South Carolina Legislature

1990 Session

Listed below are the Acts of the South Carolina General Assembly assigned act numbers during the 1990 legislative session.

Following each act number are the ratification number (preceded by an R), the bill number (preceded by an H for House or an S for Senate) and a brief description of the act.

The number of each act is linked to the legislative information for that act. The legislative information includes a link to the full text of the act.

Act No. 311 (R316, S329)
--Regulation of utilization reviews and private review agents in regard to health care services and insurance
Act No. 312 (R317, S623)
--Backup copy of computer indices in the offices of the clerk of court or register of mesne conveyances
Act No. 313 (R321, S456)
--Jury selection
Act No. 314 (R322, S574)
--"The International Bank" defined
Act No. 315 (R323, S570)
--Definition of "municipality" revised
Act No. 316 (R328, H3244)
--Architects shall not enter into contracts for professional services except by direct negotiation
Act No. 317 (R329, H3739)
--Local sales and use tax
Act No. 318 (R331, H3861)
--Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers required for graduation
Act No. 319 (R333, H3574)
--Designees of ex officio members may serve
Act No. 320 (R336, H3901)
--Citizen of France may drive in this state
Act No. 321 (R337, S410)
--Authority of Chief Insurance Commissioner
Act No. 322 (R338, S567)
--To provide for early intervention programs for preschool-age handicapped children
Act No. 323 (R340, S668)
--Maximum compensation of medical school physicians and employees
Act No. 324 (R343, S125)
--Relating to the Automobile Insurance Reform Act of 1989
Act No. 325 (R344, S894)
--Relating to backup state income tax withholding.
Act No. 326 (R347, H3989)
--Relating to investments by political subdivisions
Act No. 327 (R348, H3882)
--Deposit of state funds
Act No. 328 (R349, H3641)
--Duties of local child protective agencies
Act No. 329 (R350, H3811)
--Designees of ex officio members
Act No. 330 (R351, H3520)
--Civil penalty - failure to file ethics statement
Act No. 331 (R356, H3619)
--Ballots provided where voting machines used - penalties
Act No. 332 (R357, H3844)
--Fraudulent checks
Act No. 333 (R358, H3950)
--Human Affairs Commission
Act No. 334 (R360, H3856)
--Relating to civil penalties for violations by gas utility companies
Act No. 335 (R361, H3466)
--Relating to penalties on delinquent taxes
Act No. 336 (R362, H3724)
--Duties of the Department of Social Services
Act No. 337 (R368, S833)
--Voting precincts in Fairfield County
Act No. 338 (R369, H3639)
--Protection of or aid to delinquent or neglected children by the state
Act No. 339 (R372, H3852)
--Leave transfer program for state employees
Act No. 340 (R373, H3883)
--Relating to the sale of secured property
Act No. 341 (R374, H3122)
--Abortions, consent for, by minors
Act No. 342 (R375, H4049)
--Ballot question and manner of execution revised
Act No. 343 (R376, H4570)
--Voting precincts and polling places in Greenville County
Act No. 344 (R378, H3723)
--Minor child's name changed
Act No. 345 (R379, H4235)
--Tax on alcoholic liquors for alcohol and drug addict treatment
Act No. 346 (R382, S326)
--Hunting violations, point assessments
Act No. 347 (R383, S1151)
--Retaliatory taxes
Act No. 348 (R384, S1170)
--Definition of "annuity revised"
Act No. 349 (R385, S699)
--Governing board of authority decreased
Act No. 350 (R386, S468)
--Field trials, penalties
Act No. 351 (R387, S1037)
--Definition of "state" revised
Act No. 352 (R388, S1106)
--Commissioners of election to receive expenses, mileage
Act No. 353 (R389, S464)
--Taking of Atlantic sturgeon
Act No. 354 (R390, S586)
--Migratory waterfowl stamps
Act No. 355 (R391, S469)
--Wildlife unlawfully taken, disposition of
Act No. 356 (R392, S1104)
--Form of application for an absentee ballot
Act No. 357 (R393, S1105)
--Conducting an election in each county
Act No. 358 (R394, S792)
--Disseminating harmful materials to minors
Act No. 359 (R397, S1260)
--Party clubs, organization
Act No. 360 (R398, S883)
