South Carolina General Assembly
110th Session, 1993-1994

Bill 529

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Indicates New Matter

                    Current Status

Introducing Body:               Senate
Bill Number:                    529
Primary Sponsor:                J. Verne Smith
Type of Legislation:            CR
Subject:                        Hospital Day
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:   19930311
Computer Document Number:       436/11080AC.93
Introduced Date:                19930310
Last History Body:              Senate
Last History Date:              19930311
Last History Type:              Received from House
Scope of Legislation:           Statewide
All Sponsors:                   J. Verne Smith
Type of Legislation:            Concurrent


Bill  Body    Date          Action Description              CMN  Leg Involved
____  ______  ____________  ______________________________  ___  ____________

529   Senate  19930311      Received from House
529   House   19930311      Introduced, adopted, returned
                            with concurrence
529   Senate  19930310      Introduced, adopted, sent to

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Whereas, there are over one hundred health care facilities in this State; and

Whereas, over fifty thousand people are employed by hospitals in South Carolina; and

Whereas, in addition, there are hundreds of hospital trustees, volunteers, and medical personnel who care about the future of hospitals and health care in this State; and

Whereas, it is widely considered that health care is one of the medical issues facing our State; and

Whereas, by declaring a "Hospital Day" it will give hospital administrators and employees around the State an opportunity to visit the State House and meet with members of their respective legislative delegations. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring:

That the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina, by this resolution, is declaring Wednesday, March 24, 1993, as "Hospital Day".