View Amendment Current Amendment: 95 to Bill 1

Rep. OTT proposes the following Amendment No. 95 to S. 1 (COUNCIL\VR\1C065.NBD.VR21):

Reference is to Printer's Date 1/27/21-S.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 3, by adding a Section at the end to read:

/Section 44-41-745.( A)There is created the Division of the Ombudsman in the Department of Health and Environmental Control. The ombudsman is appointed by the director of the department. Upon request and at no charge, the ombudsman shall provide pregnant women referrals and information about prenatal care and other medical services available in the community, including mental health services; public assistance available for pregnant and nursing mothers; child care provider resources; and any other community resources available to provide assistance during the pregnancy and after birth of the child.

(B) Upon detection of a fetal heartbeat pursuant to this article, the physician shall provide the pregnant woman with a form developed by the department regarding the role of the ombudsman with contact information. The ombudsman may not charge the pregnant woman for any referrals or information provided.

(C)(1) The Division of the ombudsman shall establish a toll-free public telephone number and an electronic form on the department's website for the purpose of receiving and responding to requests for referral or other information identified in subsection (A).

(2) The following agencies shall post the toll-free public telephone number and the web address of the division's electronic form prominently in clear view of all employees and the public and in a conspicuous location on the agency's website:

(a) Department of Social Services;

(b) Department of Mental Health;

(c) Department of Health and Environmental Control;

(d) Department of Health and Human Services;

(e) Department of Motor Vehicles." /