South Carolina Legislature
South Carolina Legislature

House Amendment 9
S 39 - Session 125 (2023-2024)
Educational Scholarship Trust Fund
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Current Amendment: 9 to Bill 39

Rep. J. L. Johnson proposes the following amendment (LC-39.HDB0294H):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 1, by striking Section 59-8-140(A)(3) and inserting:

 (3)  An education service provider that participated in the program in the previous school year and desires to participate in the program in the current school year shall reapply to the department. The education service provider reapplying shall certify to the department that it continues to meet all program requirements. An education service provider required to administer academic testing shall provide to the department test score data from the previous school year. If individual student test score data is not submitted, then the department shall remove the education service provider from the program. An education service provider reapplying shall also certify that it has not raised the cost of attendance for a scholarship student enrolled during the previous school year.