--No automobile insurance premium increase or surcharge until conviction, reports
Act No. 361 (R399, S353)
--Nongame fishing device tags and permits
Act No. 362 (R400, S1153)
--Provisions for minimum standards deleted; regulations
Act No. 363 (R401, S1152)
--Access to insurer's records; original books and records required
Act No. 364 (R402, S1156)
--Original books and records of a domestic insurer; domestic health maintenance organizations
Act No. 365 (R403, S1171)
--Definitions pertaining to insurance
Act No. 366 (R404, S1285)
--Voting precincts in Laurens County
Act No. 367 (R405, S1154)
--Requirements for an insurer's annual statement; filing of reports and information
Act No. 368 (R406, H3638)
--Child day care centers and homes; standard of review
Act No. 369 (R407, H4379)
--The Citadel Eleemosynary Corporation authorized
Act No. 370 (R408, H4450)
--Notes and bonds of the South Carolina State Housing, Finance, and Development Authority
Act No. 371 (R409, H4576)
--Mauldin polling place changed
Act No. 372 (R410, H3781)
--Relating to landscape architects
Act No. 373 (R412, H3672)
--Cornmeal and corn grits
Act No. 374 (R413, H3817)
--Coverage of the laborer and materialman's lien
Act No. 375 (R414, H4404)
--Equine infectious anemia
Act No. 376 (R415, H4234)
--Disclosure of information regarding a facility or home
Act No. 377 (R416, H4271)
--Team advocacy inspection
Act No. 378 (R417, H3691)
--Loans to directors and officers of state banks
Act No. 379 (R423, H3714)
--Bond requirements reduced
Act No. 380 (R424, H4269)
--Off duty private jobs of law enforcement officers
Act No. 381 (R426, H4236)
--Inspections of facilities for developmentally disabled and handicapped persons
Act No. 382 (R428, H4200)
--Irrevocable resignation may be submitted
Act No. 383 (R429, H3760)
--Emergency admission of persons to mental health facilities
Act No. 384 (R430, H4182)
--Polling precincts Spartanburg County
Act No. 385 (R431, H4341)
--Portion of Little Pee Dee River designated a scenic river
Act No. 386 (R432, S989)
--Acceptable collateral
Act No. 387 (R433, S1198)
--Fingerprint reviews
Act No. 388 (R434, S627)
--Sick leave transferable
Act No. 389 (R436, S938)
--Patients receiving alcohol and drug addiction services; offenses
Act No. 390 (R437, S904)
--South Carolina Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act
Act No. 391 (R438, S1044)
--Truck driver training school students
Act No. 392 (R440, S1325)
--State Board of Financial Institutions
Act No. 393 (R442, H3106)
--Distribution of campaign literature
Act No. 394 (R443, H3441)
--Lien property may be sold
Act No. 395 (R444, H4422)
--Introduction of honey bees into state
Act No. 396 (R445, H4583)
--Creel and size limits on striped bass and black bass in Lake Murray
Act No. 397 (R450, H3744)
--Application of contract and arbitration agreements relative to venue of actions
Act No. 398 (R453, H4425)
--Labeling of a prescription or nonprescription drug sample
Act No. 399 (R454, H4547)
--Withholding requirements do not apply
Act No. 400 (R457, H3793)
--Relating to the South Carolina Board for Barrier-Free Design
Act No. 401 (R461, H4233)
--Taking of bear and bear parts; nuisance bears
Act No. 402 (R462, H4692)
--No wake zone - Tail Race Canal
Act No. 403 (R464, S1215)
--Relating to sales tax on transient accommodations
Act No. 404 (R467, S988)
--Reporting the debt of political subdivisions
Act No. 405 (R468, S1404)
--Voting precincts and polling places in Berkeley County
Act No. 406 (R469, S1253)
--Out-of-state pharmacies; regulation of mail order prescription services
Act No. 407 (R471, H3223)
--Workers' Compensation Commission
Act No. 408 (R472, H3748)
--Use variance by a board of adjustment
Act No. 409 (R473, H4611)
--Long term care insurance requirements for policies, provision deleted
Act No. 410 (R474, H4418)
--Requirements for diploma
Act No. 411 (R475, H4300)
--Sunscreen devices on motor vehicles
Act No. 412 (R476, H3132)
--Retirement options
Act No. 413 (R477, H3596)
--Discharging weapons unlawfully
Act No. 414 (R478, H4241)
