View Amendment Current Amendment: 2A to Bill 533

Senator YOUNG proposed the following amendment (533R005.SP.TRY):

Amend the joint resolution, as and if amended, on page 2, by striking lines 1 through 10 and inserting:

/ SECTION2. Beginning on January 1, 2022, and annually thereafter, the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs shall submit a report to the General Assembly concerning the payment of a subminimum wage in South Carolina. The report shall:

(1) identify all providers in this State that maintain a Section 14(c) certificate;

(2) identify which of those providers pay a subminimum wage;

(3) identify which of those providers used to pay a subminimum wage but have stopped that practice;

(4) identify which of those providers that stopped paying a subminimum wage did so due to an increase in the federal minimum wage; and

(5) provide data regarding the success in obtaining minimum wage employ ment of individuals with severe intellectual disabilities as compared to individuals with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities. /