South Carolina General Assembly
113th Session, 1999-2000

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Bill 3820

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Bill Number:                      3820
Type of Legislation:              Concurrent Resolution CR
Introducing Body:                 House
Introduced Date:                  19990331
Primary Sponsor:                  Scott
All Sponsors:                     Scott, Allen, Allison, Altman, Askins, 
                                  Bailey, Bales, Barfield, Barrett, Battle, 
                                  Bauer, Beck, Bowers, Breeland, G. Brown, 
                                  H. Brown, J. Brown, T. Brown, Campsen, Canty, 
                                  Carnell, Cato, Chellis, Clyburn, Cobb-Hunter, 
                                  Cooper, Cotty, Dantzler, Davenport, Delleney, 
                                  Easterday, Edge, Emory, Fleming, Gamble, 
                                  Gilham, Gourdine, Govan, Hamilton, Harrell, 
                                  Harris, Harrison, Harvin, Haskins, Hawkins, 
                                  Hayes, J. Hines, M. Hines, Hinson, Howard, 
                                  Inabinett, Jennings, Keegan, Kelley, Kennedy, 
                                  Kirsh, Klauber, Knotts, Koon, Lanford, Law, 
                                  Leach, Lee, Limehouse, Littlejohn, Lloyd, 
                                  Loftis, Lourie, Lucas, Mack, Maddox, Martin, 
                                  Mason, McCraw, McGee, McKay, M. McLeod, 
                                  W. McLeod, McMahand, Meacham-Richardson, 
                                  Miller, Moody-Lawrence, J.H. Neal, Neilson, 
                                  Ott, Parks, Phillips, Pinckney, Quinn, Rhoad, 
                                  Rice, Riser, Robinson, Rodgers, Rutherford, 
                                  Sandifer, Seithel, Sharpe, Sheheen, Simrill, 
                                  D. Smith, F. Smith, J. Smith, R. Smith, 
                                  Stille, Stuart, Taylor, Townsend, Tripp, 
                                  Trotter, Vaughn, Walker, Webb, Whatley, 
                                  Whipper, Wilder, Wilkes, Wilkins, Witherspoon, 
                                  Woodrum and Young-Brickell
Drafted Document Number:          l:\council\bills\ggs\22262cm99.doc
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:     19990407
Subject:                          Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, Children 
                                  Authors' Program Day; April 16, 1999, 


Body    Date      Action Description                     Com     Leg Involved
______  ________  ______________________________________ _______ ____________
House   19990407  Received from Senate
Senate  19990407  Adopted, returned with concurrence
Senate  19990407  Recalled from Committee                04 SED
Senate  19990401  Introduced, referred to Committee      04 SED
House   19990331  Introduced, adopted, sent to Senate

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Whereas, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune was born in Mayesville, South Carolina, in 1875, and in 1904 founded the Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute for Negro Girls (presently Bethune-Cookman College) in Daytona Beach, Florida; and

Whereas, during her lifetime, Dr. Bethune held many prominent positions including President of Bethune-Cookman College, consultant on interracial affairs and understanding at the Charter Conference of the United Nations, founder of the National Council of Negro Women, and Vice President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; and

Whereas, Mrs. Jereleen Hollimon-Miller, great-grand niece of Dr. Bethune and her husband, Mr. Ed Miller, are continuing the wonderful legacy established by Dr. Bethune by sponsoring the first annual Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Children Authors' State Fair in Columbia, South Carolina, on April 16, 1999; and

Whereas, the primary purpose for the Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Children Authors' State Fair is to help children in primary education become better writers and published authors of children's books by requiring them to write an original story with art; and

Whereas, the fair will produce one winner for each of the forty-six counties, and

Whereas, this event's primary purpose is to promote reading and writing, which are vital to obtaining a good education. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That April 16, 1999, be declared as Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Children Authors' Program Day.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Mr. Ed Miller and Mrs. Jereleen Hollimon-Miller.


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