--Powers and duties of county mental retardation boards
Act No. 415 (R479, H3774)
--Definition of "food bank"
Act No. 416 (R481, S1155)
--Definitions of life insurance revised
Act No. 417 (R482, S1172)
--Health insurance coverage; adopted children
Act No. 418 (R484, S1242)
--Information released to a victim of a violent crime
Act No. 419 (R485, S936)
--Determination of the capacity of a person charged with a crime to stand trial
Act No. 420 (R487, S1169)
--Railroad crossings obstructions; crossbucks; exceptions
Act No. 421 (R488, S632)
--Conservation restrictions or easements
Act No. 422 (R490, S1248)
--Board for Barrier-Free Design; exemption from the sunset law
Act No. 423 (R491, S1157)
--Equal enjoyment and privileges to public accommodations
Act No. 424 (R495, S1065)
--Withholding on sales by nonresidents
Act No. 425 (R496, S1112)
--Prohibition of contraband on DYS premises
Act No. 426 (R497, S233)
--Contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers; timely payment required
Act No. 427 (R498, S1095)
--Jury service of students
Act No. 428 (R499, S1331)
--Health insurance
Act No. 429 (R500, S908)
--Blood drives and donations
Act No. 430 (R501, S1254)
--Deferred Compensation Commission
Act No. 431 (R502, S518)
--Civil contempt included in charges used in a determination as to a person's fitness to stand trial
Act No. 432 (R506, H4653)
--Examination of physicians
Act No. 433 (R508, H4262)
--South Carolina Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Act No. 434 (R513, H4745)
--Relating to voting precincts in Pickens County
Act No. 435 (R514, H4675)
--South Carolina Board of Registration for Landscape Architecture
Act No. 436 (R518, H4591)
--State warehouse system
Act No. 437 (R519, H3656)
--Use of leave by adoptive parents employed by the state
Act No. 438 (R520, H3702)
--Certain real estate salesmen; exempt from workers' compensation laws
Act No. 439 (R521, H4205)
--Contents of notice of appeal
Act No. 440 (R522, H4873)
--South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council.
Act No. 441 (R523, H4478)
--Board to promulgate regulations
Act No. 442 (R524, H4463)
--Agricultural nuisances defined and regulated
Act No. 443 (R525, H3053)
--Unlawful to display obscene bumper sticker
Act No. 444 (R526, H3773)
--County auditors continuing education requirements
Act No. 445 (R528, S1475)
--Powers of commission
Act No. 446 (R530, S1318)
--Corporate name requirements revised
Act No. 447 (R531, S931)
--Definitions used in the Client-Patient Protection Act
Act No. 448 (R534, S919)
--Juvenile records and information provided to a public or private school
Act No. 449 (R535, S1183)
--Relating to State Health and Human Services Finance Commission
Act No. 450 (R537, S1166)
--Promulgated on use or disclosure of information
Act No. 451 (R538, S911)
--Proof of certain items may be required by applicant
Act No. 452 (R539, S1252)
--South Carolina Social Workers Examiners Board reauthorized
Act No. 453 (R540, S1241)
--Interstate compact for adoption and medical assistance
Act No. 454 (R541, S1268)
--To regulate mining
Act No. 455 (R542, S1223)
--Relating to the report required when a child is removed within six months after his birth from his biological mother.
Act No. 456 (R543, S1202)
--Regulation of athlete agents, contracts, and relations with athletes
Act No. 457 (R544, S925)
--Appearance by attorney before board
Act No. 458 (R545, S1125)
--Optional long-term care insurance program
Act No. 459 (R546, S1108)
--Time for filing of applications for property tax exemption
Act No. 460 (R547, H3931)
--Recording of release, etc.
Act No. 461 (R549, H4263)
--Recording of certain county grand jury matters.
Act No. 462 (R551, H3983)
--Unlawful to take grass carp
Act No. 463 (R552, H4775)
--Definitions for purposes of payment of wages
Act No. 464 (R553, H3791)
--Definitions for the purpose of the regulation of speech/language pathologists and audiologists
Act No. 465 (R556, H4871)
--Relating to insurance
Act No. 466 (R557, H4483)
--Monthly retirement allowance provided
Act No. 467 (R558, H4244)
--Problems of persons with disabilities.
