South Carolina General Assembly
124th Session, 2021-2022

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H. 4458


House Resolution
Sponsors: Reps. McGinnis, Alexander, Allison, Anderson, Atkinson, Bailey, Ballentine, Bamberg, Bannister, Bennett, Bernstein, Blackwell, Bradley, Brawley, Brittain, Bryant, Burns, Bustos, Calhoon, Carter, Caskey, Chumley, Clyburn, Cobb-Hunter, Cogswell, Collins, B. Cox, W. Cox, Crawford, Dabney, Daning, Davis, Dillard, Elliott, Erickson, Felder, Finlay, Forrest, Fry, Gagnon, Garvin, Gatch, Gilliam, Gilliard, Govan, Haddon, Hardee, Hart, Hayes, Henderson-Myers, Henegan, Herbkersman, Hewitt, Hill, Hiott, Hixon, Hosey, Howard, Huggins, Hyde, Jefferson, J.E. Johnson, J.L. Johnson, K.O. Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kimmons, King, Kirby, Ligon, Long, Lowe, Lucas, Magnuson, Martin, Matthews, May, McCabe, McCravy, McDaniel, McGarry, McKnight, J. Moore, T. Moore, Morgan, D.C. Moss, V.S. Moss, Murphy, Murray, B. Newton, W. Newton, Nutt, Oremus, Ott, Parks, Pendarvis, Pope, Rivers, Robinson, Rose, Rutherford, Sandifer, Simrill, G.M. Smith, G.R. Smith, M.M. Smith, Stavrinakis, Stringer, Taylor, Tedder, Thayer, Thigpen, Trantham, Weeks, West, Wetmore, Wheeler, White, Whitmire, R. Williams, S. Williams, Willis, Wooten and Yow
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Introduced in the House on June 21, 2021
Adopted by the House on June 21, 2021

Summary: Dr. Barbara Horn's new practice


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   6/21/2021  House   Introduced and adopted (House Journal-page 4)

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Whereas, the South Carolina House of Representatives was pleased to learn that Dr. Barbara L. Horn has recently opened a new practice, Beach Eye Care & Audiology, to serve the needs of patients in Myrtle Beach with eye health and vision examinations, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, and optical and hearing services for all ages, from infants through any age; and

Whereas, a graduate of the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University, Dr. Horn is a past president of the Michigan Optometric Association (MOA), and she is currently a member of the South Carolina Optometric Association and an associate member of the MOA; and

Whereas, Dr. Horn was first elected as a trustee to the American Optometric Association (AOA) Board in June 2011, and was installed as the immediate past president, on June 27, 2020; and

Whereas, in addition to her duties as immediate past president, Dr. Horn serves as chair to the Personnel Committee and as a member of the AOA Executive Committee; and

Whereas, she was previously assigned to serve as liaison to the American Academy of Optometry, Great Western Council of Optometry, North Central States Optometric Council, Southern Council of Optometrists, East/West Eye Conference, and Universidad InterAmericana, as well as liaison to the AOA Political Action Committee, Advocacy Committee, Federal Relations Committee, Meetings Center Committee, Industry Relations Committee, Quality Improvement and Registries Committee, and Third Party Center Executive Committee; and

Whereas, prior to her election to the board, Dr. Horn served the AOA by volunteering her time as chair of the Clinical & Practice Advancement Executive Committee, Medical Eye Care Committee, and Membership Group. She also has participated in numerous other committees and project teams, including the Program Planning Committee, Public Health Disease Prevention Committee, Needs/Technology Project Team, and Industry Relations Center Committee; and

Whereas, Dr. Horn's many honors in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of optometry include MOA's State Young Optometrist of the Year in 2005, AOA's National Young Optometrist of the Year in 2006, MOA's Optometrist of the Year in 2011, South Carolina Optometric Physician Association's Optometrist of the Year in 2018, and both the American Optometric Student Association's Founder's Award and Michigan College of Optometry Alumna of the Year award in 2021; and

Whereas, the South Carolina House of Representatives values the expertise of Barbara Horn, and the members wish her the very best as she begins her new practice in Myrtle Beach to serve the needs of citizens in the Palmetto State. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

That the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, by this resolution, congratulate Barbara L. Horn upon the occasion of establishing a new medical practice, Beach Eye Care & Audiology, in Myrtle Beach.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Barbara L. Horn.


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