View Amendment Current Amendment: 18 to Bill 39

Rep. Ott proposes the following amendment (LC-39.HA0330H):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 1, by striking Section 59-8-140(F)(1) and inserting:

(F)(1)  For scholarship students utilizing a scholarship to attend an online Education Service Provider, the department must track data on scholarship student wellness through mandatory in-person visits at least once per semester at the appropriate county Department of Social Services office. For the first semester, the in-person visit must occur no later than November fifteenth, and the for the second semester, the in-person visit must occur no later than March fifteenth. During the in-person visit, a counselor or social worker, on-site mental health or allied health professional, or other professional required to report that a child has been or may have been abused pursuant to Section 63-7-310, must complete a comprehensive wellness check to screen for child abuse and neglect as defined in Section 63-7-20.