York County,
Act No. 308 (R279, H3560)
--Naming the South Carolina National Guard complex on Bluff Road in Columbia the "T. Eston Marchant National Guard Complex"
Act No. 309 (R294, S274)
--Clemson University
Act No. 310 (R190, H4041)
--Relating to Presbyterian College

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