Act No. 468 (R560, S467)
--Fish sanctuaries
Act No. 469 (R562, S1114)
--Windstorm and hail insurance
Act No. 470 (R563, S990)
--Custody order violation provisions revised
Act No. 471 (R564, S927)
--Initial application fee
Act No. 472 (R565, S1137)
--Adult Health Care Consent Act
Act No. 473 (R566, H4807)
--Superb account established, uses
Act No. 474 (R567, H4427)
--Special tax assessments by counties for certain properties
Act No. 475 (R568, H4267)
--Petition filed in family court
Act No. 476 (R569, H4209)
--Minimum charge for information provided, increased
Act No. 477 (R570, H4958)
--Execution; witnesses; recorders
Act No. 478 (R571, H4480)
--Child support collection and paternity determination programs
Act No. 479 (R572, H4403)
--Definitions of missing child, missing person
Act No. 480 (R573, H4831)
--Counseling sessions for crime victims
Act No. 481 (R574, H3700)
--Psychological stigmas on real property, not material facts
Act No. 482 (R575, H3130)
--Relicensing and reregistration of dentists
Act No. 483 (R576, H4444)
--Appointment of guardian for an incapacitated person
Act No. 484 (R577, S536)
--South Carolina Employment Security Commission
Act No. 485 (R579, S1411)
--Commission on Prosecution Coordination
Act No. 486 (R580, S1372)
--Exemption from the administrative procedures act; agricultural commodities marketing; limited exemption deleted
Act No. 487 (R582, S793)
--Exceptions from the provisions governing motor vehicle carriers
Act No. 488 (R583, S1496)
--Relating to the regulation of telephone, telegraph, and express companies
Act No. 489 (R585, S1511)
--Emergency protective custody of a child
Act No. 490 (R586, S1207)
--Relating to the procedure for changing the number or method of election
Act No. 491 (R588, S1465)
--Standards for applicators of pesticides
Act No. 492 (R589, S139)
--Permanent free parking placards for the handicapped; issuance; renewal; design
Act No. 493 (R590, S1533)
--Conversion to nonpublic assistance assignment; termination
Act No. 494 (R591, S1547)
--Revenues of boards or commissions remitted to state treasurer
Act No. 495 (R592, S1038)
--Jurors may be drawn and summoned by computer
Act No. 496 (R593, S1167)
--Mental Retardation and Related Disabilities Act
Act No. 497 (R594, S1515)
--Authority to appoint clerk
Act No. 498 (R595, S1275)
--South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Program
Act No. 499 (R596, S1267)
--Relating to the renewal of licenses for pharmacists
Act No. 500 (R597, S1422)
--Alternative tax
Act No. 501 (R598, S1471)
--Habilitation centers for the mentally retarded or persons with related conditions; definition
Act No. 502 (R599, S1522)
--Auxiliary facilities revenue bonds for Clemson University
Act No. 503 (R600, S138)
--Clean Indoor Air Act of 1990
Act No. 504 (R601, S1548)
--South Carolina Savings Association Act
Act No. 505 (R602, S1523)
--Relating to the Palmetto Seed Capital Fund Limited Partnership
Act No. 506 (R603, S984)
--Ttransferring a local retirement system
Act No. 507 (R605, S946)
--Disposal of personal property left at an establishment that cleans, dyes, or alters personal property
Act No. 508 (R606, S966)
--Model pilot program created
Act No. 509 (R607, S1499)
--Authority's bond debt limit increased
Act No. 510 (R608, S1474)
--Parole, review of prisoner's records; Freedom of Information Act
Act No. 511 (R611, H3237)
--Auctioneer's license, revocation
Act No. 512 (R613, H4619)
--Report required when a child is removed within six months after his birth from his biological mother.
Act No. 513 (R614, H3632)
--Board of Nursing; membership increased; representation; terms
Act No. 514 (R621, H4387)
--Out-of-state motor vehicle handicapped parking privileges
Act No. 515 (R625, H4723)
--Relating to the requirements for the retail license
Act No. 516 (R626, H4505)
--Destruction of obsolete records by the Department of Highways and Public Transportation
Act No. 517 (R629, H4863)
--Death benefits
Act No. 518 (R630, H3121)
--Divorce actions
Act No. 519 (R631, H3768)
--Advertising requirements revised
Act No. 520 (R633, H4896)
--Bird and wildlife sanctuary established
Act No. 521 (R634, S1403)
--Relating to the South Carolina Probate Code
Act No. 522 (R636, S1239)
--South Carolina Athletic Trainers' Advisory Committee
Act No. 523 (R637, S1165)
--Disclosure of test results
Act No. 524 (R640, H3129)
--Definition of insurance broker
Act No. 525 (R642, H5021)
--Designation of voting precincts in Williamsburg County
Act No. 526 (R643, H4199)
--Property may not be exempted
Act No. 527 (R644, H4879)
--New members and terms
Act No. 528 (R645, H4700)
--Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems Act
Act No. 529 (R650, H3789)
--Department of Health and Environmental Control to train and certify individuals to administer epinephrine
Act No. 530 (R651, H4780)
--Homestead exemption
Act No. 531 (R652, H3552)
--Relating to the fees paid to clerks of court
Act No. 532 (R653, H4924)
--Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Registry established
Act No. 533 (R654, H4747)
--Right-of-way usage fee deleted; etc.
