View Amendment Current Amendment: 1 to Bill 153

Senator MARTIN proposes the following amendment (ZW\153C002.BH.ZW21):

/ SECTION1. Section 7-7-490 of the 1976 Code, as last amended by Act 130 of 2020, is further amended to read:

"Section 7-7-490.(A) In Spartanburg County there are the following voting precincts:

Abner Creek Baptist

Anderson Mill Baptist

Anderson Mill Elementary

Apalache Baptist

Arcadia Elementary

Beaumont Methodist

Beech Springs Intermediate

Ben Avon Methodist

Bethany Baptist

Bethany Wesleyan

Boiling Springs Elementary

Boiling Springs High School

Boiling Springs Intermediate

Boiling Springs Jr. High

Boiling Springs 9th Grade

Broome High School


Cannons Elementary

Carlisle Fosters Grove

Carlisle Wesleyan

Cavins Hobbysville

C.C. Woodson Recreation

Cedar Grove Baptist

Chapman Elementary

Chapman High School

Cherokee Springs Fire Station

Cherokee Springs Precinct

Chesnee Elementary

Cleveland Elementary

Converse Fire Station

Cooley Springs Baptist

Cornerstone Baptist

Cowpens Depot Museum

Cowpens Fire Station

Croft Baptist

Cross Anchor Fire Station

Cudd Memorial

D. R. Hill Middle School

Daniel Morgan Technology Center

Drayton Fire Station

Duncan United Methodist

Eastside Baptist

Ebenezer Baptist

Enoree First Baptist

E.P. Todd Elementary

Fairforest Elementary

Fairforest Middle School

Gable Middle School

Glendale Fire Station

Gramling Methodist

Greater St. James

Hayne Baptist

Hendrix Elementary

Holly Springs Baptist


Jesse Bobo Elementary

Jesse Boyd Elementary

Lake Bowen Baptist

Landrum High School

Landrum United Methodist

Lyman Elementary

Lyman Town Hall

Mayo Elementary

McCracken Middle School

Morningside Baptist

Motlow Creek Baptist

Mt. Calvary Presbyterian

Mt. Moriah Baptist

Mt. Zion Full Gospel Baptist

Oakland Elementary

Pacolet Elementary School

Park Hills Elementary

Pauline Glenn Springs Elementary

Pelham Fire Station

Poplar Springs Fire Station

Powell Saxon Una

R.D. Anderson Vocational

Reidville Elementary

Reidville Fire Station

River Ridge Elementary

Roebuck Bethlehem

Roebuck Elementary

Silverhill Memorial UMC

Southside Baptist

Spartanburg High School

Startex Fire Station

St. John's Lutheran

Swofford Career Center

Travelers Rest Baptist

Trinity Methodist

Trinity Presbyterian

Victor Mill Methodist

Wellford Fire Station

Holy Communion

West View Elementary

White Stone Methodist

Whitlock Jr. High

Woodland Heights Recreation Center

Woodruff Elementary

Woodruff Fire Station

Woodruff Leisure Center

(B) Precinct lines defining the precincts in subsection (A) are as shown on the official map on file with the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office, and as shown on copies provided to the Board of Voter Registration and Elections of Spartanburg County by the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office designated as document P-83-20A P-83-21.

(C) Polling places for the precincts listed in subsection (A) must be determined by the Board of Voter Registration and Elections of Spartanburg County with the approval of a majority of the Spartanburg County Legislative Delegation."

SECTION2. This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor. /