South Carolina General Assembly
117th Session, 2007-2008

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A121, R174, H3471


Joint Resolution
Sponsors: Ways and Means Committee
Document Path: l:\council\bills\bbm\9740htc07.doc
Companion/Similar bill(s): 566

Introduced in the House on February 8, 2007
Introduced in the Senate on February 15, 2007
Last Amended on June 21, 2007
Passed by the General Assembly on June 21, 2007
Governor's Action: June 27, 2007, Certain items vetoed
Legislative veto action(s): Veto overridden

Summary: Contingency Reserve Fund Revenues


     Date      Body   Action Description with journal page number
    2/8/2007  House   Introduced, read first time, placed on calendar without 
                        reference HJ-6
   2/14/2007  House   Amended HJ-28
   2/14/2007  House   Read second time HJ-29
   2/15/2007  House   Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-17
   2/15/2007  Senate  Introduced and read first time SJ-14
   2/15/2007  Senate  Referred to Committee on Finance SJ-14
   4/10/2007  Senate  Committee report: Favorable with amendment Finance SJ-9
   4/12/2007  Senate  Amended SJ-62
   4/12/2007  Senate  Read second time SJ-62
   4/18/2007  Senate  Read third time and returned to House with amendments 
   4/24/2007  House   Non-concurrence in Senate amendment HJ-124
   4/24/2007  House   Vote to concur in Senate amendments: Yeas-0  Nays-94 
   4/24/2007  House   Motion noted- Rep. Cooper moved to reconsider the vote 
                        whereby the House nonconcurred in the Senate 
                        amendments HJ-132
   4/25/2007  House   Reconsider the vote whereby the House nonconcurred in 
                        the Senate amendments HJ-35
   4/25/2007  House   Debate adjourned until Tuesday, May 1, 2007 HJ-36
    5/1/2007  House   Senate amendment amended HJ-24
    5/1/2007  House   Debate adjourned HJ-24
    5/2/2007  House   Senate amendment amended HJ-38
    5/2/2007  House   Returned to Senate with amendments HJ-38
    5/8/2007  Senate  Non-concurrence in House amendment SJ-20
    5/9/2007  House   House insists upon amendment and conference committee 
                        appointed Reps. Cooper, Edge, and Neilson HJ-49
    5/9/2007  Senate  Conference committee appointed Leatherman, Land, and 
                        Peeler SJ-12
   6/20/2007  Senate  Conference report adopted SJ-87
   6/21/2007  House   Conference report adopted HJ-15
   6/21/2007  Senate  Ordered enrolled for ratification SJ-29
   6/21/2007          Ratified R 174
   6/27/2007          Certain items vetoed by Governor
   6/29/2007  House   Veto overridden on certain items: No. 1
   6/29/2007  Senate  Veto overridden on certain items: No. 1 SJ-16
   7/11/2007          Copies available
   7/11/2007          Effective date 06/29/07
   7/30/2007          Act No. 121

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(A121, R174, H3471)


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:


SECTION    1.    Pursuant to Paragraph 73.15, Part IB, Act 397 of 2006, the general appropriations act for fiscal year 2006-2007, surplus general fund revenues in the amount of $171,541,103 credited to the Contingency Reserve Fund established by that paragraph are appropriated from the Contingency Reserve Fund for the purposes specified as follows:

(1)    State Ports Authority

Port Access Road    $167,541,103

*(2)    Budget and Control Board

Lake Marion Water Authority    4,000,000

* See note at end of Act.

Total                                                                        $171,541,103

Account established, carry forward

SECTION    2.    The amount appropriated to the State Ports Authority for the port access road pursuant to this joint resolution must be credited to an account in the state treasury, which is hereby established, separate and distinct from the general fund of the State and all other funds. Earnings on this account must be credited to it and unexpended revenues in this account carry forward to succeeding fiscal years and must be used for the same purposes as the original appropriation.

Time effective

SECTION    3.    This joint resolution takes effect upon approval by the Governor.

Ratified the 21st day of June, 2007.

Vetoed by the Governor -- 6/27/07.

Veto overridden by House -- 6/29/07.

Veto overridden by Senate -- 6/29/07.



Text printed in italic, boldface indicates section vetoed by the Governor on June 27, 2007.

*Indicates the veto overridden by the General Assembly on June 29, 2007.

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