Act No. 534 (R655, S912)
--Time constraints for applying for licenses relating to trawling boats
Act No. 535 (R656, S1487)
--State Fire Marshal Appeals Board
Act No. 536 (R657, S753)
--Crab pots and crab pot floats
Act No. 537 (R658, S1390)
--Red drum, spotted sea trout, and flounder; size limits
Act No. 538 (R659, S1034)
--To extend the time for appeals; Hurricane Hugo
Act No. 539 (R660, S1251)
--Supplemental benefits; adoption of special-needs children
Act No. 540 (R661, S1389)
--Tarpon are gamefish; limits; penalties
Act No. 541 (R662, S472)
--Crab trawling
Act No. 542 (R666, S1244)
--Abandonment of a child; harm to his health or welfare
Act No. 543 (R667, S1217)
--Refund of motor vehicle registration fees
Act No. 544 (R668, S1591)
--Vacation time-sharing plan; cancellation in bold type
Act No. 545 (R670, S1149)
--Pee Dee Regional Airport District
Act No. 546 (R671, H4578)
--Public records and reports, etc.
Act No. 547 (R672, H4550)
--Release of juvenile criminal record of a person adjudicated as a juvenile for committing a violent crime
Act No. 548 (R673, H3740)
--Suit money and attorney's fees in domestic matters; separate item
Act No. 549 (R730, S961)
--Interest on bail bond money
Act No. 550 (R675, H4559)
--Refusal to obey court order
Act No. 551 (R676, H4918)
--State Recreational Waters Act
Act No. 552 (R677, H4862)
--Atomic Energy and Radiation Control Act
Act No. 553 (R678, H3453)
--Rabies control
Act No. 554 (R679, H4971)
--Income tax returns
Act No. 555 (R680, H4202)
--Authorized copying fees revised
Act No. 556 (R681, H4657)
--Possession or sale of certain pistols or weapons prohibited
Act No. 557 (R683, H4830)
--Relating to motor vehicle collision and comprehensive coverage
Act No. 558 (R685, H5122)
--Hollywood precinct voting place
Act No. 559 (R687, H3609)
--Early retirement
Act No. 560 (R688, H3450)
--Modular Buildings Construction Act revised
Act No. 561 (R689, H4987)
--Sheriff's deputy, compensation, duties
Act No. 562 (R690, H4870)
--Genetic testing
Act No. 563 (R691, S1281)
--Licensing authorized instead of required \
Act No. 564 (R692, S443)
--Firearms regulated
Act No. 565 (R693, S1160)
--Motorcycle safety instruction
Act No. 566 (R695, S1400)
--Barber, license renewals
Act No. 567 (R696, S732)
--Condition deleted to require identities to be revealed in an adoption
Act No. 568 (R697, S1332)
--Health insurance pool, definition of board revised
Act No. 569 (R698, S1080)
--Prison inmate labor
Act No. 570 (R699, S1225)
--Inspection and approval of vehicles
Act No. 571 (R700, S1485)
--Definitions; juvenile nonsecure custody and records
Act No. 572 (R701, S1374)
--Forest renewal fund
Act No. 573 (R702, S1401)
--Cosmetology, education requirements
Act No. 574 (R703, S1463)
--Marine dealer defined
Act No. 575 (R706, S1446)
--Condemnation actions; abandonment prohibited if material alterations
Act No. 576 (R709, H4476)
--Information provided, fees
Act No. 577 (R710, H3904)
--Application for certificate of title
Act No. 578 (R712, H4195)
--Hunting seasons, small game
Act No. 579 (R713, H4852)
--Relating to the crime of carrying weapons on school property
Act No. 580 (R714, H3956)
--Emergency vehicles
Act No. 581 (R716, H4770)
--Relating to the South Carolina Research Authority
Act No. 582 (R717, H4922)
--Aboveground storage, handling, and use of flammable and combustible liquids
Act No. 583 (R719, H4531)
--Filing statements of candidacy or petitions in nonpartisan school trustee elections
Act No. 584 (R721, H4256)
--Patients' Compensation Fund, general liability payments
Act No. 585 (R722, H4038)
--Groundwater use act revised
Act No. 586 (R723, H4727)
--White or hickory shad, taking of
Act No. 587 (R725, H4630)
--Leaves of absence further provided for
Act No. 588 (R726, H3878)
--Powers granted
Act No. 589 (R727, H3918)
--Relating to Workers' Compensation Insolvency Fund
Act No. 590 (R729, H3169)
--Disposal of hazardous waste
Act No. 591 (R731, S1394)
--Specifications of license plates
Act No. 592 (R732, S1238)
--Board of Funeral Service reauthorized
Act No. 593 (R733, S981)
--Drug-free Workplace Act
Act No. 594 (R734, S974)
--Home Detention Act
Act No. 595 (R735, S698)
--Relating to the licensing of residential home builders
Act No. 596 (R736, H4283)
--Relating to the reinstatement of a suspended or revoked driver's license
Act No. 597 (R737, H4276)
--Issuance of motor vehicle license plates
Act No. 598 (R738, H4919)
--Law enforcement officer identification upon stopping a driver
Act No. 599 (R739, H4628)
--Amount of damages increased, age raised, etc.
