South Carolina Legislature
South Carolina Legislature

Senate Amendment 1
H 3430 - Session 121 (2015-2016)
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Current Amendment: 3430R003.EB.MEK.DOCX to Bill 3430     Senator KIMPSON proposed the following amendment (3430R003.EB.MEK):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, page 2, by striking Section 39-77-20 and inserting:

/     Section 39-77-20.     For the purposes of this chapter, 'unsafe' means, upon an inspection of the exterior or inner lining of a tire, that the tire reveals:
    (1)     tread depth is worn to two thirty seconds of an inch or less on any area of the tire;
    (2)     damage exposing the reinforcing plies of the tire, including cuts, cracks, bulges, punctures, or scrapes;
    (3)     an improper repair that includes any repair to the tire in the tread shoulder or belt edge area, a puncture that has not been both sealed with a patch on the inside and repaired with a cured rubber stem plugging that runs to the outside, a repair to the sidewall or bead area of the tire, or a puncture repair of damage that is larger than one quarter of an inch in size;
    (4)     evidence of prior use of a temporary tire sealant without evidence of a subsequent properly performed repair;
    (5)     a defaced or removed United States Department of Transportation tire identification number located on the sidewall of the tire;
    (6)     a recalled tire whose sale is prohibited by federal law;
    (7)     inner liner or bead damage;
    (8)     indication of internal separation, such as bulges or local areas of irregular tread wear indicating possible tread or belt separation; or
    (9)     a tire that is older than recommended by a tire manufacturer if such recommendation exists.             /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.