South Carolina Legislature
South Carolina Legislature

House Amendment 638
S 474 - Session 125 (2023-2024)
Abortion - Fetal Heartbeat

Current Amendment: 638 to Bill 474

Rep. King proposes the following amendment (LC-474.DG0147H):

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by adding an appropriately numbered SECTION to read:

SECTION X. Article 6, Chapter 41, Title 44 of the S.C. Code is amended by adding:

 Section 44-41-750.Any women prevented from having an abortion pursuant to this this act may receive child support starting at the moment the fetal heartbeat is detected. The maximum amount of support which the court may impose on the father of an unborn child under equals the amount of direct medical and pregnancy related expenses of the mother of the unborn child. After birth, the provisions shall apply in full.