Act No. 600 (R741, H4980)
--Authority of Chief Insurance Commissioner
Act No. 601 (R742, H4668)
--Arrests, uniform traffic ticket, information to SLED, etc.
Act No. 602 (R743, H3028)
--Relating to the revocation of the driver's license of an habitual offender
Act No. 603 (R744, H4522)
--To require the annual audit of the offices of the county assessor
Act No. 604 (R745, H4360)
--Drug trafficking
Act No. 605 (R746, H3800)
--Licensing and regulation of nursing home administrators and community residential care facility administrators
Act No. 606 (R747, S762)
--Bluffton and Hilton Head Precincts
Act No. 607 (R748, S391)
--Beach/dune system findings
Act No. 608 (R749, S1451)
--Shock incarceration program
Act No. 609 (R750, H4691)
--Nonpublic record of the offense
Act No. 610 (R752, H4423)
--Additional circuit judges authorized
Act No. 611 (R753, H4678)
--Relating to the termination of state agencies
Act No. 612 (R715, H4800)
--Appropriations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1990
Act No. 613 (R751, H4771)
--Lakes Bowen and Blalock
Act No. 614 (R561, S689)
--Health Benefit Demonstration Project, Health Benefit Plan Demonstration Council
Act No. 615 (R511, H4789)
--Joint Legislative Health Care Planning and Oversight Committee
Act No. 616 (R665, S1405)
--Advisory commission created
Act No. 617 (R470, H3659)
--Task force to study homelessness
Act No. 618 (R455, H4220)
--Study of adult day care service needs of state employees
Act No. 619 (R536, S1514)
--Committee shall select projects
Act No. 620 (R724, H4802)
--Monies appropriated from fund
Act No. 621 (R345, S987)
--Transfer of funds authorized
Act No. 622 (R612, H4934)
--Relating to the issuance of capital improvement bonds
Act No. 623 (R627, H4584)
--Authority may borrow
Act No. 624 (R486, S1352)
--Issuance of bonds by Clemson University
Act No. 625 (R483, S1351)
--Relating to the issuance of plant improvement bonds by Clemson University
Act No. 626 (R465, S1360)
--To adopt revised code volumes 11 and 20 and new volume 20a
Act No. 627 (R359, H4190)
--School days waived
Act No. 628 (R419, H4684)
--Timber sales allowed
Act No. 629 (R380, S1180)
--To provide a grant to the friends of Snee Farm from the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Act No. 630 (R346, S929)
--Study notification of homestead tax exemption deadline
Act No. 631 (R704, S1322)
--Department directed to erect signs
Act No. 632 (R705, S906)
--"Veterans Memorial Expressway" established
Act No. 633 (R718, H4355)
--State Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Bank Act
Act No. 634 (R463, S1250)
--Architectural Examiners Board reauthorized
Act No. 635 (R505, S1249)
--Board of Barrier-Free Design of South Carolina reauthorized
Act No. 636 (R532, S1562)
--Season extended on white perch
Act No. 637 (R313, S802)
--To approve regulations of the Residential Home Builders Commission
Act No. 638 (R314, S803)
--To approve regulations of the Real Estate Commission
Act No. 639 (R324, S562)
--To approve regulations of the Tax Commission
Act No. 640 (R352, H4334)
--Suspended until June 30, 1990
Act No. 641 (R370, H4518)
--To approve regulations of the Board for Social Work Examiners
Act No. 642 (R371, H4517)
--To approve regulations of the Board of Examiners in Opticianry
Act No. 643 (R381, S1283)
--To approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board
Act No. 644 (R411, H4646)
--To approve regulations of the South Carolina Water Resources Commission
Act No. 645 (R420, H4521)
--To approve regulations of the Health and Human Services Finance Commission
Act No. 646 (R421, H4566)
--To approve regulations of the Board of Education
Act No. 647 (R422, H4563)
--Relating to requirements for additional areas of certification
Act No. 648 (R435, S1230)
--Relating to continuing professional education
Act No. 649 (R439, S1257)
--Relating to physical fitness services center certificate of authority
Act No. 650 (R446, H4688)
--Relating to defined minimum program for Department of Youth Services
Act No. 651 (R447, H4687)
--Relating to textbook adoption regulations
Act No. 652 (R448, H4690)
--Relating to flexibility through deregulation program
Act No. 653 (R449, H4567)
--Relating to free textbooks
Act No. 654 (R458, H4564)
--Relating to operation and funding of teacher training courses in mathematics
Act No. 655 (R459, H4689)
--Relating to competitive school innovation grants program
Act No. 656 (R460, H4565)
