View Amendment Current Amendment: 7 to Bill 96

Rep. Lowe proposes the following amendment (LC-96.PH0019H):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 3, by striking Section 50-21-95(A)(5) and (6) and inserting:

 (5)  is operating a vessel, personal watercraft, or specialty propcraft from a business engaged in the renting of vessels, personal watercrafts, or specialty propcrafts and is in possession of a valid boat rental safety certificate issued in the person's name;

  (6) is accompanied by a person at least eighteen years old who:

   (a) is in possession of a South Carolina boating safety certificate issued by the department in the person's name; or

   (b) meets one of the criteria in items (1) through (4) of this subsection; or

  (7) possesses a valid hunting or fishing license and is operating a vessel that is on its way to or from hunting or fishing or is actively hunting or fishing.