South Carolina General Assembly
114th Session, 2001-2002

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Bill 4085

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Bill Number:                      4085
Type of Legislation:              House Resolution HR
Introducing Body:                 House
Introduced Date:                  20010509
Primary Sponsor:                  Leach
All Sponsors:                     Leach, Allen, Allison, Altman, Askins, 
                                  Bales, Barfield, Barrett, Battle, Bingham, 
                                  Bowers, Breeland, G. Brown, J. Brown, 
                                  R. Brown, Campsen, Carnell, Cato, Chellis, 
                                  Clyburn, Coates, Cobb-Hunter, Coleman, Cooper, 
                                  Cotty, Dantzler, Davenport, Delleney, 
                                  Easterday, Edge, Emory, Fleming, Freeman, 
                                  Frye, Gilham, Gourdine, Govan, Hamilton, 
                                  Harrell, Harrison, Harvin, Haskins, Hayes, 
                                  J. Hines, M. Hines, Hinson, Hosey, Howard, 
                                  Huggins, Jennings, Keegan, Kelley, Kennedy, 
                                  Kirsh, Klauber, Knotts, Koon, Law, Lee, 
                                  Limehouse, Littlejohn, Lloyd, Loftis, Lourie, 
                                  Lucas, Mack, Martin, McCraw, McGee, McLeod, 
                                  Meacham-Richardson, Merrill, Miller, 
                                  Moody-Lawrence, J.H. Neal, J.M. Neal, Neilson, 
                                  Ott, Owens, Parks, Perry, Phillips, Quinn, 
                                  Rhoad, Rice, Riser, Rivers, Robinson, Rodgers, 
                                  Rutherford, Sandifer, Scarborough, Scott, 
                                  Sharpe, Sheheen, Simrill, Sinclair, 
                                  D.C. Smith, F.N. Smith, G.M. Smith, 
                                  J.E. Smith, J.R. Smith, W.D. Smith, Snow, 
                                  Stille, Stuart, Talley, Taylor, Thompson, 
                                  Townsend, Tripp, Trotter, Vaughn, Walker, 
                                  Webb, Weeks, Whatley, Whipper, White, Wilder, 
                                  Wilkins, Witherspoon, A. Young and J. Young
Drafted Document Number:          l:\council\bills\skb\18510som01.doc
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:     20010509
Subject:                          J. Todd White, Resolutions


Body    Date      Action Description                     Com     Leg Involved
______  ________  ______________________________________ _______ ____________
House   20010509  Introduced, adopted

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Whereas, the members of the House of Representatives are extremely pleased to learn that J. Todd White, the principal of Mitchell Road Elementary School in Greenville, was selected as a 2001 National Distinguished Principal, a very prestigious award, and also received the 2001 Milken National Outstanding Educator Award which was accompanied by a monetary gift; and

Whereas, Mr. White obtained his bachelor of arts degree in elementary education in 1988 and a masters in elementary administration and supervision in 1994, both from Furman University. He has sixty-four graduate hours towards his doctorate; and

Whereas, from 1988 to 1994 he taught at Tanglewood Middle School and at Sue Cleveland Elementary School. In 1992, Mr. White was named Tanglewood Middle School Teacher of the Year; and

Whereas, since 1994, he has been an administrator, first as an assistant principal at Simponsville Elementary from 1994 to 1995, as the principal of Sans Souci Elementary from 1995 to 1996, and from 1996 until the present as the principal of Mitchell Road Elementary School; and

Whereas, Mr. White has won other awards such as the 1996 First Union Educator of the Year and the 1998 SC PTA Principal of the Year. Under his leadership, Mitchell Road Elementary has been an Exemplary Writing Award Winner, has been named one of Palmetto's Finest, recognized as a SC Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, and won the 2000 National PTA Parent Involvement Award; and

Whereas, Mr. White is a nurturing, caring principal who is always involved with his students by talking, tutoring, helping, and encouraging each of them. He knows all the students by name and makes every student feel positive about himself and encourages them to maintain the right attitude about setting goals and attaining academic excellence; and

Whereas, Mitchell Road Elementary School, through Mr. White's enthusiastic leadership, has wonderful parent involvement and an award-winning volunteer program; and

Whereas, Mr. White is the essence of excellence in education and greatly admired and respected by his fellow educators; and

Whereas, the members of the House of Representatives are honored to have the opportunity to recognize this truly exceptional principal who brings great pride to the education profession, Mitchell Road Elementary School, and the State of South Carolina. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

That the members of the House of Representatives, by this resolution, congratulate J. Todd White, principal of Mitchell Road Elementary School in Greenville, upon being named a 2001 National Distinguished Principal by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators and for receiving the 2001 Milken National Outstanding Educator Award.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to J. Todd White.


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