--Relating to principal incentive program
Act No. 657 (R492, S1216)
--To approve regulations of the Criminal Justice Academy, relating to certification, decertification, and accreditation
Act No. 658 (R493, S1229)
--To approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to barrier free design
Act No. 659 (R494, S1228)
--To approve regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control
Act No. 660 (R503, S1363)
--To approve regulations of the State Board of Examiners for the licensure of professional counselors, associate counselors, and marital and family therapists
Act No. 661 (R507, H4733)
--To approve regulations of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, relating to standards for lay midwives
Act No. 662 (R533, S1256)
--To approve regulations of the South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology
Act No. 663 (R550, H4914)
--Regulations of the Health and Human Services Finance Commission, relating to Medically Indigent Assistance Fund
Act No. 664 (R584, S1555)
--To approve regulations of the Wildlife and Marine Resources Department
Act No. 665 (R616, H4788)
--To approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to certification of minority businesses
Act No. 666 (R620, H4901)
--Regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to Manufactured Housing Board
Act No. 667 (R623, H5084)
--To suspend the enforcement and application of Insurance Department Regulation R69-44
Act No. 668 (R635, S1607)
--To approve regulations of the Workers' Compensation Commission
Act No. 669 (R638, S1546)
--To approve regulations of the Budget and Control Board, relating to data reporting requirements
Act No. 670 (R641, H5073)
--To disapprove regulations of the Department of Insurance, relating to uniform classification and territorial plans
Act No. 671 (R682, H5012)
--To approve regulations of the University of South Carolina, relating to increase speed limit
Act No. 672 (R686, H5011)
--U.S.C.-Relating to traffic, parking, and registration of motor vehicles
Act No. 673 (R720, H5137)
--To approve regulations of the Board of Medical Examiners, relating to physician assistants
Act No. 674 (R319, S1066)
--To authorize the Secretary of State to restore the charter of Fair Deal Warehouse Corporation in Williamsburg County
Act No. 675 (R320, S1046)
--To restore the charter of Food Trust, Inc., in Berkeley County
Act No. 676 (R325, S1047)
--To restore the charter of Cayce-West Columbia Civitan Club in Lexington County
Act No. 677 (R326, S1045)
--To restore the charter of Columbia Medical Society of Richland County, S.C. Inc.
Act No. 678 (R327, S1103)
--To restore the charter of the Good Earth, Inc., in Charleston County
Act No. 679 (R332, H4157)
--To restore the charter of Whitaker's, Inc., of Sumter in Sumter County
Act No. 680 (R335, S1059)
--To restore the charter of the Florence Symphony Orchestra
Act No. 681 (R341, S885)
--To restore the charter of Palmetto Club of the Deaf in Spartanburg County
Act No. 682 (R342, S846)
--To restore the charter of Food Trust, Inc., of Charleston County
Act No. 683 (R353, H4369)
--To restore the charter of Port City Golf Club in Charleston County
Act No. 684 (R354, H4264)
--To restore the charter of Chesnee High School Boosters Club, Inc., in Spartanburg County
Act No. 685 (R355, H4257)
--To restore the charter of South Carolina Rural Water Association
Act No. 686 (R363, H4289)
--To restore the charter of Centurion Corporation in Horry County
Act No. 687 (R364, H4266)
--To restore the charter of Academy of Arts, Inc., in Greenville County
Act No. 688 (R365, H4288)
--To restore the charter of Jasmine Interiors, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 689 (R367, H4253)
--To restore the charter of Crime Stoppers of Horry County, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 690 (R377, H4546)
--To restore the charter of Consolidated Communications Corporation DBA CCOM, Inc., in Kershaw County
Act No. 691 (R395, S1191)
--To restore the charter of Northbridge Terrace Recreational Park in Charleston County
Act No. 692 (R396, S1178)
--To restore the charter of the American Institute of Banking
Act No. 693 (R425, H4656)
--To restore the charter of the South Carolina Federation of Women's and Girl's Club
Act No. 694 (R451, H4708)
--To restore the charter of the Goose Creek Izaak Walton League of America
Act No. 695 (R452, H4615)
--To restore the charter of Ocean View Foundation, Inc.
