South Carolina General Assembly
111th Session, 1995-1996

Bill 3663

                    Current Status

Bill Number:                    3663
Ratification Number:            472
Act Number:                     385
Type of Legislation:            General Bill GB
Introducing Body:               House
Introduced Date:                19950223
Primary Sponsor:                Kirsh 
All Sponsors:                   Kirsh 
Drafted Document Number:        GJK\21468CM.95
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:   19960529
Date of Last Amendment:         19960529
Governor's Action:              U  Became law without signature of
Date of Governor's Action:      19960606
Subject:                        Antique license plate


Body    Date      Action Description                       Com     Leg Involved
______  ________  _______________________________________  _______ ____________

------  19960613  Act No. A385
------  19960606  Unsigned, became law without
                  signature of Governor
------  19960530  Ratified R472
Senate  19960529  Ordered enrolled for ratification
Senate  19960529  Conference Committee Report adopted      88 SCC
House   19960528  Conference Committee Report adopted      98 HCC
Senate  19950601  Conference powers granted,               88 SCC  Giese
                  appointed Senators to Committee                  Patterson
                  of Conference                                    Reese
House   19950601  Conference powers granted,               98 HCC  Kirsh
                  appointed Reps. to Committee of                  Simrill
                  Conference                                       Cooper
House   19950601  Insists upon amendment
Senate  19950601  Non-concurrence in House amendment
House   19950601  Senate amendments amended,
                  returned to Senate with amendment
Senate  19950601  Read third time, returned to House
                  with amendment
Senate  19950531  Amended, read second time, 
                  ordered to third reading 
                  with notice of general amendments
Senate  19950530  Recalled from Committee,                 15 ST
                  placed on the Calendar
Senate  19950323  Introduced, read first time,             15 ST
                  referred to Committee
House   19950323  Read third time, sent to Senate
House   19950322  Read second time
House   19950316  Recalled from Committee                  21 HEPW
House   19950223  Introduced, read first time,             21 HEPW
                  referred to Committee

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(A385, R472, H3663)


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

Antique dealer license plate

SECTION 1. The 1976 Code is amended by adding:

"Section 56-3-2345. (A) Upon application being made and the required fee being paid to the department, the department may issue antique dealer license plates to a licensed motor vehicle dealer. The license plates, notwithstanding other provisions of this chapter to the contrary, may be used exclusively on antique motor vehicles owned by, assigned, or loaned for test driving purposes to the dealer when operated on the highways of this State by the dealer, its corporate officers, its employees, or a prospective purchaser of the antique motor vehicle. The use by a prospective purchaser is limited to seven days, and the dealer shall provide the prospective purchaser with a dated demonstration certificate. The certificate must be approved by the department. Antique dealer plates must not be used to operate wreckers or service vehicles in use by the dealer nor to operate vehicles owned by the dealer that are leased or rented by the public. No antique dealer plates may be issued by the department unless the dealer furnishes proof in a form acceptable to the department that he has a retail business license as required by Chapter 36 of Title 12 and has made at least five sales of antique motor vehicles in the twelve months preceding his application for a dealer plate. The sales requirement may be waived by the department if the dealer has been licensed for less than one year. For purposes of this section, the transfer of ownership of an antique motor vehicle between the same individual or corporation more than one time is considered as only one sale. Multiple transfer of antique motor vehicles between licensed dealers for the purpose of meeting eligibility requirements for antique motor vehicle dealer plates is prohibited.

(B) For good cause shown, the department may issue extra plates. If a dealer has been licensed less than one year, the department shall issue a number of license plates based on an estimated number of sales for the coming year. The department may increase or decrease the number of plates issued based on actual sales made.

(C) The cost of each plate is twenty dollars.

(D) For purposes of this section, `antique motor vehicle' means a motor vehicle which is over thirty years old."

Time effective

SECTION 2. This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.

Became law without the signature of the Governor -- 6/5/96.