Act No. 696 (R489, S1328)
--To restore the charter of Macho Nacho, Inc., in Greenville County
Act No. 697 (R504, S1449)
--To restore the charter of the Midland Retired Military Association of South Carolina
Act No. 698 (R515, H4730)
--To restore the charter of Charlestowne Neighborhood Association
Act No. 699 (R527, H4889)
--To restore the charter of Lancaster County Fair Association
Act No. 700 (R554, H4783)
--To restore the charter of Sandy Run Cemetery Association in Hampton County
Act No. 701 (R587, S1578)
--To restore the charter of Ocean View Memorial Foundation, Inc., in Horry County
Act No. 702 (R604, S1575)
--To restore the charter of Warbirds, Inc., in Spartanburg County
Act No. 703 (R610, H5052)
--To restore the charter of Sangaree Civic League
Act No. 704 (R628, H4925)
--To restore the charter of Chinquapin Hollow, Inc., in Lexington County
Act No. 705 (R646, H5128)
--To restore the charter of Landrum Sports Association, Inc., in Spartanburg County
Act No. 706 (R647, H5129)
--To restore the charter of Southern Photographic Laboratory, Inc., in Darlington County
Act No. 707 (R708, H5098)
--To restore the charter of Southern Apartments, Inc., of Bishopville, S. C. in Lee County
Act No. 708 (R632, H4927)
--Abbeville County Registration and Election Commission
Act No. 709 (R516, H4895)
--Relating to the Broadway Water and Sewerage District in Anderson County
Act No. 710 (R663, S1589)
--Anderson County Board of Education; election areas revised
Act No. 711 (R684, H5133)
--Authorized millage, compensation of members, service area, expenditure of funds
Act No. 712 (R555, H4809)
--To repeal Act 277 of 1977
Act No. 713 (R480, H4685)
--Relating to vocational education in Barnwell County
Act No. 714 (R559, H4392)
--Blackville School District 19 of Barnwell County
Act No. 715 (R318, S986)
--Annual March of Dimes Beaufort Bridge Run
Act No. 716 (R334, H4197)
--Election of board members
Act No. 717 (R622, H5059)
--St. Johns Fire District millage and expenses
Act No. 718 (R441, H4664)
--Cherokee County School District 1 filing period
Act No. 719 (R466, S1323)
--Relating to the Clarendon Hospital District and its Board of Trustees
Act No. 720 (R427, H4156)
--"S. Norwood Gasque Bridge"
Act No. 721 (R609, H5061)
--To designate a road in Dillon County as "June Scott Boulevard"
Act No. 722 (R618, H5053)
--"Senator Roger W. Scott Memorial Bridge"
Act No. 723 (R366, H4513)
--"Wallace J. Mcknight Building"
Act No. 724 (R624, H5099)
--Relating to the Dunklin Fire District in Greenville County
Act No. 725 (R548, H5044)
--Boiling Springs Fire District Board duties
Act No. 726 (R711, H5157)
--Terms of North Greenville Fire District board members
Act No. 727 (R740, H5160)
--Greenwood County school taxes
Act No. 728 (R615, H5067)
--School board elections
Act No. 729 (R639, S1603)
--To provide the method of appointment of members of the Board of Directors of the Laurens County Health Care System
Act No. 730 (R330, H4287)
--Recreation Commission of Lexington County - eliminated restrictions
Act No. 731 (R512, H4833)
--Recreation Commission of Lexington County - increased membership
Act No. 732 (R517, H4915)
--Missed school day excused
Act No. 733 (R649, H5090)
--White Knoll Elementary School
Act No. 734 (R648, H5085)
--Appointment of tax collector
Act No. 735 (R694, S1620)
--Newberry County Park Commission
Act No. 736 (R581, S1549)
--School Districts 3 and 8 of Orangeburg County
Act No. 737 (R669, S1585)
--Orangeburg county magistrates
Act No. 738 (R578, S1568)
--Dissolution of the East Clemson Water District in Pickens County
Act No. 739 (R509, H4916)
--Saluda County School District 1 bond anticipation note
Act No. 740 (R617, H4939)
--Relating to the Cherokee Springs Fire District in Spartanburg County
Act No. 741 (R728, H4050)
--Manner of election of board members revised
Act No. 742 (R510, H4181)
--Union County Board of School Trustees
Act No. 743 (R315, S1102)
--School District of Williamsburg County
Act No. 744 (R529, S1529)
--Relating to the authorized tax millage for school purposes in York County

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